IAS Sanjita Mohapatra, CSE 2019 All India Rank 10, shared her UPSC journey and her strategies on how to reach the gate of success. Nothing can be accomplished without a fight. For those who have never given up, victory is always just around the horizon. It belongs to those who are the most tenacious.

The UPSC is all about achieving your goals. Aspirants from all around the country study for the UPSC CSE test for years. Only a few people are able to attain their dreams. Continue reading to learn all about IAS Sanjita Mohapatra biography and her UPSC strategies.

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra Biography

Sanjita was born in the small town Sundargarh and then moved to Rourkela with her family. Rourkela was where she finished her education. Sanjita has always been a good student, graduating from CET Bhubaneswar with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Sanjita had a childhood aspiration of joining the IAS and becoming a collector. She gradually had a stronger desire to follow her ambition. Sanjita got employed in SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant, as a Trainee (Technical) in 2013 after finishing her bachelor’s degree. She worked as an assistant manager there till 2018. Sanjita resigned from her job to study for the civil service test.

Sanjita wedded Biswaranjan Mundari, a manager in RBI in 2017. Following her marriage, she quit her work and relocated to Mumbai.

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra OAS Success

Sanjita also passed the Odisha Administrative Service (OAS) test and came in second place in the state. She had also met the eligibility requirements for the Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC). She did not, nevertheless, take the job in order to concentrate on her UPSC preparation.

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra Family

Shaktipada Mohapatra, Sanjita’s father, is a former government employee. Anjali, her mother, is a stay-at-home mom. Santa, Sajita’s sister, works for BHEL in Bengaluru. Sanjita’s family was very supportive of her UPSC preparation. Even after her unsuccessful efforts at the exams, this became a motivator for her to try again.

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra UPSC Journey

It’s not always about getting things done. It’s all about the path that leads to one’s objective. Success is defined by a person’s constant hard work and dedication to achieve their goals.

In 2013, Sanjita was 22 years old when she passed the SAIL exam to become a junior manager. Her responsibilities at SAIL RSP included field operations, where she was expected to work in shifts and supervise personnel twice her age. In 2018, she quit from the firm to pursue the UPSC exam.

Her UPSC Attempts

Mohapatra attempted three times throughout her undergraduate years but failed to pass the prelims. She was first perplexed as to which books she should study with. In her first 3 attempts, she gained a good understanding of the examination’s requirements and how to prepare for it. She failed the prelims on her first 3 attempts due to inadequate preparation.

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Her Fourth Attempt

Mohapatra was ready to take the examination on her 4th attempt. She, on the other hand, struggled to balance her employment with her UPSC CSE study. As a result, she resigned from her work in order to pursue her sole ambition of becoming an IAS official. However, she was unable to pass her main exams on her fourth try. Sanjita was well-prepared and convinced that she could pass the test on her fifth attempt.

Her Fifth Attempt

On her fifth try, Mohapatra passed the UPSC CSE test. Her UPSC test preparation began when she was still in college. She did not give up despite her unsuccessful attempts. Her childhood desire kept her going, and she passed it with flying colours in 2019.

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra Strategy

The approach that an aspirant followed for UPSC preparation is the most crucial aspect of their trip. Sanjita Mohapatra, IAS, thinks that each person should pursue their own path. Candidates who have no prior knowledge of UPSC or how to prepare for the test, on the other hand, might gain a lot from the strategies used by high scorers.

Since college, Mohapatra has made it a habit to read news on a daily basis. She began studying with basic NCERT texts, polity, and geography after starting her new work. Mohapatra credited her accomplishment to her own hard work.

She picked Sociology as an elective and enrolled in a three-month crash course to learn the material. Mohapatra began planning a weekly calendar and meeting her goals on time. She said that one should not study for lengthy periods of time at a time. This was her secret to passing the exam.

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IAS Time Management

Mohapatra was a firm believer in putting in excellent study time. She was never concerned with the number of hours she spent studying. She also stated that candidates should not concentrate on the number of hours they have left, but rather on the goal they must achieve.

Mohapatra began taking notes from NCERT books and short important points during her last tries. She also depended on newspapers for current events because she had few sources. Sanjita placed a high value on essays and used to devote a significant amount of time to practising them after her prelims test.

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra Optional Subject

Her optional subject was Sociology

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra Current Posting

She is the IAS Assistant Collector in Sindhudurg.

UPSC Preparation Tips by UPSC Pathshala

Students can also study for the civil services test at a number of coaching centres. Some candidates prepare for the test with coaching and professional help, while others pass the exam through self-study. These pointers may be useful if you wish to take the UPSC test in 2022.

The UPSC civil services exam is divided into three stages: preliminary, mains, and interview. Candidates who are taking this test must first complete preparatory papers. Here are some pointers to help you prepare for the crucial exam.

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Essential Tips

# To pass the exam, one must be determined and committed.

# Prepare yourself physically and mentally. Make goals for yourself and prepare to work hard to meet them.

# It is critical to comprehend the curriculum completely. It will aid in the collection of key books, themes, and other related materials.

# Keep yourself informed on current events.

# There is a 500-mark optional topic in the UPSC total count. Choose the option based on your preferences and strengths.

# In IAS examinations, NCERT books from grades 6 to 12 play an essential role. Along with them, read other novels.

# Making minor comments will also assist with the final rewrite. The UPSC interview would assess applicants on diplomatic abilities, communication skills, stress reaction, and other factors.


Annually, thousands of thousands of students study for the civil services test, which is one of the most coveted in the country. Only a few of them, though, succeed. At upsc.gov.in, you can get all of the information you need for this test. It is undeniably the most difficult test in the country, and it is administered in three parts. People are assigned to different roles based on their ranks after passing all three levels.

Want to know how to crack the UPSC in your first attempt? Visit UPSC Pathshala for more info.

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