Well, we all know about the UPSC examination since it provides the best opportunities to every dreamer and determined person. This examination is the most popular among everyone because of its unbelievable outcomes and rigid question paper along with high competition.

Every aspirant enrolls into the best coaching centers to get perfect preparation to perform exponentially great in the paper. Some choose to stick to self-study and practice. Self-study gives enormous understanding but you have to be goal-oriented and passionate to carry out the self-study excellently.

Everyone tries their best according to their perceptions to get a positive result in the exam. Are you preparing for this test? Well, you must learn something from the IAS Saumya Sharma biography. She has been a topper since her school days. You can benefit from your preparation and boost your performance level by learning about this incredible woman’s determination and strategies.

So, check out the best information about her life and preparation techniques. Let’s begin reading by looking below.

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IAS Saumya Sharma Biography

IAS Saumya Sharma hails from New Delhi. She has been a very attentive, prudent, and visionary girl since childhood. Well, let’s move ahead to the shocking stage of her life. A harsh incident happened to her when she was 16 that shook and broke her life.

IAS Saumya lost her hearing capability when she was only 16 years old. Although many efforts were put in by her parents and dear ones to cure it, she did not get her hearing power back. She had to take the help of a hearing aid to listen to the world.

This was a shocking and breaking moment in her life. She was so traumatized that it took her some time to recover from this shock. Her strength is that she never thought of going back from her dream, rather worked on it very devotedly.

IAS Saumya was determined, dedicated, and focused that she would go to the civil service and reach out to the best results by trying and putting her best. IAS Saumya Sharma’s optional subject is not known. She is an inspiration to every young person worldwide.

IAS Saumya Sharma Age

IAS Saumya is 27 years old. She decided to be an IAS officer while pursuing her graduation in LLB and started working on her aspiration to get the highest result in the UPSC exam. Saumya’s graduation in LLB was completed with positive grades from National Law College. While studying law at her university, she prepared plans to put the best efforts into the UPSC preparation and to gather all the information to ace the exam.

She made everyone proud by cracking the preliminary round of CSE in the first attempt. She started to prepare for the Mains test devotedly. She is so empowering, determined, and focused that she gave her mains test in 103-degree fever. Her health badly deteriorated on the day of the test but she didn’t let her health come between herself and her dream. Her parents and doctor managed the situation of her health positively.

This was an act of indomitable courage and unreal bravery shown by this IAS officer. She has shown that nothing can come in between when you are true to your dreams. She gave the best performance in her first attempt and inspired many people. You must be thinking how courageous and composed this officer is! This is true. She has made everyone proud in 2017 by fulfilling her ambition. This IAS officer achieved All India Rank 9. Well, she is an inspiration to all aspirants.

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IAS Saumya Sharma Strategy

Well, you must have read about her courage, determination, prudence, devotion, perseverance, goal-orientation, hard work, wisdom, and diligence in the article above. All these have proved to be her strategies for the exam. She achieved her goal on the first attempt.

Even after losing her hearing capability, she didn’t stop and worked relentlessly to achieve her target. This is surprising for all of us because humans can’t bear these struggles and still rise like winners. She has been a true inspiration and an angel in disguise of humans that has taught everyone around the nation to be wise, determined, and hard-working for their goals in life.

IAS Saumya believes that it is important to make a blueprint before you start preparing for this test. You must make strategies based on your strengths and weaknesses and should follow them religiously.

You need to have limited thinking and learn gradually about all the topics. You should work on making notes for each subject and practice answer-writing as much as possible because it will give you an idea of your strengths and weaknesses along with boosting your performance for the exam.

UPSC Exam Techniques!

According to IAS Saumya, you should make notes of the topics that you are studying. The notes help you to do revisions at the end time before going to the examination. Once you complete the entire syllabus, you should revise everything carefully and take mock tests that not only grow your knowledge but also give the idea of your preparation level. This will also strengthen your preparation to achieve your target.

According to this IAS officer, if you will learn to overcome the challenges in this phase, you will become successful in all your efforts and dreams. The biggest and most prominent factor of the exam is reading newspapers regularly as it enhances your knowledge of the world. IAS Saumya Sharma started reading newspapers when she was 3 years old.

She topped her school when she was in class 10th. Well, this shows that she has been a topper since her birth. She has been a winner in her life and inspires everyone to be the same. In childhood, she aspired to be a neurologist as both of her parents are doctors but later she changed her decision.

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IAS Saumya Sharma Strengths

This IAS lady has been very motivating to everyone since her school days. She was very clear with her objectives in life and worked on them religiously. While studying law, she started preparing for the CSE in the final semester.

She used to study for 16 to 17 hours a day. She was the Delhi topper and achieved 9th rank in the CSE. Her strengths have not been a few but many and these strengths have helped her to gain the apex position in her life.

These pros of her life have not been developed by her but she had them all since birth. Instead of wasting her strengths, she has used them excellently to reach out to her goals. Everyone must learn from her and try to be determined as she has been.

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Therefore, we hope that you have read this complete article and acknowledged every important detail to excel in the test. This exam will give you uncountable beneficial results. You only have to work hard and diligently to reach out to your aspirations.

This article must have given you the best lessons to learn not only for the examination but also for life. This brave and prudent lady has topped every sphere of her life because of her perseverance.

If you also want to be the same, if you want to ace this incredibly wonderful exam, or if you dream to see the pride on your parents’ faces, you must visit the UPSC Pathshala website. The website has all the preparation tips and techniques along with many more biography articles that will give you the best learning. Well, experience is the best teacher and you can learn from the experiences of the toppers. There can be nothing better than learning from the toppers.

So, don’t look here and there, rather go ahead and visit the website. The experts will guide you perfectly to follow the right path and enlighten your life ahead. You can also comment below to share your thoughts and ask any questions. We wish you good luck with your exam!

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