Shreyans Kumat AIR 4, UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) 2018. In this article, we will discuss Shreyans Kumat’s biography and his journey of becoming an IAS officer. Read this Shreyans Kumat wiki article till the end to know all about his strategy and booklist.

Shreyans Kumat Biography

Shreyans is from Ajmer, Rajasthan. He did his schooling at Kishangarh which is also in Rajasthan near Ajmer. Shreyans had a good academic record. He did his graduation from one of the most prestigious institutes for engineering in our country which was the Indian Institue of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

After completing his graduation he worked in a company named Ernst & Young for about 2 years as a Management Consultant. It was during the 2nd year of his job he thought of working in Civil Services. But his decision to leave the job to become an IAS officer wasn’t overnight. He explored the depth of his motivation by attending a Good Governance Yatar and a Vippasanna.

To check whether he would sustain the books knowledge he read books like Laxmikanth and Bipan Chandra NCERT. And then Shreyans finally decided to leave his job.

All the effort he did pay off as it was he was able to secure AIR 4 in his first attempt in 2018.

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Shreyans Kumat Wiki Facts

  • UPSC Rank: AIR 4, CSE 2018

  • Attempt: First

  • Optional Subject: Anthropology

  • Education: Mechanical Engineering (IIT – Bombay)

  • Work Experience: Ernst & Young (EY) – 2 years

Shreyans Kumat IAS Strategy and Preparation Method

According to Shreyans in beginning, one should start his or her preparation by analyzing one strength and weaknesses. He was not good at memorizing therefore would need more time to do the revision. So he planed his studies accordingly. Shreyans started preparing in June 2017. He finished his first reading for optional subject as well as General studies from standard books till December 2017.

After the first read, he did his revision from the consolidated notes given by the coaching institute from February to March 2018. From March 2018 Shreyans started giving mock tests for prelims till one week before the actual exam. Giving mock tests regularly and improving as you give each mock is very important.

For UPSC Mains, Shreyans studied past five year paper of UPSC. And referred to the answers key provided by the UPSC to get an idea of how to write an answer and what the examiners are looking for. And practiced writing answers accordingly. He insists every aspirant give tests during the timings of the actual exam to maximize concentration and efficiency during the time of the exam.

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Shreyans Kumat Booklist

Here are some of the scores from which Shreyans Kumat did his IAS preparation

  • Geography:
  • Modern History:
    NCERT (Bipan Chandra)
    Spectrum Tables
  • Ancient & Medieval History
    Art & Culture: TN XI NCERT
    Fine Arts XI NCERT
    GkToday selective notes for culture
    ExamRobot for previous exam questions
  • Polity:
    Constitution Book
  • Economy:
    Macro-economics NCERT
    Budget and Economic Survey
  • Science and Technology
    Analysis of Previous Year Question Papers (PYQP) – Last 5 years

Shreyans Kumat Booklist for Anthropology

Anthropology was the optional subject of Shreyans. The books that  he recommends are:

1. Part I: Socio-Cultural Anthropology

– Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology by NK Vaid

Ember & Ember (for Linguistic Anthropology)

History of Anthropological Thought by Upadhyay and Pandey (for Basic Theories)

– Website — the University of Alabama (for modern & contemporary Theories)

2. Part II: Physical Anthropology

Physical Anthropology by BM Das

3. Part III: Archeological Anthropology

Indian Anthropology by Nadeem Husnain

Outline of Indian Prehistory by DK Bhattacharya

4. Part IV: Indian Anthropology

Indian Anthropology by Nadeem Husnain

History of Anthropological Thought by Upadhyay and Pandey (for Prominent Indian Anthropologists)

Abhik Ghosh’s Paper on Indian Anthropologists

5. Part V: Tribal India and other Vulnerable Sections

Tribal India by Nadeem Husnain

Tribal Committee Report chaired by Prof. Virginius Xaxa

6. Other Books

Sapiens by Yual Noah Harari

Shreyas Kumat Marks

Here are Shreyans Kumat marks for UPSC Mains.

Subject Marks
Essay 134
General Studies-I 105
General Studies-II 118
General Studies-III 113
General Studies-IV 104
Optional-I (Anthropology) 137
Optional-II (Anthropology) 176
Personality Test 184
Total 1071

Every candidate needs to understand the depth of his or her motivation for the UPSC Exam or anything before pursuing that in life. Shreyans established his basics and analyzed his strengths and weakness before even starting his preparation. Hard work is important but doing smart work is equally important which helped him in cracking UPSC  in the first attempt with flying colours.

Every UPSC aspirants must check-out Shreyans blogs where he posts his notes and tips to prepare for the UPSC exam and also on his Instagram.

Hopefully, this article will inspire you more to work harder for the upcoming exam. Do share your thoughts about this article by typing your comment in the box below.

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