Indian Administrative Service (known popularly as IAS) is chiefly considered to be the premier civil service of the country. Individuals who are part of this service both our nation and the government. It is a dream of various IAS officers to grow from their nutshell and become one day the centre of these armed services.

Apparently, this particular dream also does not arrive easy and numerous individuals are seen to reappear each year. While the preparation of this examination does not come in a simple manner, it is not wrong to mention that not everyone is supposed to serve the country with purposes alike.

IAS Shubhangi Srivastava Wiki

However difficult it might sound, it still arrives with various successes that happened over time and, to keep someone running along the track, we have curated stories that have always directed students on the right path, with no discouragement as such.

The story seen to motivate aspirants is about Miss Shubhangi Srivastava who has set an example that however tough a circumstance is, when it drops down to challenging oneself, someone is expected to cross hurdles. To know more about her, the piece of information elaborated below will assist you in the process of knowing her journey better.

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Shubhangi Srivastava’s Biography and Family Background

After a very hectic year and pain-stricken journey, Miss Shubhangi Srivastava finally made it through all the levels of the civil service examination, gaining both respect and applause from several other aspirants who now intently watch her as their idol.

Miss Srivastava, aged 29, has secured the 88th position in the UPSC 2019. She gave up her doctorate from IIT, Delhi to prepare and pursue her career as a civil servant which sounds both terrific as an option to lead with, and significant if only her strong will comes into consideration.

IAS Shubhangi Srivastava Education

She holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Engineering in Biotechnology. She was pursuing her PhD degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi when her knack turned towards civil services. While it was unbelievable for many, it yet was true and an action few encouraged sometime later. She gave her PhD up and started preparing to crack UPSC, with her will settled on the fact permanently.

Her father, AK Srivastava is a managing director for the UP State Bridge Corporation. He has been someone worthy of all attention in Shubhangi’s life, continually standing as a pivotal support system all through the painstaking journey. He has always been an encouraging father who patiently waited until her daughter won what she deserved.

IAS Shubhangi Srivastava Strategy for UPSC Preparation

Miss Shubhangi Srivastava has believed until the last day how crucial current affairs are while anybody prepares for UPSC. “Current affairs are the most important aspect of preparation but mugging up facts or rote learning will not work. Knowledge about every fact should be gained in an analytical way”, says Shubhangi and powers the aspirants with her strong will.

Certain events happening in a place directly or indirectly affect the environment of people. Current affairs are what makes a candidate’s present standpoint clearer and on the uppermost side of the dynamic nature. It is considered important for competitive exams like, for it basically tests a candidate’s ability to abreast the daily occurrences taking place in the world, which at the same time, judges how updated a candidate is supposed to be.

IAS Shubhangi Srivastava UPSC Preparation Journey

During her time table for preparation, she used to seek help from her father, who in return, encouraged her to remain on track and never give up on the bigger side of her dreams. He has not left one chance in providing impeccable support and guidance throughout the long journey of the Civil Services Examination.

Watching videos about diverse groups of toppers, she developed typical strategies for devising visions to manoeuvre bringing her dream into a reality. She accomplished what she saw arriving from the day she began preparing for the exam, which is not wrong to say has been a plus point in her ever since. She breathed life into her dream only by preparing the best.

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Shubhangi’s Current Posting

Shubhangi Srivastava is currently undergoing her training at Sushma Swaraj Institute of Foreign Service and has her target set to become an IFS officer only in the recent future.

IAS Shubhangi Srivastava Optional Subject of UPSC

Optional subjects are basically chosen by candidates in the Civil Services Examination to increase their marks. Besides, the primary purpose of opting for the best optional subject can be on the advantageous side of someone, since it is the subject one is expected to be louder at. It should be the subject someone is willing to study intently, with an in-depth interest already present.

It sounds moreover like a bonus point to study within someone’s boundary for a subject and obtain more marks because of it simultaneously.

Miss Shubhangi Srivastava chose Agriculture as her optional subjects, which assisted in opening another door for her. She once also mentioned that Agriculture can be simpler to crack and has a variety of test series, and resources available entirely online.

Strategy for UPSC Preparation

One should chart a preparation plan before beginning and follow that up until the last hour. The exam apparently is a lengthy procedure and an individual is expected to cover various sections of the syllabus within time.


Revision, at the same time, is considered to be another factor that should be taken seriously. A ginormous syllabus with numerous subjects can often result in people not remembering most of what they have learnt, and to basically avoid circumstance alike, one should constantly revise regularly at uniform intervals of times. Exercising to write answers as the examination closes at one holds to be very significant.

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Test Series

For situations like this, one should enrol for different test series, both prelims and the mains. In the prelims, a test series can intently assist someone to avoid negative markings and it can also teach how to frame brilliant guesses if only required. At the same time, for the mains examination, a test series can clearly help someone, as a candidate, to be generally able to complete an answer within the time limit of 7 minutes, which moreover is important for students who usually are unable to complete their paper on time.

Current Affairs

Besides, someone’s preparation for the IAS should fundamentally concentrate either way on current affairs because they tend to play a pivotal role in the examination. It basically is the whole crux of the UPSC civil services exam. Although, someone can not always scan various newspapers to only read sections of current affairs on a daily basis, one should try graphing necessary outlooks before starting, such as, stating in brief the recent minute events that have affected the results.

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Shubhangi Srivastava’s journey demonstrates how hard work topped with a good strategy goes a long way into paying off for sleepless nights. Strong determination composed with hard work really works off for anybody seeking to range themselves for heights upper than the usual.

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