Suhas LY was born in the state of Karnataka on July 2, 1983. He is an Indian badminton player and former IAS officer who served as the District Magistrate of Gautam Buddha Nagar in Uttar Pradesh and Prayagraj (Allahabad). He was named the next DM of Noida on March 30, 2020.

This article will take you through the journey of IAS Suhas Ly who had many hardships, obstacles, on his way, but he didn’t lay down. He didn’t let his weakness become the cause of his failure. Read the article below, for his inspiring biography, disability, IAS rank, paralympics, current posting and much more.

IAS Suhas LY Biography: Life at Glimpse

Sometimes we use our weakness as an excuse, while other times we blame our failings in life on bad luck. There are just a few people who can turn their flaws into strengths, achieve new heights of achievement, and serve as an inspiration to others.

Despite being a disabled person, one such name continues to make news today. We’re talking about Suhas Lalinakere Yathiraji, who, despite all odds, passed the country’s toughest exam and went on to become an IAS official. Not only that, but he has also acquired a new position as a result of his hard work and dedication.

IAS Suhas LY Wiki

Suhas Lalinakere Yathiraj is an Indian professional para-badminton player who is nowadays ranked No. 2 in the world in Men’s Singles was born on 2 July 1983. He is also an IAS officer from the Uttar Pradesh cadre’s 2007 batch.

In Gautam Buddha Nagar, he is the District Magistrate. Previously, he was the District Magistrate of Prayagraj. In March 2018, by earning Gold in the Men’s Singles category he became National Champion at the 2nd National Para-Badminton Championships in Varanasi.

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Childhood and Education

Suhas Lalinakere is a writer who lives in India. Yathiraj was born in Hassan, Karnataka, to Yathiraj L K(late) and Jayashree C S. His early education took place at Dudda, near Hassan.

Because his father was a government employee, he had to travel and move with him as his father was stationed in various locations. He attended DVS independent college in Shivamogga, Karnataka, for the majority of his secondary studies. In 2004, he received a First Class with Distinction from the National Institute of Technology in Surathkal, Karnataka, in the Computer Science and Engineering stream.

IAS Suhas LY Disability Details

He said that he never saw himself with a disability, and he credited his parents for that. Since the beginning, he has not received any special attention. His parents forced him to play with his classmates and let him compete in inter-school races, something that many parents of unique children do not allow. Stigma begins at home, but so does the strength to live a regular life.

Suhas is the current World No. 2 in Men’s Single Para-Badminton and has successfully combined his professional life with his passion for badminton.

Personal Life and Wife

Suhas is married to Ritu Suhas, a PCS officer currently serving as Additional Municipal Commissioner in Allahabad, who was named Mrs. Uttar Pradesh in the Mrs. India 2019 contest. Saanvi, his 5-year-old daughter, and Vivaan, his 2-year-old son, are his children. His wife was also recognised for her outstanding efforts in raising voter awareness during general elections.

He is also a self-taught badminton player who has represented India in a number of competitions throughout the years. Suhas’ one-legged congenital disability has never been a hindrance in his life.


In addition to his education, Suhas enjoyed playing badminton. He eventually turned his interest into a full-fledged passion. He began playing international matches for the first time in 2016 as a result of improved practices and performance.

Suhas was defeated in his first bout, but his spirits remained high. Suhas kept practising, and as a consequence, he won gold medals in a number of competitions both at home and abroad. He is anticipated to deliver medals to the country again this year.

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IAS Suhas LY: Paralympics

Name of paralympics  Time and Place  Teams  Medals 
Asian Para Games 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia Men’s team Bronze
Asia Championships 2016 Beijing, China Men’s singles Gold
BWF Turkish Open Para-Badminton Championships 2017 2017 Antalya, Turkey

2017 Antalya, Turkey

Men’s singles

Men’s doubles



BWF Japan Open Para-Badminton Championships 2017 2017 Tokyo, Japan Men’s singles

Men’s doubles



National Para-Badminton Championships 2018 2018 Varanasi, India Men’s singles Gold
BWF Turkish Open Para-Badminton Championships 2018 2018 Konya, Turkey Men’s singles Silver
BWF Uganda Open Para-Badminton Championships 2019 2019 Kampala, Uganda Men’s singles Bronze

Some More

BWF Irish Open Para-Badminton Championships 2019 2019 Dublin, Ireland Men’s singles Silver
BWF Thailand Open Para-Badminton Championships 2019 2019 Bangkok, Thailand Men’s singles

Men’s doubles



BWF China Open Para-Badminton Championships 2019 2019 Hangzhou, China Men’s singles

Men’s doubles



BWF Turkish Open Para-Badminton Championships 2019 2019 Antalya, Turkey Men’s singles Gold
BWF Denmark Open Para-Badminton Championships 2019 2019 Odense, Denmark Men’s singles

Men’s doubles



BWF Japan Open Para-Badminton Championships 2019 2019 Tokyo, Azamgarh Men’s singles Bronze

IAS Suhas LY: Current Posting and Posts Held

Position Place Tenure
Probationer Agra 1 year
Joint Magistrate Azamgarh 1 year 3 months
Chief Development Officer Mathura 4 months
District Magistrate Maharajganj 3 months
District Magistrate Hathras 10 months
District Magistrate Sonbhadra 3 months
District Magistrate Jaunpur 2 years 3 months
District Magistrate Azamgarh 1 year 11 months
District Magistrate Allahabad 1 year 4 months
District Magistrate Gautam Buddha Nagar Incumbent

IAS Suhas LY: Awards and Recognition

#Yash Bharti, Uttar Pradesh’s highest civilian honour.

#Was named Best Para Sportsperson by the Uttar Pradesh State Government on World Disability Day, December 3, 2016, in Lucknow.

#On January 6, 2017, President BAI (Badminton Association of India) presented me with a memento during the PBL (Premier Badminton League) in Lucknow.

#(August 29th, 2017), On the occasion of National Sports Day 2017, he received a special award from the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for earning international medals for the country, as well as a certificate of appreciation and a monetary prize of ten lakh rupees.

In Administration

#For outstanding accomplishment in the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Award, he has been shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s award.

#To assist undernourished youngsters and pregnant moms, a mobile application was developed for Kuposhan ka Darpan and Pregnancy ka Darpan.

#Developed a mobile application to assist voters with disabilities during general elections.

#Awarded by the Revenue Minister of the State of Uttar Pradesh and the Chairman of the Board of Revenue for outstanding administrative service.

#The Hon’ble Governor of Uttar Pradesh presented him with an award for outstanding performance in election-related duties.

#During his period as District Magistrate of Azamgarh, he was also nominated for the Prime Minister’s award for extraordinary service in the PM’s department.

#On Civil Services Day in 2016, the Jan Dhan Yojna was launched.

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IAS Suhas LY: IAS Rank

Suhas ranked AIR 382 in the year 2006 UPSC exams.

Suhas was born to a government employee and received his early schooling in many places due to his father’s official assignments. Suhas’ family wanted him to be a doctor, but he was more interested in engineering.

Suhas was given the freedom to pursue his passions thanks to a supportive parent. In 2004, he earned a first-class distinction as a Computer Science Engineer. He became India’s first specially-abled IAS officer in 2007, and he began his career in the bureaucracy in Agra.

IAS Suhas LY: His Work as IAS Officer

He never lets his practice get in the way of his job as an IAS officer. Suhas played a key role in the development of a smartphone app to assist differently-abled voters during elections. He’s also created mobile apps for undernourished youngsters and pregnant women, dubbed “Kuposhan ka Darpan” and “Pregnancy ka Darpan,” respectively.

Suhas’ efforts to bring change to Uttar Pradesh’s cities have been constantly recognised by the government, and he has received awards from both the Governor and the Revenue Minister. In 2016, the public servant received the Yash Bharti Award, Uttar Pradesh’s highest state honour!

Suhas’s tenacity and positive outlook on life are inspiring, and he has successfully “shuttled” between his work and his love, receiving awards in both!

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Suhas believes that while we may win and lose from time to time, we should never give up. He also believes that the most essential thing in life is to overcome insecurities.

Suhas feels that parental support and confidence are critical in transforming flaws into strengths and reaching for the stars. He also emphasises the significance of time management in achieving various goals, drawing on his experience as an IAS officer and a professional athlete.

Hopefully, this article has reflected light on aspects that an IAS aspirant should aim for. UPSC is a tough exam, but it can be achieved. Think bigger and one will be able to achieve it. If you are still confused then, UPSC Pathshala’s guidance and courses can help you, go look at them.

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