IAS Tapasya Parihar Biography: Get to Know the IAS officer Tapasya Parihar in Details

IAS Tapasya Parihar Biography

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Tapasya Parihar is an IAS officer who passed out from the 2017 exams of UPSC. She definitely is an inspiration for many, so let’s go through the article which serves as Tapasya Parihar’s biography.

Tapasya Parihar

Tapasya was born on the 22nd of November 1992 and she is currently 28 years old. She hails from the village of Jowa which is a part of Madhya Pradesh. She did her schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya in Narsinghpur.

She went on to graduate from ILS Law College, Pune in the batch of 2015 and then decided to write the UPSC exam in which she managed to get a rank of 23 all India! Tapasya Parihar’s IAS marksheet definitely proves her work!

Her father was a farmer in the village and her mom was the Sarpanch of the same village. She has decided to become an IAS officer after she had gotten a good ranking in her 12th board exams.  She was from the science stream and keeping her IAS goal in mind took up law for her degree.

Strategy for Exam

Now let’s look at the strategy of Tapasya Parihar for her IAS exams. Tapasya Parihar’s optional subject was law and her law degree helped her a lot for the exam.

She believes that there is an overlap between preparation for law syllabus and general studies subjects. Law had also helped her to understand current affairs better as it made it easier to break down any change in law and order of the nation.

She had taken coaching in Delhi for the exam but this is not really required for everyone. Taking coaching is a very personal choice and depends on the person’s ability. Some people prefer not to take any coaching. If you see that you need coaching to opt for it if not also it is okay.

Everyday Plan

She made everyday plans that were supplementing her long term goals. In short, she broke down her long term goals into smaller parts so that she could achieve them step by step.

This is a very good idea as it helps to reach the end goal in a more systematic manner and will also help you understand the importance of hard work.

She used to have a study session of 45 minutes throughout the day along with an 8 minutes gap in each study session. She used apps on the google play store in order to help her keep track of her schedule.


It is very important to stay motivated throughout the time of preparation. Since preparation will take a very long time it is important to be able to stay motivated throughout this time.

Tapasya used to stay motivated in various ways. She preferred to write her diary and speak to her family as it helped her to focus on her goals which in turn would help her to stay motivated throughout the preparation.

She enjoyed her preparation process a lot and thus she always had fun whilst preparing.

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Her biggest tip for exam preparation was to break down the syllabus well in advance so that you can create a timetable based around the syllabus.

Look to read strategies used by toppers and the books they used as it can help students to pick up ideas on how to start preparing if they are confused.

These are just tips and should also be adjusted to their needs as it will help them to make these tips become more useful. Keep taking mock tests and solve previous years’ papers as this will help you to understand question patterns for the exam.


For Tapasya, there are three things that are very important in terms of the aspect of the interview for the exam.

  • Ensure that you prepare well from the DAF. Make sure that you read questions well from the DAF as most questions can be based on this form.
  • Revise your graduation subject and look to practice current affairs thoroughly, as it is a very important aspect of the interview.
  • To best prepare for your interview round, ensure that you take a mock interview if possible, as it can help to overcome any sudden questions.

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Creating notes is going to help you prepare for the exam a lot. It will be very useful to note down information for the exam.

Whenever you need to remember any facts for the exam, writing it down will help you to remember this information.

Create notes in a very creative manner so that you can stay motivated to keep notes. These notes will also help you to revise for the exams.

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NCERT books are very important for the exam. Most questions are based on NCERT books, as both UPSC and NCERT are government-based bodies.

NCERT books will cover all the syllabus that is required for the exam and thus will help you to cover all the necessary topics for the exam.

NCERT books are also free of cost if candidates download the ebook version of every book. If a candidate does not like e-books they can use the regular books as NCERT books are very easy to find and also cheap in cost.


Tapasya Parihar’s posting is currently in Madhya Pradesh, she is an IAS officer.  She did her undergrad in law from ILS and had decided to become an IAS officer after she finished her 12th boards.

She believes that her law degree did help her in studying for her UPSC exam as it overlaps in certain aspects. Read current affairs thoroughly and keep taking tests so that you can cover all your mistakes. All the best!

IAS Tapasya Parihar Biography: Get to Know the IAS officer Tapasya Parihar in Details
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IAS Tapasya Parihar Biography: Get to Know the IAS officer Tapasya Parihar in Details
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