Gaurav Agrawal IAS topper is undoubtedly a youth icon. In 2013, he went on to grab the top spot of UPSC after holding degrees from IIT, IIM, and past IPS trainees. He is a role model for all the UPSC aspirants guiding them to the best way to prepare for their civil services. His motivation and strategies have been the right tunnel for UPSC Aspirants. The Gaurav Agrawal Solved questions will help the students to prepare strategically and understand the pattern of the UPSC examination.

A Guide for all UPSC Aspirants

The guy who left an elite lifestyle to serve the nation – the story of Gaurav Agrawal IAS topper is an inspiration. The name Gaurav Agrawal would hardly require any introduction. All India Rank 1 in UPSC civil services is also an IITian and an IPS Trainee. Gaurav, at the age of 29 years, topped the Indian Administrative Services examination.

IAS exam is one of the most challenging and lengthiest exams applied by almost 7,00,000 applicants. He is truly an inspiration for all those who are preparing or being encouraged to start their civil service preparation. His strategies and motivation are highly appreciable and taken as a guide for all the UPSC aspirants. He is a role model for the UPSC examinees who finds a lot of help in his strategies, motivation, and of course, his suggestions.

About Gaurav Agrawal

Gaurav Agrawal bagged the UPSC in 2012 with a rank 244, but he was not satisfied. In his second attempt in 2013, he got rank 1. He holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from IIT Kanpur and posts a graduate diploma in management from IIM Lucknow. He left his job with the Citi Group in Hong Kong as he decided to serve the nation. Gaurav had a great package, but he started preparing for the UPSC. His parents and his wife supported him. His wife, Dr Preeti Agrawal, is a medical practitioner, and they got married in June 2014. His father Suresh Chandra Gupta is a manager in Jaipur Dairy and mother is a housewife.

His current position is the Commissioner of Ajmer Development Authority. He is a great motivation to all the UPSC aspirants, and he keenly serves in the interest of them. His strategies and tricks have helped the aspirants to crack UPSC easily. Leaving behind a handsome salary, he started serving the nation.

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Gaurav Agrawal Strategy for UPSC Aspirants

Making Notes

  • Make online notes. Note making will help you remember the theory, and you can keep analysing it before your examination.
  • Note-making can also help you revise the entire syllabus enough times so that your knowledge and stuff is placed well in your mind. You will take less time to memorise while you attend the examination.
  • You must start making notes for the things you read apart from your educational books. This can include education books, advanced books, newspapers, articles, magazines, and reports. Organise your notes in a planned manner.

Keep Track of Rules and Policies

  • Always pay attention and keep your eye on any kind of committee, law, rules, policy, and the Supreme Court petition orders. These will be the bread and butter in civil service preparation.

Application Based Questions

  • Opt for cross-referencing. You may study a theory for one context, but in the examination, you may have to apply it for another context. Try to internalise the content very well.
  • Study a subject from a holistic approach and not very specific. For the science subjects just do not follow the books for technologies, but also pay attention to the news from a technological perspective.
  • Identify the weakness and overcome them because a tendency is there to negate the shortcomings and weaknesses.

Gaurav Agrawal Blog

His blog is called ‘Khelo India – Musings of a Free Mind’. He writes about different niches including Artificial Intelligence, Governance, Economics and UPSC mentioning Coaching, General Studies, Essays and Answer Keys and tips to prepare for Optional Subjects. He has written about 100 blog posts on his site. He also posts blogs about his UPSC journey.

Marksheet of Gaurav Agrawal

UPSC Civil Services Exam 2013 Topper (Rank 1) Gaurav Agrawal's Marks An Analysis


  • Gaurav scored 206 in his Personality Test.
  • Age of Gaurav Agrawal: 29 years
  • Rank: In 2012 his rank was 244, and in 2013 his UPSC rank was 1.
  • Current posting: Commissioner of Ajmer Development Authority.

UPSC conducts the Civil Service Examination, i.e. the most stringent exam and is not any cakewalk to crack. Little dedication, consistency, and knowledge can help you crack one. As an aspirant, you must take inspiration from the success journey of IAS Topper Gaurav Agrawal. To do well in UPSC, go through the books, some suggestions, strategies, and tricks to work out things in your favour. The answer keys available on his blog site can be of great help for all the aspirants and they must take advantage of this.

Stay tuned for more blogs on UPSC exam tricks and inspiring stories on our blog.

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