IAS Topper Marksheet: Find out Toppers Who Shined in The Mains & Personality Round

IAS Topper Marksheet

The IAS toppers marks are published as per the final merit list of the IAS exam. UPSC publishes total IAS mains the interview marks individually from the qualified applicants in the public sphere. The mark sheet of all candidates selected in the IAS result is allowed to download their mark sheet via their login codes. The IAS toppers marks provide an overview of the preparations of the chosen candidates. It also provides a clear insight into all the applicants chosen to plan in a better way in the future.

List of IAS Topper Marks Overall

Name & RankIAS Main written marks

(Out of 1750)

Personality Test Marks

(Out of 275)

Total Marks

(Out of 2025)

Pradeep Singh –  19141581072
Jatin Kishore –28781851063
Pratibha Verma –  38691931062
Himanshu Jain –  48512001051
Jeydev C S –  58442061050
Vishakha Yadav –  68561901046
Ganesh Kumar Baskar –  78412051046
Abhishek Saraf –  88551901045
Ravi Jain –  98721711043
Sanjita Mohapatra –  108711711042

As you can clearly see, Pradeep Singh scores the all India 1st Rank in his fourth attempt. He had already cleared the Civil Services exam and served for the Indian Revenue Service. Let’s look at this mark sheet of IAS topper Pradeep Singh in detail:

  • Essay Paper – 140/250
  • GS1 – 108/250
  • GS2 – 115/250
  • GS3 – 101/250
  • GS4 – 157/250
  • Optional Paper 1 – 148/250
  • Optional Paper 2 – 145/250
  • Interview – 158/275
  • Total – 1072/2025

If you notice you can see a pattern, he nearly scored 52% marks in all the subjects. Notably, the quality and the top level of the exam can be calculated by the fact that even the candidates who completed the exam could only score around 50 percent of the marks to seek top-level services in the country’s bureaucracy.

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List of Toppers Marks in UPSC Mains (Highest)

Name & RankIAS Main

written score

Personality Test


Total score
Pradeep Singh – 19141581072
Anmol Jain- 148791601039
Jatin Kishore –  28781851063
Ravi Jain –  98721711043
Sanjita Mohapatra – 108711711042
Sanjita Mohapatra – 108711711042
Raunak Agarwal- 138701711041
Pratibha Verma –  38691931062
Nidhi Bansal-238651631028
Himanshu Gupta – 278641601024

The topper who did exceedingly well in the mains after Pradeep Singh is Anmol Jain rank holder 14th.  Anmol is a graduate from IIT Delhi, who chose physics as his optional subject. Continuous revision is very essential in the preparation of the civil services exam, and this technique has helped him to score well in the exam.

Finally, let’s look at IAS toppers who scored the highest in the personality round in the IAS exam 2019.

Personality Test Toppers Marks in UPSC

Name & RankPersonality Test


IAS Main

written score

Total score
Shilpi- Rank 276212761973
Kesarapu Prem Sagar-Rank 170209775984
Jeydev C S – Rank 52068441050
Shubham Aggarwal – Rank 252068191025
Pankaj- Rank 562068041010
Ganesh Kumar Baskar – Rank 72058411046

One of the toppers who did extraordinary in the interview round is Prem Sagar who scored 209 out of 275! Prem Sagar’s advice is to focus on three things for the interview : confidence, presence of mind, and honesty. He describes his interview was based on case studies majority and there were hardly any questions on current affairs.


Now after looking at the mark sheet of IAS toppers, you know what is expected from you. The IAS Toppers recommend that candidates provide the interviewer with more choices to give you more marks for your answer. Using maps, flow charts, diagrams that can sum up the entire theme in one position can get you a good score. Using maps, flow charts and diagrams will improve the chances of making more marks and in addition, it will help with time management of the paper as writing 100 words would take more time than providing a rough sketch or diagram. Good luck!

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IAS Topper Marksheet: Find out Toppers Who Shined in the Mains & Personality Round
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