We have often heard of the unlimited success and luxuries that these IAS, IPS, as well as IFS officers, get to relish in their life. And as individuals, we have always fancied these luxuries as we see them. But what lies behind this is what made these individuals lie at where they are right now. So, what is it? It is – hard work.

Yes, it’s absolutely correct. Hard work, dedication, and determination are all that are required to make the different individuals clear their examinations. The only message that can be simply forwarded to all the aspirants out there is pretty simple:
“Life’s too short to waste your precious time on trivialities that aren’t going to matter in the long run.”

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Unwinding the Inspiring Story of IAS Singla

As competitors, all we can do is work extra hard for these papers so that like these famous personalities, even we can see our dream getting true in front of our eyes.

So, today, let’s get on a journey to inspire ourselves by reading about some famous personalities who worked extremely hard to enjoy all the luxuries that they have right now.

Yes, today, we’re going to talk about IAS Tushar Singla – an IAS officer who proved that you can clear any examination in life by just focusing on in life and your goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

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Tushar Singla IAS

Tushar became an IAS officer in the year 2014 – this was his second attempt at the UPSC, i.e., the Union Public Services Commission Examinations for becoming an IAS officer. He was an Electrical Engineer from Delhi who cracked his IAS examinations in order to fulfil his dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Tushar Singla’s Preparation Strategy for the UPSC Papers

According to some sources and some of the interviews with Tushar, we got to know from him, his preparation strategy for the exams that he cleared in his second attempt:

“I prepared for the exam in patches: May 2013 to Nov 2013, but then Dec 2013 to 25 June 2014 was completely blank. I came to Noida again on 28 June 2014 and prepared up to November 2014. These last five months were the real preparation time for me.”

Tushar Singla Rank in the UPSC Papers for becoming an IAS Officer

Tushar obtained an All India Rank of 86 in his examinations which is pretty amazing for somebody who is giving his/her second attempt for the examinations.

In an interview, he stated,

“I attempted 85 questions in Paper I and 78 questions in Paper-II. Obviously, knowing answers to questions is key to success in Prelims, and there is no ideal number of questions to be attempted.”

“Questions which I was not sure of, I did attempt: I discounted the improbable options, then used calculated guesswork for which of the remaining options could be correct.”

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Optional Subject Chosen by Tushar Singla

The optional subject chosen by Tushar was CSE. The reason behind him choosing this material as his optional subject was that he had pursued his graduation in Engineering and that is why it was pretty obvious for him to choose CSE as his optional subject.

It was easy for him to study Computer Science in Engineering as this was something he was already much familiar with, and this was chosen by him during his second attempt in the year 2014.

Tushar Singla Current Posting

Tushar Singla, the IAS officer who was the Sub-divisional Officer in Uluberia has now been promoted to the post of Senior Time Scale in the state of West Bengal by the Government of India.

Tushar Singla’s Life & Marriage

Tushar Singla, the 2014 batch West Bengal Cadre Indian Administrative Service Officer recently got married to Navjot Simi, who is an IPS, i.e., the Indian Police Services Officer belonging to the batch of 2017.

Both of them got married recently in the year 2021 in an arranged marriage where they signed their marriage papers at Singla’s office lately.

Tushar Singla’s Biography

Tushar doesn’t have a father. He lives with his mother in Howrah. From his childhood, he has always been dedicated to his studies and his career, always scoring the best marks possible in his tests.

He pursued his graduation in Engineering and later decided to continue his studies for the UPSC examinations so that he could clear it in a single attempt. His first attempt proved to be a complete failure but that didn’t stop him from moving forward and he worked extra hard after that to clear his paper in the second attempt, which he did. This was an extremely proud moment for him and his family as he became an IAS officer and that too with an All India Rank of 86.

He fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS officer and proved to e an example in front of the entire nation that if you have dedication and determination to work hard for yourself, then success is definitely yours and you are going to achieve everything you want from and in life.

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Tips Given by Tushar Singla for All the UPSC Aspirants

In an interview, Tushar stated some of the tips through which one can easily clear the UPSC examinations. These are:

#1. Understand the Core of Any Question

The first step according to Tushar is to understand the core of any question and by that, he means that one should very carefully read every single word of the question to make it easily understandable to them. This could also be done to make your mind realize from which part does the question belongs in the syllabus and how can one answer it.

#2. Structuring of Question

Many-a-times, there appear different types of questions in the paper that are extremely lengthy and oftentimes, the candidates are frightened to see such questions before them.

But, according to Tushar, while in the examination centre, one should always look out for questions first very calmly, and if after seeing any question, you feel that you do not know the answer to it or panic upon seeing the length of the question, just try to calm yourself and with a quiet mind, just try to think about its possible answer and read the question very silently and with a calm mind and try not to panic at all.

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After going through the journey of Tushar, we realized that it is only through your hard work, dedication, and determination that you can achieve greater things in life. So, if you haven’t started preparing for that exam, what are you waiting for? Grab those books and begin your preparation in order to make this attempt the final and the best attempt of your life.
We hope that after going through Tushar’s journey, you’ll be motivated enough to start your journey towards success. Hopefully, you must also have got a lot of information from this passage and if you have any doubts regarding the same, feel free to comment down below and let us know.

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