UPSC is called the toughest exam in the country because of its syllabus and marking criteria. This exam becomes hectic and stressful for the candidates preparing for it especially when it becomes unable to clear in the first few attempts. You have to be a person with motivation and keep sticking to your thoughts. It requires a lot of potential, skills, and time along with positive thoughts and determination. You cannot take it for granted and feel overconfident; rather, you have to prepare for it with a lot of concentration.

The candidates who made it to the top are the ones who put their minds and soul with passion. If you are the one who is seeking to be posted on any of the administrative positions in the country and make yourself to be able to serve the nation then you have to be completely focused on it. Here is the journey of Uma Maheshwari IAS for all such participants to learn and be skilful.

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Uma Maheshwari Biography

IAS Uma Maheshwari belongs to a town in Tamil Nadu. She is the one who believes that if you have something in your mind and heart then the vision pulls you toward it and the ways will be clear. You have to work to achieve your goals in life rather than sitting and thinking that it won’t happen. This amazing IAS officer is a young wife and a proud mother.

She has been carrying out her dreams by holding all her responsibilities with love and care. She was a very brilliant child while studying in her school and college in Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. She was the best student in her college. In her initial attempts, she was giving CSE while working in firms and without thoroughly preparing for the exam. She has to make her daughter ready for school in the morning and make up the house as a wife. She is an inspiration for all the women who have dreams but are afraid to follow them.

IAS Uma Maheshwari’s Motivational Story 

IAS Uma is transparent and gives clear empowerment to all the women of the country. She believes in dreaming of having greater dreams and works to follow them with passion. She has done engineering and pursued MBA in her post-graduation. When she was coming out of college she had offers from three renowned companies. She has worked for approximately 5 years in companies like Syntel, Karur Vysya Bank, standard chartered, and also Oracle financial service. When she was working for these companies, she gave the UPSC exam on the trust and enforcement of her teacher.

She failed five times in Prelims while doing so. She says that if you have thought about something with true perceptions then nobody can stop you from achieving it. She has proved to all the people of the country that a true woman has all the capabilities of getting what she deserves and thought. She gave the first prelims in the year 2011.

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Responsible IAS Uma Maheshwari

This IAS officer has a different and unique story that shows the practical impact on every aspirant. She believes in the quote by Steve Jobs, ” You have to place your trust and belief in something and keep working towards it. It will all somehow start making sense and come together “. When she didn’t clear the exam five consecutive times, she thought that she had to prepare for it nicely for one more attempt.

Everybody around her said that you should not do this by quitting your job. But she managed to get ready for her deserving destination. Her husband supported her incredibly in getting what she desired. She used to prepare for the exam in shifts because of handling household chores and her daughter’s education. She had to wake up early and study for some time then make her daughter ready for school.

She then had to study again in the noon before her daughter came back home and finally the whole night. She has clearly shown that a woman has the power to handle everything positively and perfectly. She made her exam clear on the sixth attempt.

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Unmatchable Outcome

IAS Uma cracked the exam in the year 2018 in her sixth attempt and interviewed in early 2019. Her optional subject is not known. She got UPSC rank 16th in the exam. She gave her preference to ICLS, the Indian Corporate Law Service when asked by the examiner. She preferred it because she thought that she has a deep understanding and knowledge of the corporate world. When she studied in school and college everything was like a rose bed for her but when she got the news of the sudden demise of her father followed by the death of her mother, she got shocked and in that hustle, she started to think about her career in a deep manner.

One of her teachers forced her to give the CSE, and then she started giving it again and again. Every normal person would have been traumatized and stressed after failing in five attempts but it was her who never thought of giving up and motivated herself to have wings to get the sky.

Indian Administrative Officer

This unimaginable and prudent IAS officer made her way through storms and passes. She got it in the year 2019. She is 33 years old and is doing her job and responsibility by serving the nation with her hard work. She has been transferred to Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu as a District Collector. She has worked influentially for making the place the best in every regard.

Her current posting is as the Project Director in Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project. She is working with her dedication to improving the area in terms of water, hygiene, and health terms. Being a mother and a wife herself she knows the problem of every woman and child and their positive growth.

Therefore, she is working in the same direction with all her abilities. She has seen all the status of COVID 19 hospitals and working processes and has provided all the necessary aids to it. She is inspecting the positive cases and working continuously to reduce the mortality rate by the pandemic. She is focusing on monitoring and treatment protocols for offering the best treatment to all the patients. She wants the reports to be negative soon so that everyone will be safe and sound for their respective families.

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Therefore, nothing comes easy in life. You have to be extra dedicated and prepared for the worst to come your way. You must have the potential and willpower to minimize all the hurdles and make your way through the storm. This exam makes you exactly the person you should be when you handle the administrative powers of the country. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to be able to stand out from the millions of people and show yourself as a phoenix. While preparing for it, you will come to know about real and practical life by handling and managing fear, stress, anxiety, pressure, be knowledgeable and be extraordinary. The way to your success is at the website UPSC Pathshala where you will get every bit of knowledge and information that you need for CSE. The experts are there to help you with their support and guidance in every way possible. You will be able to overcome all the failures and all your dreams will come true.

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