In this article, you will get to know about a U.Sagayam IAS officer who had a roller coaster journey of being an IAS. There are a lot of things to know about IAS Sagayam, you will know about what work he has done after joining as an IAS officer, what strong steps he has taken in his journey that has left everybody astonished. You will also get to know the learning from IAS Sagayam’s journey that you can use in your life and while you are preparing for UPSC preparation.

Such content is not only interesting to read but is very informative especially for the UPSC aspirants who are confused. Such a biography provides a clear picture and shows the path to an individual towards achieving what they desire to. In this article, you will read about Sagayam biography, optional subject, UPSC rank, Marksheet.

IAS Sagayam Background

IAS Sagayam is the youngest son in his family. He belongs to a village Perunchunai village in Tamil Nadu. He has attended a Tamil- medium panchayat elementary school and then he attended a government higher secondary school in the region of Ellapatti. He pursued his post-graduation degree in social work and in law. Mr Sagayam joined the Central secretariat Service in the year 1989 after qualifying for the UPSC examination. In 1991 joined IAS as a Sub-divisional Magistrate of Ootacamund.

Soon after training and working for 7 months, in New Delhi, Sagayam resigned from the Central Secretariat Service. Then he took the examination for the Tamil Nadu Public Service commission and after clearing the exam he was given the opportunity to join Tamil Nadu state Civil Service. In the 2001 UPSC batch, he was promoted to be an IAS as he attained seniority in the service he was in.

Glimpse from His Journey

He has been an inspiration to everybody, he has the door bears which read the signs” Reject bribes, hold your head high”. He is often in the news because of the good deeds he does because of which members of a political party are annoyed. He walks on the path of his morality where there is no space for unethical actions like bribing.

He has been transferred to Tamil Nadu 20 times. From sealing the Pepsi Cola’s bottling plant in 2000 near Chennai after he found many dirty bottles to confiscating 5,000 subsidized domestic gas cylinders within 3 days in 2004. He is the one fighting against all unethical actions and politics.

He has created the history of becoming the first IAS officer in Tamil Nadu, after he was named the district collector of the Namakkal District he uploaded details of his assets on the district website in 2009.

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Learnings from IAS Sagayam’s Journey

Sagayam has been a person who followed his ethics no matter if the external factors were in his favour or not. He has followed his heart and stood against wrong in all instances. There are many things to learn from his journey that will help you become one of the best officers like him. These learning are lifelong learnings for you which will give a new light of perception to see the world. These learnings are:-

1. Determination

IAS journey is not a cakewalk as everybody knows what the IAS aspirant needs to compromise when they start their UPSC preparation. Even after you get a high rank and you are appointed the IAS officer rank, you know that now the journey becomes harsher. But in all this environment what keeps you alive is the determination and dedication you have. From starting to be an officer you have to be dedicated. At any point, if you lose your dedication towards your work of serving the country, you will see your actions going down.

 2. Continuous Learning

From IAS Sagayam’s journey, you must have learned one thing that is never satisfied with your learning. You have to keep learning, you have to keep yourself growing. From being an IAS officer to being a Tamil Nadu public commission officer and then joining back as an IAS in 2001, his journey has been a roller coaster ride. But at each step, he never gave up on learning and his ethics. He never gave up his ethics irrespective of the post he was in.

3. Trust Yourself

Do you think after preparing so hard for the UPSC examination you will resign from the post that you will get? IAS Sagayam resigned from the post after 7 months of working. He trusted his actions and his thoughts. He believed in himself, this is the only reason, he still stands out among the other IAS officers who are working.

Whatever he did, he was so confident that he stole the heart of the people who knew him. Sagayam attempted to reform the VAO (Village Administrative Officer) system. But in this attempt, he was being transferred, but over 5,000 villagers protested this attempt and as a result, the decision was withdrawn.

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When you are preparing for the UPSC examination one of the best sources of information about how you should prepare is the biography or the interview of the IAS officer itself. You learn the strategies and techniques from such biographies, you learn from their failure as well. You can use their strategy and mix them with yours to move in the right direction. Keep your eyes here for more inspiring stories.

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