Have you heard of winners? Of course, everyone has heard of them but the true winners are not the one who succeeds in the examination and competition, rather the winners are those who succeed in their dreams, who get immense respect, who are happy and satisfied from within, and who serve their motherland with full capabilities.

If you want to become a winner, dare to dream big and turn it into reality by sheer hard work, perseverance, and determination. Well, it is always said that people learn from their mistakes but the fact is that maximum learning comes from experienced people. When an individual listens to the experience of a person, he/she learns the most.

This is why this article has the IFS Priyanka Sohoni biography. She is a person with positivity, grace, and intellect. Let’s learn countless lessons from her life.

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IFS Priyanka Sohoni Biography

Priyanka Sohoni IFS is an inspiration to all the young candidates of the UPSC exam and the people who want to achieve something great in their lives. This civil servant is living her dreams at the age of 32. She has worked hard to achieve her destination.

This is not everyone’s cup of tea to be successful at their aspirations, especially when it comes to the CSE, it becomes the toughest due to the rigidity of this examination. This officer has given the vision to the people who are dreaming to be posted on such reputed designations to put maximum wisdom and devotion to your dreams.

If you are here to know more about her, keep reading this article ahead. Indian Foreign Service requires a lot of potential and skills. Let’s learn exponentially.

Priyanka Sohoni Indian Foreign Service

Many aspire to become the highest authority in the country by applying in different government examinations, while IFS is something different. It is a more sought-out post than others. If you want to know what is the responsibility of an IFS officer, here it is.

The officer in the IFS is called India’s diplomat abroad. He/she is responsible for the forming and execution of the Government’s foreign policy along with the activities of Indian missions abroad. If you are in the IFS services, you get exposure to various fields like cultures, ethnic, social, and political settings across the globe.

These officers are allocated to the institutions. These institutions include UNESCO, United Nations, World Bank, SAARC, etc. You can also get posted in any of the 160 odd Indian Embassies and Missions abroad. Priyanka Sohoni IFS is from the 2012 batch. She cracked the exam with her diligence. Her current posting is in China as the representative from the Indian Embassy.

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Priyanka Sohoni UPSC Rank

Priyanka was born on 16th October 1987. She is currently 32 years old. Her optional subject is not known. Talking about her goal, she started preparing for the UPSC exam and cracked it being in the third position. Priyanka Sohoni UPSC’s rank was 26.

She prepared for the examination with full zeal and concentration. This is the reason that she got to her destination in a small period. Since 2016, she has been serving in the Indian Embassy in China.

She is an enthusiastic, prudent, and amazing officer. She was in the third position among the successful candidates in UPSC from Maharashtra. She has made her parents extremely proud of her along with the near and dear ones. Priyanka Sohoni Marksheet is available online. She has got great scores in the CSE which is why she is serving her dream job.

Strategy to Succeed!

Well, everyone looks for the strategy to succeed in this prestigious exam. Strategies play a vital role in this exam because of the huge syllabus and massive competition. Every candidate wishes to succeed in the examination, and, therefore, puts their best to get to their destination. IFS Priyanka has achieved this position through her dream, passion, and dedication.

She believes that if you are passionate enough, you can reach out to the skies but if you don’t have that enigma and devotion, you can hardly get anything. Many other strategies include studying with a proper plan, focusing on the important topics, eating healthy, and sleeping well.

Moreover, giving potential time to each section of the exam, taking mock tests, doing self-assessments, practising the previous year’s question papers, etc. These things will turn you to be the best candidate for this honourable examination.

Priyanka Sohoni IFS

This lady officer has proved that a woman can turn their dreams into reality and has given the inspiration and power to all the women of the nation to have dreams and pursue them in totality.

She belongs to the 2012 batch. She has been awarded the best trainee officer. She received a gold medal for this honour. This medal has been awarded to 15 officers for the honour since 2004.

She is doing her job with so efficiency and prudence that she has been receiving such honours since the beginning of her service. It is rightly said that we only need to focus on our activities and functionality, the outcome will be worth working for.

She has also been an awardee with Bimal Sanyal Memorial from Sujata Singh due to her effectiveness at her service and efforts to get functions. Sujata Singh was an immediate Foreign officer who has awarded Priyanka with this prestige.

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Where There is a Will, There is a Way!

The above quotation is true because when you have the willingness to do something, you achieve it positively but when you don’t have the desire, you can’t find the way to reach your destination.

This IFS officer has proved her willingness to serve the nation in her desired way. Honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and President of China, Xi Jinping had a meeting at Mahabalipuram on Friday and Saturday.

This meeting was an unofficial summit. Priyanka Sohoni IFS was the mediator between Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he speaks Hindi and President Xi Jinping as he speaks Chinese. She explained everything excellently to Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi during the meeting.

President Xi Jinping asked our PM about the authentic values, morals, and cultures of India. Priyanka explained to him about the same with confidence and perfection. She got many congratulations and good wishes from the Prime Minister for her effortless service and efficiency.

Priyanka Sohoni IFS Salary

Everyone needs an adequate amount of money for having a sustainable life. Salary is important because of the healthy lifestyle basics and standards. It’s not bad to think about salary before indulging in a career.

If you are aspiring to become an IFS officer, you must be thinking of the salary. Let’s know how she receives being in such an amazing position. On 1st January 2018, Priyanka shared her personal and financial details. During the session, she told the audience about her salary.

She said that she received an amount of 74,000. This data is also available on the Foreign department website. You can view her details on the site and dream of becoming such an incredible officer. The salary is indeed significant to think about and calculate for the standard of living. So, start preparing for the test if you have any interest in it.

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Indian Foreign Service

IFS is considered as the most sought-out designation along with major advantages. It gives opportunities of visiting different nations to the candidates. The candidates are required to know and understand foreign languages to work in this field.

IFS services have a good scope for salary. If you are aspiring to get a position in this sector, you should be stress-free for the salary.

The officers are given a salary of a minimum of 60 thousand per month. Moreover, the representatives working in these services are offered a special allowance for living in different countries.

If you live in a foreign country and work in the IFS service, you can get 2.40 lakhs per month. This is the reason that many millennials thought of getting a designation in this field.

Furthermore, the benefits include a house of 2-3 BHK along with free transportation and servants/guards. The bills that come along with the job are phone bills, light and water, medical facilities, and retirement advantages along with pensions.

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Therefore, it is a matter of immense pride, conviction, and magnificence that you have achieved what you have desired for. When it is about IFS, you are blessed enough to have reached the reputed position.

So, if you are dreaming to be one of the civil servants or have an aspiration to become an IFS officer, start preparing now. UPSC Pathshala is the best platform for candidates. You should visit the website and acknowledge the maximum number of articles available there.

These articles are shared by the experts to benefit the candidates with the variety of content and the best information about all the sections of the test. Several other biography articles are also present at the site to let you learn from the experienced personalities.

Don’t lose the best chance of succeeding in life. The experts will make you the best candidates for this incredible exam. They will guide you tremendously and resolve all of your queries in the video lectures. Let’s step forward towards a miraculous life.

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