The most important aspect of any exam is internal motivation. It is possible to achieve this by listening to or reading about the experiences of others who have gone through comparable situations. In one attempt, you can fantasise or envision success. You must work for it, but you should not be concerned if you do not acquire it.

True, not every endeavour will result in success; but, some are for the purpose of preparing you to reach the pinnacle. The majority of IFS officers inspire people, but some have personal experience with adversity. Those individuals are capable of approving your practical zone.

This article is about IFS Sangram Keshari Behera, his biography, wiki, UPSC journey, UPSC rank, optional subject and strategy for the exam. So let’s waste no more time and start knowing this interesting personality.

IFS Sangram Keshari Behera: Biography

The Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) Indian Forest Service Examination, 2009, was topped by the son of a saloon owner.

“I speculate that a student’s economical status has no stance on exam results,” stated the topper, Sangram Keshari Behera of Ainabandha Street in the Old Berhampur district.

The chief minister congratulated Keshari for his extraordinary performance in the examination and he also stated that Sangram had brought pride to his state.

Sangram was a gold medalist in Zoology and he did his graduation from Berhampur University in 2008, Behera. He topped UPSC in the second attempt.

In 2008, he had failed his first attempt in UPSC and All India Competitive Exam. But, he had never made his failure overcome his future success and he said that he had learned a lot of things from his first attempt.

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About IFS Sangram Keshari Behera

Sangram has only one goal in life: to join the Civil Services. His father, a barber, told him about the dream. He thinks it was God’s mercy that the 24-year-old gold medalist in MSc (Zoology) from Berhampur University topped the IFS exam without any coaching.

The UPSC results were released in 2010, and Mr Sangram Kesari Behera of Berhampur was overjoyed to see his name at the top of the list. Mr Sangram Keshari Behera, the only son of Mr Niranjan Behera and grandson of Mr Brundaban Behera (Retd) Headmaster, is from village Sikri near Hinjilicut.

During his +2 Science, he attended Khallikote Junior College, followed by honours at Khallikote Autonomous College, post-graduation in Zoology at Berhampur University, and a PhD at Berhampur University.

Research and Hobbies

He is a person who is interested in doing something for the world. He had researched the preliminary stages of the Aedes mosquito. He was quite interested in the regeneration of antlers in spotted deer. He also writes poems in his regional language, Oriya. He was very fond of writers and there are many writers who are his favourite. He is very fond of books and novels. He reads many poems and writes many of them too because he likes the idea of being immersed in a world, where something is natural and not materialistic.

Journey of IFS Sangram

Mr Sangram took the I.F.S. and I.A.S. exams in 2007 and 2008 as well, but he was only able to pass the written exam on his second attempt. Mr Sangram, however, did not give up and reapplied for the IFS examination from July 11th to 14th, 2009 (UPSC), where he faced Viva-voce on February 15th, a medical check-up on February 16th, and a walking test on February 17th.

On this day, 5/3/2010, he finally received the long-awaited outcome from the Internet, and he was overjoyed.

His family and friends, as well as others close to him, were overjoyed to learn the news. “To attain a goal, finance is not always a concern or a huge impediment, but determination is essential,” he stated when contacted. “SADHANA” means “hard work” and “dedication.”

An emotional experience Mr Sangram stated that he is not unhappy that he was born into a poor household, but rather that he was able to stand proud of Odia and bring honours to Odisha. He did not forget, however, the difficulty he faced in obtaining study materials and help when he needed it at Berhampur.

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IFS Sangram Keshari Behera: Wiki

Qualification M.Sc. and Postgraduate in Zoology
Date of Birth 2nd May 1986
Recruitment Year 2010
Present Posting ACF, I/C Champua Range, Keonjhar Division


Pay Scale 15600-39,100+GP-5400
Date of Appointment 30/08/1986

IFS Sangram Keshari Behera: Posting Details

Given below are the details of the posting.

Date of posting from  Date of posting to  Department  Post 
27/01/2014 28/02/2017 Forest and Environment Department, Government of Odisha DFO
30/08/2012 23/01/2014 Forest and Environment Department, Government of Odisha ACF
30/08/2010 29/08/2012 MoEF IFS (P)

IFS Sangram Keshari Behera: Strategy

It’s never been about the number of hours put in for him, but rather the quality of the time spent preparing. He gets up at six a.m. and, no matter what, he is in bed by nine p.m. When your means and resources are restricted, you learn to organise your time and make the best of what you have. Poverty sharpens one’s intellect.

His father’s earnings were low, but he found a way around it by spending a lot of time in the library. His teachers assisted him with books and notes as well.


In the interview round he wasn’t nervous at all. For starters, this was his second time in front of the interview board. In 2008, he applied for the Civil Services and passed the finals and made it to the interview stage, but he was unable to qualify. As a result, the previous experience came in handy this time. Furthermore, by asking him questions about his study and hobbies, the panellists made him feel at ease.

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What was His Backup Plan?

There was no contingency plan in place. He would have taken the exam a second time. He was attempting IFS for the second time. He originally appeared for it in 2007, and he didn’t fare well in the writing portion. As a result, he studied his score and attempted to correct his errors.

Why Should One Choose IFS?

India’s ecological future is the most important topic and one should be concerned about it. The flora and fauna are to be mainly concerned as many species are endangered and some have been extinct which is disrupting the ecosystem. So, if one is concerned about topics like this, they should join the IFS to protect them. Sangram had always been concerned about India’s precious wildlife and rich forests, which made him opt for IFS as his duty.

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IFS Sangram Keshari Behera may be poor by money and fortune but he is rich in knowledge and heart. He had the vision to serve the people and he proved that if one is determined then, these obstacles are mere stones in life’s path which can’t affect you. One should not count their weaknesses but the opportunities that they have and what best they can bring out of themselves.

IFS Sangram believed that you must be a braveheart if you want to succeed!

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