International Relations is an important subject for the UPSC Civil Service Mains paper in General Studies Paper-II. The topics of international relations are India’s foreign policy, bilateral relations, regional cooperation, etc. To study this subject you will require some books.

You might ask- which are the best books for international relations? The answers may vary but you will be provided with a list of books that are considered as best books for international relations.

Before you start exploring books for this subject, it makes sense to go through the syllabus and important concepts here. 

Here are Some of the Most Suggested International Relations Books for UPSC

If you’re thinking of making a genuine effort at UPSC training, these UPSC books must be your first companions. Reading these must-have books will provide UPSC applicants with ample knowledge on the topics described in the UPSC IAS Exam Syllabus. Here is a list of the five most suggested books for you.

International Relations – For Civil Services Examination First Edition by Pavneet Singh

International Affairs for Civil Service Exams is an all-encompassing manual on world politics, foreign policy, and international relations that is a must-read text for all UPSC candidates. Covering the full IR syllabus of General Studies for Prelims and Main Exam and Political Science syllabus, the book is specifically built for in-depth theoretical knowledge of the present world order and has been complemented by various case studies and diagrams to support the reading of applicants.

The book is absolutely up-to-date, with events ranging from the emergence of modern nation-states to the events of this year. India’s interactions with all continents and regions of the world have been addressed in detail, along with the shifting paradigms of its foreign policy over the decades.

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International Relations for General Studies Preliminary and Main Examination | Third Edition by Pavneet Singh

The book is interesting, insightful, and forward-looking, and is focused on detailed field interviews with diplomats and intelligence officials. This book explores the basic but influential geopolitical narratives of India’s international relations with the world as a whole. Each chapter starts with an objective survey of the diplomatic history of India and covers the multi-faceted diplomatic policies of India to date.

Challenge and Strategy by Sikri Rajiv

The book deals with India’s political ties and international affairs. It is a must for people who are studying international relations and who want to learn about the political and economic status of the region. This book is especially popular because the author Rajiv Sikri was part of Indian foreign services himself and the revelations he made on Indian foreign relations made it even more worthwhile.

Comparative Politics by J.C. Johari

This book is a general analysis and is not limited to any geographical limits.  The emphasis is primarily on the policies and methods that are applied to the implementation of country policies. The author tries to detail some of the important aspects that students in this field and lay readers may find interesting.

Does The Elephant Dance? By David M. Malone

The book explores how foreign policies impact domestic policy, internal and external security concerns, and national and international economic factors. This book is important for students, professionals, and others who want to stay up-to-date on the country’s political scenarios and other current events.


Books for IAS are considered to be inescapably essential during the preparation of UPSC. No one may claim that he or she did not review the appropriate books for the UPSC exam during the preparation. Toppers and the teachers prioritize reading the best books available on the market, both online and offline. The basic principles are the same in all books, but the implementation of the principle makes all the difference, so go through political science and international relations books for UPSC to boost your preparation.

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International Relations Books for UPSC: Books that Help You Ace Prepare for UPSC
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