UPSC exam drives the environment of stress and pressure not only because of the high-resolution syllabus but also due to the maximum participation of people from all over the country. Every candidate who is striving to achieve the goal of becoming a future IAS, IRS, IPS, or IFS puts their dedication wholeheartedly.

Some people fulfil their ultimate dreams by just working wisely and passionately towards them. When you listen to your heart and follow the footsteps of it with a composite mindset then you come extremely close to what you desire.

Are you the one who wants to succeed in the UPSC exam? Are you preparing for it constantly? Do you want some real struggle stories of experienced personalities to fuel up your ambitions? Well, here is the destination of your thoughts. We have a breathtaking journey of IPS Akun Sabharwal Biography to give you strength from within.

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IPS Akun Sabharwal Biography

This courageous man was born on 4 December 1976 in Patiala, India. He has been a child of big dreams and passion from his birth. He has always followed his heart whether it is in studies or life. His father was in Indian Air Force. He has grown up watching his father doing hard work and serving the nation. He did his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya of many cities like Chandigarh, Bangalore, Pune, Ooty, Assam, and Delhi. He has seen the culture, tradition, and way of living of several respective areas.

When he was in school he always excelled in mathematics but later chose to be a doctor. To pursue his aim, he completed his medical education at Patiala Dental College. He became a popular and intellectual dentist and while doing the internship in the field, he started to prepare for the civil service examination. He has done his post-graduation in Police management.

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Journey as an IPS Officer – Wiki Facts

Akun Sabharwal IPS is a humble yet strictly principled man in his life. He inspires a lot of people who are aspiring to join civil services or want to achieve any worthy thing in their lives. He is currently 40 years old and is just unbeatable.

IPS Akun Sabharwal got UPSC rank 33rd in the CSE. He is the one whose life is driven and fueled by his determination to make the country better in every aspect. He had many challenges in his life but this man is just unstoppable. He doesn’t believe in quitting, rather putting more effort into a certain thing than earlier to make it come into his hands.

His Training Journey

He started his training in Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Missouri. He was married in 2004 to one of his batch mates who is the youngest female IAS officer of India, IAS Smita Sabharwal. They both have two beautiful children. The names of their kids are Nanak Sabharwal and Bhuvin Sabharwal. He is the one who always stands straight and fearless in front of the toughest situations.

Fearless IPS Officer

Reputed IPS and Doctor Akun Sabharwal says that the strategy to get something is to have dreams followed by passion and an organized plan. His optional subject was Public Administration. His first posting was in Anantapur which is situated in Rayalaseema. This region is known for factional feuds. The movie Rakta Charitra was inspired by this region.

In the year 2007, he became the superintendent of Visakhapatnam and served there till 2008. Akun Sabharwal IPS have worked unimaginably in developing the area.

During his tenure, he made 36 Maoist cadres neutralize and 132 surrendered in 28 fire exchanges. His amazing performance was seen by everyone and due to his exemplary work, he got elected as Deputy Commissioner of Police in Hyderabad in 2012. During that time, due to the communal tensions, a strict curfew for nine subsequent months was imposed in the location. He also dealt with urban issues such as robberies and traffic management.

The Stormy Journey

He was trained in Kamrup, Assam by honourable Mukesh Agarwal and worked in the Sadiya and Charaido regions of Assam which were tremendously haunted by the extremists. He has always worked patiently and bravely in life. This is the reason why he is the best man to serve our motherland.

He was serving as the DCP when the drama and hypocrisy about Telangana’s separation were in exclusive news. He was successfully able to manage the situation and brought peace and harmony during the state of turmoil. He handled the adverse condition of drugs in Hyderabad. It was a rampant problem in the city.

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An Unstoppable Man 

IPS Akun Sabharwal has been posted on various dignified posts and has shown that he is the best wherever he works. Between the years 2006 and 2007, he worked as a special deputy officer in Warangal where he conducted and supervised the anti-left-wing extremist operations quite successfully. He has also served as the Joint Director of Anti Corruption Bureau and a Commandant of an Armed Police Battalion for 9 months. He has shown the ways of healthy and worthy living to humankind.

He then went to join the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy as an Assistant Director of the outdoors. Under his supervision, the DCA made several raids on different places such as corporate hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical stores, blood banks, and various other concerned places and booked several violations across the state.

How to Work in a Petrified Situation?

Akun Sabharwal IPS’ present posting is in Telangana as the Director of the Drugs Control Administration, Telangana Excise Enforcement Director, and the Registrar of the Telangana State Pharmacy Tribunal. He has conducted raids on the unlawful distillation of liquor and its sale in Telangana. He wants to make the place a better and good place to live in.

He has got threat calls using VOIP which is voice over internet protocol to stop the ongoing drug scandal investigation. He has been checking and managing the condition with all his bravery. Due to VOIP, the police department couldn’t trace the location of the unknown caller. The extreme condition was when the callers started to claim that they know where Akun’s children are studying.

He handled this traumatizing situation with his fearlessness and intellect. We hope that the fragile situation may end soon and stability is achieved in Hyderabad with the ultimate hard work of this brave man.

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Running and Cycling 

This IPS Officer believes in doing what he likes. He loves running and is very passionate about cycling. His favourite is the 42 km marathon. He has been doing it for a long time. He wants to be healthy, fit and maintain his body and physique.

To date, he has completed 7 marathons. He says that running gives him the time to introspect and talk to himself. He not only does his job with perfection and diligence but also is very disciplined and mentally calm in his life. He has done cycling 1475 km in 2015 in just 6 days from New Delhi to Mumbai. He is a true motivation for all the people of the country.

Fundamental Learnings! 

He has launched an awareness program called, ” No Bill, No Pill”, for getting away with the problem of issuance of medicines without a prescription. He has helped all the people with health-related problems. He was elected as the Civil Supplies Department in April 2018 in Telangana.

Everyone should learn to be multi-talented and precise in everything they step in. The people who want to do UPSC preparation or are striving to be one of the administrative powers must follow this ideal personality for inculcating knowledge, skills, bravery, and all the necessary behaviours to succeed in life.

He is just an ordinary man who has been continuously learning and growing from his failures in life and sticking to the major beliefs that he always had. You must also grow and develop abundantly. This will bring the most beautiful and amazing results in your life. The one who stops learning in life is the one who stops living.

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We believe that a person learns from their failures or listening to the struggling scenario of the people who have been into it. If you have read this article you must have got the ultimate goal of your life and it’s a meaningful way to achieve it. While preparing for your exam, you must encounter several miserable situations like stress, mental trauma, or anxiety due to the pressure of gaining what you are working for. Probably, this is the reason why you get distracted and do not follow your aims.

Keep reading and listening to the real stories to manage all kinds of pressure during your time of preparation and keep calm and a tranquil person. If you are worried about anything related to CSE you must visit UPSC Pathshala where you will get the prime motto and ways of attainment. The professionals are there to support you and check your progression. You will undoubtedly be able to conquer and get the throne with pride.

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