IPS Anand Mishra is one of Assam’s most well-known Superintendents of Police Officers. Anand Mishra is the current Superintendent of Police of Assam’s Nagaon district. In a recent reorganisation, he was relocated from Dhubri to Nagaon for the sake of public service.

Anand Mishra was an Assam-Meghalaya Cadre IPS Officer from the 2011 batch. Let’s learn more about this youthful and dashing celebrity IPS officer in this biography article.

IPS Anand Mishra Biography

Anand Mishra is an IPS officer from the 2011 batch. He is one of Assam’s most well-known police superintendents. He is the well-known Superintendent of the Police of Assam’s Nagaon district. In the current reshuffle, he is now allocated to Nagaon from Dhubri because of the significance of public service. He is the most well-known young and dashing IPS officer, and he is now a viral sensation on the internet. The names of his father and mother are not disclosed.

He prefers to work in the neighbourhood, ideally in an office. He prefers to work in an environment where he may interact with others. He was awarded the 2020 CM Police Medal For Outstanding Service. According to a study conducted by Fame India Magazine, Anand Mishra, an IPS officer, is one of the top 50 most renowned police officials in India in 2021.

Wiki Facts

Anand Mishra, an IPS officer, is one of Assam’s most well-known SO. Anand Mishra is the current Superintendent of Police for Assam’s Nagaon District. In the current reshuffle, he has been transferred from Dhubri to Nagaon in the benefit of civil service. He was an Assam-Meghalaya cadre IPS officer from the 2011 batch. Anand Mishra, a young and exuberant IPS officer, is also the most successful online star.

Name Anand Mishra
Date of Birth 1st June 1989
Age 31 years old
Wife Name Archana Tiwari
Sex Male
Nationality Indian
Profession Police Officer
Origin Bihari
Birthday 1st June
Birthplace Kolkata, West Bengal
Home Town Bhojpur, Bihar
Current Place Nagaon, Assam
Political Inclination None
Other activities Playing the guitar, writing poetry.
Passion Bike Riding

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He is a well-known IPS police officer from the Bihar district of Bhojpur. He was born on June 1, 1989, and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal, according to government records.

He is now 31 years old. In West Bengal, he completed both his high school and college studies. Following graduation, he began preparing for a government position. From 2005 to 2011, he also took the West Bengal Civil Service Exam.

While in eighth grade, he decided to become an IPS officer. He cleared the UPSC exam in 2010 and was assigned to the Assam-Meghalaya Cadre as an IPS officer of the 2011 batch. From 2013 to 2017, he finished his IPS training in Meghalaya. He now resides in Assam and most recently served as an SP in Nagaon, Assam.

Educational Background

In Kolkata, West Bengal, he completed his schooling and college studies. In 2005, he passed the West Bengal Civil Service Exam. Up till 2010, he worked for the West Bengal civil service. He cleared the UPSC test in 2010 and was hired as an IPS Officer in the Assam-Meghalaya batch of 2011.

Anand Mishra IPS Rank

He scored the rank of 225th in the UPSC Exam 2010.

IPS Anand Mishra Marksheet

The marksheet of Anand Mishra is not available anywhere. He was in the 2011 batch and ranked 225th in the CSE 2010.

IPS Anand Mishra Current Posting

IPS Anand Mishra is currently posted as SP in the Nagaon district of Assam

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How Did IPS Anand Mishra Broke the Internet?

An IPS officer from Assam has lately gone viral on the internet. Anand Mishra, a young Singham-style officer, has become the newest online celebrity because of his work habits and demeanour. Many of his videos have gone popular on the internet and received a lot of positive feedback.

Videos of his guitar performances and birthday parties with PSO have gone viral on the internet. Mishra’s vision of the person next door is what sets him apart. He sings, rides his bike like any other young man, enjoys travelling and writing, and effortlessly interacts with others.

Jungle warrior

However, this kind man with a grin on his face is equally tough on lawbreakers. From his days as a jungle fighter in the once-insurgent-infested Garo Hills, the firebrand IPS has won the President of India’s “Police Medal Award ” for heroism, remarkable daring, and courageous efforts in counter-insurgency missions.

Mishra was a member of the Meghalaya Police’s Operation HillStorm, where he led commando squads into the woods during Operation Hill Storm I and II. Life in the militancy-torn Garo Hills, per the super cop now assigned as SP Dhubri, makes every police officer into a jungle fighter.

His Words on This Mission

“Young officers were made to take the lead. I faced life and death situations at the beginning of every mission. I didn’t know if I would return back. We used to be in the jungle for weeks and won’t return to human habitats. It was very challenging for all of us; not only as officers but also as human beings. We had to have a very clear understanding of the higher purpose we were working for in order to keep our morale high,”

he recounts.

Nurturing Hobby

Once out of the forest and stationed in Guwahati, the young IPS officer was able to pursue his passions and live a life where he could dedicate time to his hobbies.

“I love playing my guitar, going on a bike ride, singing songs, writing poetry and most importantly, meeting people. Guwahati helps me explore the finer aspects of life,”

he enthused.

SP of Dhubri

Mistra stated his new goals, which include battling organised crime while discussing his experience as the SP of Dhubri.

“I have taken the position SP Dhubri with due responsibility and have embarked on a crusade against all kinds of organized crimes including trafficking of cattle or drugs. The positioning of Dhubri is a bit tricky as it has an interstate border with Bengal on one hand and an international border with Bangladesh on the other. However, in the last 14 -15 days we have made encouraging inroads into the nexuses of smuggling and drug peddling.”

Prior to Dhubri, Mishra served in the Charaideo region, which was once afflicted by insurgency. He provided complete development to the region during his service, which had a great influence on the locals, who still remember him for his services to their life.

Reaching Out to Grass-root

Mishra, who believes that a police job is more than simply office labour, gets out to the community and engages with people in an unpretentious manner. He eventually connects with them and becomes the source of their joy. Bring policing closer to the people; he believes that the police may be a valuable service provider to the general public.

“Policing is not limited to desk jobs but it is all about working closely with the grass-root. Besides, it is also my personal interest to be on the field, meeting people and coming close to them. Having a close connection with the general mass, helps us work better, while being accessible and friendly as police officers, helps people to cooperate with us better.  I consider it our solemn duty to work as a service provider and bring relief to people in trouble.”

IPS/UPSC Preparation Strategy

Refer NCERT Books

When it comes to the most important test in India, you can’t afford to take anything for granted. As you embark on this arduous road, make sure to get the NCERT books for the subjects included in Prelims from classes 6 to 12 and study them in order. Applicants planning to take the test in Hindi should consult IAS literature written in Hindi.

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Question Papers

Examine the papers from prior years by subject. It will save you time and provide you with a basic understanding of how to advance.

Practice Writing

Pay close attention to your writing abilities when practising the previous year’s question paper. Set a limit for each question to check how you’re doing. You get better with practise.

Online Mock Test

Take the online practise exam, assess your answers, and determine your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll be one step closer to realising your desire if you understand your responses.


Reading newspapers on a daily basis will keep you up to date on current events. You may also get a monthly newspaper by subscribing. The Hindu newspaper is consistently the most popular.


Memory and aptitude are important in the IPS mains test, but so is endurance. Due to a lack of past experience, writing for 6 hours a day for 5 days may create both mental and physical exhaustion. The only solution to improve it is to practise extensively before the exam.

Topper’s Tips

You do not need to follow a topper’s approach to the letter. Always stick to your own plan, but you may apply some of the suggestions from the toppers interview if you find them beneficial.


Exercise will assist you in keeping your mind and body in good shape. Applicants should make it a habit to incorporate exercise into their regular practice, as IPS also needs physical health.


IPS Anand Mishra is all over the internet and is called The People’s Man. Mishra’s vision of the person next door is what sets him apart. He sings, rides his bike like any other young man, enjoys travelling and writing, and effortlessly interacts with others. Anand Mistra remains anchored to his life, despite his instant popularity and acclaim.

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