Social media has become an important part of our lives these days. In fact, our day seems incomplete without the use of social media.

On social media, a lot of people look up to Sachin Atulkar, the IPS officer. He is very famous on social media for his ripped and muscular body and is found to be an eye charm to many girls.

This article will act as IPS officer Sachin Atulkar’s biography, the internet’s favourite IPS officer. Let’s learn about his age, IPS rank and more!

Sachin Atulkar Wiki

Sachin Atulkar was born on the 8th of August 1984 and is currently 36 years of age. Sachin Atulkar’ posting currently is in Ujjain and his IPS rank is that of a Superintendent.

Sachin Atulkar is said to be not married yet meaning he does not have a wife.

He has a B.Com. When he finished his graduation he started preparing for the civil service examination and cleared it in his first attempt. He had an all India rank of 258 back in 2006!


Since he is an IPS officer, Sachin Atulkar is very passionate about his fitness.

He spends about more than 1 hour in the gym every day. His hard work towards his fitness is why he is so famous.  His fitness level is very inspiring.

Though he believes in fitness, his job is more important to him. He does yoga regularly to keep his mind fit too.

Interest of Sports

Sachin has been a sports enthusiast ever since he was a kid. He was a national level cricketer in 1999.

He has also won a gold medal in a police academy for horse riding. His love for horse riding had developed ever since he joined the IPS.

How to Prepare for IPS

Preparing for IPS is not easy and students should understand that a balance in physical activity and studying is very important.

IPS officers need to prepare as much as an IAS officer or an IFS officer but also need to maintain physical fitness at the same time.

Creating a timetable is very important. Give equal fitness to studying and physical activity. Studying for the exam requires a lot of dedication, and physical activity will help in exam preparation and will keep you stress-free. This is a win-win situation!

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Current Affairs

Preparing for current affairs is very important for the civil service. With preparing for exams, physical activity, it may seem very tough for students to add current affairs in their preparation.

So students need to be very smart about adding preparation of current affairs in their schedule. Students are recommended that they use technology as an advantage for them in this scenario.

This means that they should try to use online blogs, online papers, or even videos to stay updated with current affairs. It is very important to be able to adapt to any changes.

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Reading NCERT

Reading NCERT books is the most important aspect of your exam. NCERT books are considered the most basic books required for the exam. The main reason behind is that most questions are asked from NCERT books.

NCERT will help you break down every topic and will also cover every topic that comes in the exam.

Read NCERT textbooks for majority subjects (preferably all) at least one single time.

Read and create notes from the same and look to inculcate a habit of reading for 4 hours daily and revising regularly.

Practice Tests

Keep taking practice tests every month to test your progress. It is important to ensure that your growth is positive in all aspects.

Know the testing area for physical fitness and maintain goals.

Try to meet the minimum requirements of physical fitness and one month before the exam, ensure that you can cross the requirements.

This will ensure that you can remain fit even by the time of the physical ability exam.


One of the fittest IPS officers of India Sachin Atulkar has become a social media star for the youth.

His biography is very interesting and talks a lot about the famous IAS officer. As of now, Sachin Atulkar’s posting is in Ujjain and he is the superintendent there.

Preparing to become an IPS officer is never an easy job! Candidates must create the time and physical requirement to become an IPS officer.

Use the tips given for the exam and increase your chances of scoring higher. All the best to all aspirants!

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