Many aspirants ask “Is it necessary to go to Delhi for UPSC?” Here is the answer, For UPSC aspirants, Delhi is the hub of popular coaching institutes and study material, it seems to be the place which often makes them feel closer to their success in the examination than the candidates preparing in other states and cities. But in reality, is going to Delhi necessary for UPSC?

“Is it necessary to stay in Delhi for UPSC preparation?” or “Is Delhi good for UPSC?” These are the most frequently asked questions that might keep the aspirants stuck at the beginning of their preparations. But before deciding on these questions, one should keep in mind their suitability to the environment of Delhi.

Before moving to Delhi, an aspirant should go under extensive research regarding their preferred coaching centre, rent and other living expenses. Moving to Delhi for UPSC should not be a plan made overnight, but it has to be given the same importance as your UPSC strategy.

What are the Factors bringing UPSC Aspirants to Delhi?

Because of the abundance of various coaching institutes, aspirants get to interact with the experienced toppers of UPSC. This helps the fresh aspirants to get a better perspective of the examination.

Not only toppers but also the fellow aspirants who are re-appearing for the examination often prove to be helpful to the new aspirants. This allures the aspirants to come to Delhi, a challenging environment which keeps them motivated towards rising above each other.

Also, coming to a new city and living on your own help in cutting down a lot of distractions that one faces during his or her social life at home and among friends. In a new place, you tend to become more responsible for yourself and less worried about others.

However, not everyone can come to Delhi and manage their UPSC preparation, so is it really necessary to go to Delhi for UPSC preparation? This question remains vital for every aspirant whose inability to come to Delhi might end up causing doubts and lack of confidence regarding the preparation.

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How Delhi Being a Hub of Coaching Centers affects UPSC Aspirants?

The presence of multiple coaching institutes providing various courses at a time creates a major confusion within candidates. Therefore they often get trapped with the wrong decisions by wasting a lot of money and time. Even the abundance of material for the study also hampers the target-specific routine for them.

Most of the candidates with a large number of resources and some specific books or notes have to go through a lot of irrelevant information regarding the paper. This information cover space of the relevant part and hence, not being specific about the study material makes it difficult for an aspirant to get through UPSC in his or her first attempt.

How Coming to Delhi Can Affect You Mentally?

Coming to Delhi for UPSC preparation also proves challenging to your physical as well as psychological state as a new city always asks for discomfort at first. Major homesickness and stress are the common psychological problems that aspirants face during the beginning of their preparation at Delhi.

Most of the aspirants can cope up with this problem gradually through their journey, but some aspirants get stuck in between becoming mentally weak that later becomes one of the reasons for their failure.

Why Choose Online UPSC Classes Over Going to Delhi?

Around lakhs of aspirants begin preparing in Delhi for UPSC, but only a few of them get selected for the final list, this happens because not every aspirant gets through the major distractions and problems that one faces during their preparation in Delhi.

From the beginning till the end there are several challenges which often makes an aspirant feel low and giving up, but to be one of the few successful candidates preparing at Delhi, there has to be a specific potential and strength.

What Problems are Faced by UPSC Aspirants in Delhi?

Is Delhi good for UPSC preparation? Delhi is the most populated city of India, other than this it is also becoming the most polluted city in the country. It is never an easy task to come from outside and live in Delhi with all the living expenses.

Candidates coming to Delhi face various problems regarding their stay in Delhi, from living expenses to psychological stress, they almost face a series of hurdles that they might not have encountered while preparing for UPSC at their respective hometowns.

How can Online Classes Prove to be Better Than Going to Delhi?

The growing industry of coaching centres is one of the biggest problems that hamper one’s preparation in Delhi. These coaching centres attract various applicants throughout the country through their advertisements and toppers-oriented motivational talks.

But not all of them provide true claims regarding the success of all the aspirants once admitted there. Every year around 10 to 17 aspirants from Delhi make it to the final list of UPSC which seems a very low number when we see the number of various coaching centres in Delhi and the lakhs of aspirants preparing there.

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How can Online Classes Help you Save Money and Time?

The cost of most of the renowned coaching centres in Delhi varies between 1.5 lakhs to 2 lakhs for the whole UPSC journey, other than this there are some of the less popular coaching institutes that are growing depending on the three-tier system of the UPSC examination.

These coaching institutes are providing various courses with respect to prelims, mains and the interview independently, as many of the aspirants choose to prepare for a particular paper. But what all the coaching institutes are doing is the stealing of time which can be added to the self-study routine, which is among the crucial keys to success in this examination.

What are the Benefits of UPSC Preparation in your Hometown?

Since there are many branches of most of the good coaching institutes of Delhi, it is usually not necessary to go to Delhi for UPSC preparation. Apart from these online classes and online study material can always help preparation from any part of the country.

Studying in your hometown itself will help you avoid unnecessary expenditure of living in Delhi. At your hometown, you will be more focused on the study as there will be a familiar environment and no more distractions of staying in a new city. UPSC preparation at home keeps you motivated and encouraged as there are people who will keep your spirits high whenever you feel like giving up.


Is it necessary to stay in Delhi for UPSC? Should I go to Delhi for UPSC preparation? The answer to these questions depends on whether an aspirant can meet the personal requirements for the preparation in that place. Not everyone can study effectively in a physical class, and not everyone gets comfortable with online classes. So, keeping in mind personal suitability to the environment of Delhi, one can decide whether it is necessary to go to Delhi for UPSC.

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