Do you aspire to become an IAS officer? Do you want to get the power and privileges of an administrative officer? Well, if this is the case, you are not alone at all. Many millennials have the dream to become IAS officers. Around 4-5 lakhs of candidates every year embark on their UPSC journey.

The fact is that not everyone is successful in achieving their target as this is a long and stressful journey. It requires unending hard work and dedication to be consistent. So wondering how you can make your journey unique and be successful in it? Well, someone wise said, “Experience is the best teacher.” You can get lessons from experienced people to walk on the correct road towards achievement.

In this article, you can learn immensely from Jagriti Awasthi Biography and make yourself worth achieving the goals.

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Jagriti Awasthi Biography

Jagriti Awasthi IAS is a topper of the 2020 batch. She has been dreaming of working for the nation for a long time. She started studying for the UPSC exam to achieve her desires. She has been very intelligent and clever since her childhood. IAS Jagriti was born and raised in Bhopal, India.

This is evident that everyone learns from their experiences but you can take it one step forward. Are you wondering how? This could be done by learning from others’ experiences. The one who has been in the same scenario and succeeded can provide you with enormous learnings. Every year a list of successful candidates is published by UPSC. The toppers are the best sources of preparation for you. Here is the Jagriti Awasthi biography for you to grab lessons.

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Jagriti Awasthi Wiki Facts

IAS Jagriti Awasthi’s age is 24 years as of 2021. Her marital status is unmarried. She is a confident and dedicated person. This brave IAS officer was working in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) before starting her UPSC preparation. The company in which she was working is a Government of India-owned engineering and manufacturing enterprise.

You must read this article ahead to gather maximum information and learn from this civil servant. She was born in 1997. Her height is 5 feet and 4 inches. Jagriti’s father’s name is SC Awasthi and her mother’s name is Madhulata Awasthi. She has made her parents very proud by ranking on the top in such a prestigious examination. Every aspirant must learn something from her.

IAS Jagriti Awasthi UPSC Rank

IAS Jagriti holds All India Rank 2 in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2020-21. She has made the whole nation proud by being exponentially great and responsible. Jagriti Awasthi has completed her school education at Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Bhopal. She was a very determined child in school.

This unbelievable officer, Jagriti Awasthi education has been completed at Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT), Bhopal. She got a good percentage in her college. She is an IAS topper of the 2020 batch. She has worked very hard to achieve immense success. She graduated with a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering.

Her father is a homeopath and her mother is a teacher. Her brother Suyansh Awasthi is an MBBS student.

Jagriti Awasthi IAS

IAS Jagriti’s journey has been very motivating. All the UPSC candidates must learn several facts from her life and preparation phase. IAS Jagriti has become the role model for all the aspirants of UPSC, especially girls. Her optional subject was sociology. The strategy for her success is hard work which can be seen in Jagriti Awasthi’s mark sheet.

This incredible civil servant gave the first attempt in 2019 and has prepared at home during the COVID scenario. She says that self-study has worked for her growth and learning. It has given her the time to do revisions and self-assessments. Self-analysis helps the individuals to perform better in the exam by working on the weaker areas. She is satisfied and overwhelmed by achieving her ambitions.

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IAS Officer Jagriti Awasthi

Jagriti Awasthi IAS has studied electrical engineering for her graduation. In 2016, Jagriti appeared for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering examination. She managed to secure the 41st position in the all-India ranking. When she cleared the GATE examination, she was satisfied but her dream was big.

Then, she joined Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) as a technical officer. She worked very efficiently in the enterprise for almost 2 years. Even though she got a job in her desired field of engineering, she didn’t get self-satisfied and started to pursue her dream of becoming a civil servant and started preparing for the CSE. It was her dream and she started to put her best into achieving it.

Journey of IAS Jagriti Awasthi

IAS Jagriti’s journey has been incredible and challenging. This was the second time that she appeared for the CSE. In 2019, she gave this exam for the first time. The result was announced on 24th September 2021. She has got a flood of congratulatory texts and wishes along with several interviews.

In one of her interviews, Jagriti has explained her pattern of preparation as, “During Covid times, coaching centres were all closed, yet maintaining motivation at home was crucial. Initially, I studied for 8 to 10 hours. Eventually, I increased it to 10 to 12 hours, and about two months before the exam, I further pushed it to 12 to 14 hours.” She has managed to work positively on the study plan and has succeeded in it.

IAS Officer Jagriti Awasthi’s Self-Study

This IAS officer said that due to the pandemic period, she has studied and prepared for the exam by self-study. Due to being locked up in the house, she was concerned about her mental and physical health. She was taking proper precautions to be healthy.

Jagriti is extremely overwhelmed after achieving her dream and credited her success to her family as she said, “My parents didn’t watch TV for the past four years as firstly my parents wanted my brother to clear NEET and later for my studies. Even they used to talk over the phone outside the house and hardly used to share any personal news. My mother was a school teacher but she left her job to help us in studies.”

This is true that if your parents are blessing you, you can achieve anything in life.

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Guidance and Support is a Bliss!

IAS Jagriti has dedicated her incredible success to her parents and brother. To explain her mother’s support, she said in the interview, “When I was not selected in my first attempt, I was a little depressed but my mother said don’t curse your luck but do more hard work. She was right, I finally succeeded.”

Your parents bless you from within and this results in the attainment of higher clouds. This civil servant’s mother talked about her passion to serve the nation and added, “In 2016, Jagrati promised to me that if I would leave my job and support her full time, she would surely get a rank in GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering). I asked her to give that to me in writing; she signed the note and got 51st rank. Giving up the offers for IOCL and ONGC, for which she got first options, she joined BHEL in Bhopal as a technical officer to be with her brother Suyash who was then preparing for NEET (medical entrance test).”

UPSC Preparation

UPSC is the most effective and incredible examination in India. Lakhs of candidates apply for this exam to get posted to the highest ranks of the country. When Jagriti did not get selected in her first attempt, she decided to quit her job and started doing continuous preparation to achieve her target.

She prepared online study material and read the newspapers daily. She emphasized the optional subject to gain maximum knowledge and high scores. This level of dedication is required for this honourable exam. You have to do everything as per your conviction to succeed and shine like a star. True spirit is in your determination. You must be highly passionate about your dream to reach it.

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The lessons learned from the experienced people are the biggest guidance and support for the aspirants of the UPSC exam. This exam gives a lot of pressure, stress, and challenging times to the candidates.

You can combat all the negativity and challenges by contacting an experienced person. What’s more wonderful than learning from the topper? This article has provided all the information about the biography and struggle of IAS Jagriti Awasthi. You must prepare for the examination with consistency and high effort.

The guidance makes you move on the right path. We hope that you have gone through this article gently and will work positively towards your goals. More such inspiring articles are present on the UPSC Pathshala to let you grab the ways to prepare and shine. Visit the website to get in touch with the experts and you can also start the single course to study well. Good luck!

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