The last 30 days are very crucial for the candidates of the UPSC exam as you have to grab everything in terms of syllabus and relevant points to get high scores and stand out from the crowd. It is an integral time for the aspirants but does not worry, we are here to tell you about the last 30 days’ strategy for UPSC Prelims.

You must know what you should do at this time and what to avoid to perform extraordinarily. Prelims are the first part of this honourable exam and you need to get maximum scores to step forward towards your dream. So without wasting any more time reading the article below to grab every tip and strategy to excel in the UPSC exam.

Last 20 Days Strategy

The UPSC aspirants must follow the given points to succeed in the most challenging exam. You must give the highest importance to the revision of all subjects in the final days of the preparation. You must be already preparing from day 1. Therefore, you would have been learning about the topics and concepts for a long period. Check your preparation level during this period. 

Revisions make you remember all the points that you have learned and the tendency to forget them in the examination becomes less. You must do a lot of practice on the mock question papers to learn the ways of resolving the questions in the exam. Practice makes a man perfect so it will prepare your mind for the upcoming final exam.

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Learn the Tips for the Last 20 Days!

The greatest advice given to the candidates for the Preliminary round for the last 20 days is that they should not stop reading newspapers. Many aspirants commit this mistake in the last few days that can degrade their performance in the exam. You can seek important information by consistently going through the newspaper.

When you do rigorous practice for the exam, you grab the intellect to crack the tricky questions and eliminate the wrong options. If you don’t get high scores in the mock tests, do not get stressed. You should think positively that you have got the chance to learn from your mistakes at the end moment. Be confident and feel comfortable.

Last 15 Days Strategy for UPSC Prelims

At this point, the countdown for the most prestigious and toughest in India begins. The candidates get nervous about their performance in the examination. Due to the massive competition, cracking this exam is a gruelling task for the aspirants. This time requires the candidates to get busy in the admit cards and centres of the examination as the date of the exam is revealed.

In the last days as you are heading towards the final exam, you need not worry about the topics that you still lag but do the maximum revisions and take mock tests. The major things required to be done during this phase are given below.

#1. Do Revisions

Revisions are highly required at the end phase of the preparation as the success of the civil services is purely attributed to the intellect of the basic concepts. You have to give enough time to master all the subjects be it history, geography, Indian polity or economy.

Being proficient in all the subjects will make the job easy for you during the last phase of your preparation and make you perfect to get high scores. While doing the revisions, you must try to cover all the key concepts along with making a note of all the important points.

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#2. Emphasize on General Studies

General studies or CSAT tests are tremendously important for UPSC candidates. In the last period of the preparation, you have to focus on improving your proficiency and hold on to your General Studies paper. It will result in the overall higher scoring in the examination and you will clear this tough round. Do not take CSAT lightly as it can allow you to enter the next round of UPSC which is Mains. If you do not score well here, you can’t give the next paper.

#3. Don’t Start New Topics

This is not the time to explore new areas and topics. Do not get into concepts at this time as it can confuse you to the extent that you can degrade your performance in the test.

Therefore, strengthen the concepts that you have learned before but don’t indulge in new ones. If you don’t know a particular topic, go through its summary or leave it, instead revise the ones that you have been preparing. It will make you better at solving the question paper.

#4. Focus on Current Affairs

You must focus on current affairs during this time. The candidates commit the biggest mistake by stopping reading newspapers at the end. Do not stop reading editorials and prominently authentic newspapers as it not only gives you the original news or information but also helps you in building a perspective about any incident or happening.

Current affairs are incredibly important for this exam. Concentrate on each exclusive news and do follow-up for the news. It makes you knowledgeable in the area.

#5. Prepare a Timeline

The candidates should make a timeline for each subject during this time. You must go through the major points of the topics that you have written before. It does not require more time and you can easily revise all the subjects and it’s topics.

Making a timeline can help candidates unendingly as you do not need to worry about your preparation and exam anymore. You become confident that you can do best with your strong mind and preparation.

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#6. Take Mock Tests

Mock tests bring knowledge of performing extremely well in the exam. You must do mock tests as much as possible to learn about your performance level, strengths, weaknesses, and build ideas of eliminating the wrong options to find the right one to score better. Mock tests make you confront the question paper before the exam so that you learn the ways of answering immensely.

Last 30 Days Strategy for UPSC Prelims

The last 30 days are essential for the candidates for this honourable examination. Practice! Practice! Practice! These three are the words that you need to focus on. You should not think that everyone else is better prepared than you or can score better than you. You should not get your morale down. You must attempt previous year’s UPSC questions in a timed environment with negative marking to upgrade your performance level.

Additional Techniques for the Last 30 Days!

Take maximum mock tests and do revisions. Get monthly current affairs tests online to enable more knowledge. The biggest urge this time is to revise the notes you have already made for the preliminary round.

At this point, you should stop collecting material rather than sit and learn. Self-confidence is the key to success and ensures that you study at least 8 hours a day and sleep for 7-8 hours. Sleeping adequately is very important to be calm and concentrated. Be consistent and reach your target.

UPSC Prelims Strategy

The most prominent strategy for the prelims is never ignoring the CSAT test. Don’t think it is easy and you can avoid preparing for it. It is the most important aspect to get high scores. You should prepare General Studies for both papers adequately.

Moreover, do not stop reading the newspapers and going through the news every day. You should get all the information related to the happenings in the world as well as the country. Keep yourself motivated and consistent towards learning each subject and topic. You must do your best to prepare for it to achieve your dreams. Determination, perseverance, hard work, and goal-orientation is the key to conquer the examination.

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Last Minute UPSC Strategy

If you want to make your attempt worth it by being selected for the next round, have a look at the end-time strategies.

#1. Do NCERT revision along with basic reference material.

#2. You must maintain the conditions like the exam while solving the test, that is, you need to stick to the time limit.

#3. You need to take tests for each subject.

#4. The candidates must wake up early in the morning. This must be carried out to have a routine to align the entire day.

#5. You should not get worried about the ranking you get in the test series. Whereas concentrating on the areas where you were failing to score better.

#6. Go through the previous year’s questions papers to know the pattern of the exam.

#7. The aspirants must take a printout of your hall ticket, and keep two copies of it to avoid hustle at the end.

#8. You need to be composed, calm, and confident throughout this period as well as in the exam hall.

#9. You should emphasize the strong areas when you have reached the end time of preparation.

#10. Remember to keep a healthy and balanced diet. Relax on the day before your exam to be stress-free while sitting in the exam hall.

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Therefore, in the last month of your preparation, you should do self-assessments, revisions, and take maximum mock tests. This is not the time to explore new topics or areas rather strengthen your learned subjects and topics. Revisions are extremely important so never take them lightly.

You can take tests on the UPSC Pathshala website along with getting amazing articles on different subjects and current affairs topics and preparation tips. You can also approach the experts to ask for their guidance at the last moment or learn some incredible tactics from them. If you have any doubt, comment below.

This is the best time for you. Be calm and composed along with gathering maximum knowledge of every field to achieve your ambitions. All the best!

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