Marital rape UPSC is an extremely essential topic for the UPSC exam preparation. It is significant for the fundamental rights of women. It is prevalent in India. It hinders the privacy of women and is a threat to the institution of marriage. If you are willing to crack the UPSC exam in your attempt, you can go through this article completely and ensure success in the paper. This article has important information related to the significant topic.

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Marital Rape Status in India UPSC

Marital rape is a serious crime in India and many other countries. The status of “Marital rape” or “spousal rape” is outlined as having sexual issues with one’s spouse without the latter’s assent or consent forcefully. It’s unwanted sexual intercourse that sometimes involves a person using force, the threat of force, or physical violence on his wife once she doesn’t offer consent to own it.

Marital Rape Status in India UPSC

The current status of marital rape is destructive for the countries. Around seventieth of women in India are victims of violence. As per the National Crime Records Bureau’s ‘Crime in India’ 2019 report, every sixteen minutes a lady is raped in India, and every four minutes, she experiences cruelty at the hands of her in-laws.

You should be completely aware of the information related to this topic because it is highly important for UPSC candidates. The National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 2015-16 knowledge analysis indicates that a calculable 99.1 percent of sexual violence cases go unreported and the common Indian girl is one7 time additional likely to face sexual violence from her husband than from others.

The report additionally says that 5.4 percent of girls, aged 15-49 years who were surveyed were forced to own sex against their can be their husbands for some purpose.

Moreover, as per the survey, a really tiny share of women obtain any quiet facilitation for the violence they have experienced. Data suggests that solely ten percent of married victims of sexual violence obtain facilitate.

Marital Rape Status

Furthermore, marital rape is taken into account to be against the law in additional than a hundred countries everywhere on the planet as well including Nepal and Thailand. However, marital rape isn’t against the law in India, and it’s one in every of the sole thirty-six countries wherever married rape continues to be not criminalized. Since it’s not against the law to rape a partner in Bharat, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) doesn’t maintain any separate statistics on married rape.

However, the newest report of the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5) indicates that over pure gold of Indian women report facing either domestic or sexual violence; this is often likely to be an underestimate, on the condition that a lot of it goes unreported.

So, go ahead with this article for more relevant information and make a summary of these informational points. It will be highly beneficial for your UPSC exam preparation.

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Hopefully, you must have understood the complete information related to the arguments for criminalizing marital rape status. There is no legal provision for Marital rape in India. The arguments for this have come up in several sections of the constitution. It is important to protect the fundamental rights of women in India.

Therefore, you should go through the complete details about Marital rape UPSC and perform well in the examination. You can achieve your goal in the examination by preparing well for the paper. So, keep a track of the UPSC daily updates and make your dreams come true. Visit the UPSC Pathshala website to prepare extremely precisely for the examination. The experts and professionals will also help you in learning and preparing well.

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Marital Rape UPSC: Let's Acknowledge the Arguments for Criminalizing Marital Rape!
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Marital rape UPSC is a very significant topic for UPSC candidates. You should complete the UPSC exam preparation for this topic. So, click here and check out the information.
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