If you are searching for updates and details regarding the Mekedatu project UPSC, you are in the right place. This article has a summary of the complete initiative as well as the disputes of the project. You can fetch the information from here to give the right answers in the examination.

The objective of this project is to provide drinking water to the people living in the cities of Bangalore as well as the regions located near the Cauvery basin. The disputes of the Cauvery river have arisen in the project construction and development.

UPSC notes are crucial in your UPSC exam as you can revise them before the paper to answer perfectly. So, let’s gain potential knowledge regarding this important UPSC topic.

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Mekedatu Project UPSC

The Mekedatu project is a balancing reservoir and drinking water initiative. It has constituted social as well as financial advantages because it has proposed an excellent plan to the people.

According to the plan, drinking water is provided to approximately 100 lakh people. Moreover, an additional advantage of generating 400 MW power is delivered. This is an incredible inititative based on the aim to prevent energy shortage and water conservation.

It provides pure water drinking facilities to the people residing in Bangalore cities and surrounding areas in the Cauvery basin. Well, we are aware of the water wastage and shortage in the present scenario. This is due to a lack of conservation awareness and unnecessary usage of water. This is the reason that the percentage of water across the nation has declined massively.

Therefore, this initiative prominently aims to provide the people with good quality drinking water and power. This article will provide you with the needed information regarding the Mekedatu project UPSC. You will get all the details in the context of the IAS Exam. So, go through the complete article.

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Mekedatu Project UPSC Notes

If you are preparing for the UPSC exam, you must require deep information regarding this project. The full name of the project is Mekedatu Balancing Reservoir and Drinking Water Project.

The complete developmental period of the entire proposed project will be 48 months which means 4 years. The disputes of the initiative have arisen in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The initiative majorly aims at providing drinking water to the people living in Bangalore and nearby regions of the Cauvery basin.

This project was under examination since 1948. This was the time of Madras presidency. The project also aims at regulating the needed quantum of water to Tamil Nadu every month. This is proposed to store the floodwaters. Also, with this activity, the floodwater can be prevented from escaping to the sea. It happened in the monsoon of 2018.

The generation of 400 MW power is made annually. This is carried out by Cauvery Neeravari Nigam Limited (CNNL) in the form of hydroelectric power. The project is constructed by four components: A balancing reservoir, Bridge, Powerhouse, and Tailrace tunnel. You must also acknowledge that the construction of the project requires 5252.40 Ha of land.

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Cauvery River Dispute

The river dispute arose due to the construction of the project because it falls within Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary also involves Arkavathy River, Cauvery River, and a few Wildlife Sanctuaries as well as Fishing Camps.

This sanctuary is home to several endangered flora and fauna. These species are a part of our biodiversity and are kept in the sanctuary. Along with this reason, many other environmental reasons fall for the delaying of environmental clearance from the centre to this project.

The total cost of the project is estimated to be 9,000 crores. The issue is that the centreline of the Cauvery river forms the administrative boundary. This boundary is created between the two districts: Ramanagara District and Chamarajanagar District.

Major tributaries of the Cauvery river in the State of Karnataka are: Harangi, Hemavathi, Shimsha, Arkavavathi, Lakshmanathirta, Kabini, and Suvarnavatti and the prominent tributaries of the river in the State of Tamil Nadu are Bhavani, Noyyal, and Amaravathy. The project aims at providing drinking water and the river is the only source of water in the area.

UPSC Preparation

You can prepare for the Mekedatu project UPSC topic for your exam with the help of this article because the summary of the project is given here. Because river Cauvery is spread in 320 km in Karnataka before entering Tamil Nadu and is located in 372 km in Tamil Nadu before reaching the Bay of Bengal, the Tamil Nadu Government has urged the Union government to cancel the permission of the project.

It has also been given to the Karnataka government to prepare a detailed project report (DPR) so that the construction of the Mekedatu project can be done legally after resolving the issues. The petition of Tamil Nadu is pending with the apex court: Supreme Court. This is because the project has not received any environmental clearance from the central office. You must go through this complete detail to understand the facts of the Mekedatu Project UPSC and give perfect answers in the exam to achieve your life goals.

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We hope that you have fetched all the necessary details and facts related to this project. It is extremely crucial for you if you are doing UPSC preparation. Therefore, understand the objectives of the project and the reason for the dispute.

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These topics are more important because the updated topics can be asked in the preliminary round as well as in an interview by the examiners. You are required to go be perfect to give the right answers confidently.

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