UPSC Civil Services Exam is not like other competitive exams such as the JEE, CAT, PSC, SSC or any other. Having the proper knowledge just isn’t enough to do well in the Civil Services Examinations. You also need to be aware of the pattern of the exam and how to implement the knowledge.

Mock test is one such tool that helps you prepare excellently for your UPSC exams. These help you realize the changes you need to make in the manner you attempt the exam to get the best score possible. This can be achieved by attempting multiple test series. Continue reading this article to know more about which mock test series to enrol in?

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Why should You Attempt Mock Tests for UPSC?

To Calm Your Nerves

There are a lot of candidates who are incredibly talented yet aren’t able to clear the UPSC Civil Services Exam. The reason being their lack of practice. By testing yourself in an exam-like situation candidates can get an accurate picture of what circumstances they will face on the day of the exam. These mock tests also help get an idea behind the dynamics of negative marking. Hence you can understand which question to pick and which to skip. Performing well in the mock tests will also boost your confidence, and you will have more faith in your abilities.

To Familiarise with UPSC Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Attempting excellent quality mock tests will help you get a better understanding of the questions asked in the exam. You will also get a heads up about the different types of questions asked in the IAS exam. By noticing a few important words in the questions you can comment, examine, and notice different types of questions. Understand the requirements asked in the questions and answer accordingly. It will help you get good marks in the exam. You will cultivate the habit of reading and answering the questions correctly. Mock tests will help your ability to understand different perspectives of questions.

Time Management

A UPSC test series helps you prepare for the exam accurately. You can easily learn how to save time with the help of these mock test series. The questions asked in the mock test are easy to learn and will help you cover a major portion of your syllabus. You have to strictly work on it and work on strategies to save time while writing.

Help You Gets a High Score

All UPSC toppers agree that solving mock tests will give you an adequate amount of practice in handling unexpected questions asked in the exam. Mock tests help you enhance your time management and pressure handling ability. This will help you answer faster and better in the IAS exam. This will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses to guide your IAS preparation in the correct direction.

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Mock Test Series for UPSC IAS Civil Services Prelims

Students often wonder whether there are any good free mock test series for UPSC civil services prelims 2021? Well, to help you get your answer, the blow is a list of some mock test series that will assist in your UPSC preparations.

Drishti IAS Prelims Test Series

Drishti IAS is one of the most sought test series for UPSC CSE prelims preparation. Drishti IAS has created a pedagogical structure to provide suitable strategies for students to handle the different sections of the prelims paper. This test series will provide you with in-depth coverage of the syllabus and revision plans covering the entire syllabus multiple times. This test series helps you cover the entire syllabus of the UPSC exam through the MCQ standards.

These test series help candidates in section-wise analysis, All India Rank, comparison with toppers, Difficulty Analysis, Integrated Scorecard, papers based on difficulty level & nature of questions etc. will be provided to students.

Shankar IAS Academy Test Academy

It is an affordable, reliable, and effective test series. The prelims test series is handled by experts in their respective fields. The online test series will cover essential topics ranging from NCERT to advanced level concepts which will make them quickly revise concepts.

The features of the test series include current affairs of the past two years, complete syllabus coverage, UPSC Simulator tests, All-India ranking, four-tiered assessment module, auto-activated retake feature, and, Learn more in less time’ characteristics.

UPSC Pathshala All India Prelims Test Series

It is a standard year-long test series to keep your UPSC preparation on the correct track. This is the best mock test series that can help you crack the UPSC prelims. But why is this test series the best if you wish to crack the prelims? This offers more than 50 hours of videos on current affairs which is extremely important for the UPSC prelims 2021. The exam series also contains 30 mock tests of UPSC level, with complete explanations.

The exam series continues for up to 10 days before the prelims exam, and the course contains full syllabus tests every week after the prelims. The test series also recommends resources that clear the doubts of students. The course also contains live classes, with solutions and hints. You can access the contents of the course on the website, Pendrive or the mobile app. The course also offers partial tests till prelims each alternate week. The tests are conducted each Sunday.

UPSC Pathshala also recommends readings to fill in the gaps in your weak areas based on the performance in your tests that will help you manage a well-rounded preparation by the time your test series ends.

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Hopefully, this article has given you enough information about the best test series for UPSC prelims which are cheap and of excellent quality. So how are y0ou planning to approach this? What are the must-have criteria looking for in mock tests provided by various institutes? Do let us know your thought about it by commenting in the below box.

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