UPSC is an esteemed and most promising examination in India which is a route towards the services like IRS, IAS, IFS, and IPS. You can learn several academic and non-academic things while preparing for this exam. There are multiple sources and ways to get information about different respective fields.

Foundation courses play a vital role in increasing a candidates’ level of preparation. It gives you all-around learning within a time frame along with assessments that bring you closer to the knowledge of your performance level in the exam.

This article has the most important answer to the most asked question, Can I skip the foundation course for UPSC? Let’s start the discussion.

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What is the Foundation Course in UPSC?

UPSC is not an easy path to follow. It requires a lot of courage and mindfulness. This exam is considered the toughest by the official sites. This means that you have to be efficient in giving your best in every field. The prime thing to have to crack the UPSC exam is proper planning and strategy.

The foundation batch helps the candidates to be under the guidance of the most prominent personalities and experts to show the right path to them. It increases the chances of cracking the exam on the first attempt.

UPSC foundation course is the best way to prepare for such a vast syllabus and non-academic areas.

NCERT for UPSC Foundation Course

NCERT is regarded as the most authentic and effective way of preparing for the UPSC exam. The NCERT books consist of deep information about the topics along with questions and answers. The experts do a lot of research and publish the essential material of study in the NCERT books. The NCERT books are available for different subjects.

You can enrol in the NCERT foundation course UPSC which is a live training over numerous topics of the most honourable examination in India. This course is beneficial for the aspirants as the experts cover the entire syllabus by the NCERT books in a live quality video format where individuals tend to get detailed learning. It has proved quintessential for the candidates.

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Can I Skip Foundation Course for UPSC?

If you wish, you can skip the foundation course and choose self-study but taking a foundation course will Increase your chances of success at least two folds higher. Beginners must not try self-study as it will degrade your chances of cracking the exam in the initial attempts.

The experts and professionals of the foundation courses will give you details about the paths to prepare and will boost your knowledge.

Therefore, if you want to crack the exam on the first attempt, you must prepare by a foundation course and if you are a repeater and know the strategies, you can go ahead with the crash courses.

UPSC Foundation Course

You would get benefits by enrolling yourself in a foundation course as you will get aware of the tough competition by watching other aspirants preparing before you. The other profit is getting the guidance of experts on giving time to the subjects or areas. They will tell you how to start and what to emphasize more. It is important to get into a foundation course. The professionals guide you over several important points and let you assess your performance from time to time.

You will develop the identity as IAS officers and learn the ways to tackle difficult situations. Every relevant aspect is taught in the foundation course to make you suitable for the exam.

UPSC Foundation Course

It is magnificent to get good scores in the toughest examination. Many candidates do not find it comfortable to give time in the foundation course for the whole year. They can start their preparation by taking crash courses. You can also opt for self-study options after precisely knowing about the structure of the examination and studying prerequisites.

UPSC foundation course is indeed like a pilgrimage for the UPSC candidates as it will make you perfect to achieve your targets. It develops your base which is essential for this supreme exam.

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Foundation Course of IAS

The foundation course of UPSC is a 3-year program that prepares you to sit in the exam and create history. The students of 10th and +2 apply for this course to build their castle. It lets you bring confidence from the inside as you get perfect in giving the required answers. Practice and experience are the best teachers.

The experts initially tell you about the structure and strategies of this splendid paper along with seeking your performance levels through assessments and later put you in the place where you learn yourself. This is done so that you ask questions and improve your knowledge in every sphere.

Importance of the Foundation Course

The foundation course is significant as it gives holistic development to all the candidates. You get prepared for the Prelims, Mains, and the interview. The intellectuals and professionals deal with the strengths and weaknesses of every candidate to make them perfectly able to hit their targets.

Different ways and approaches are done by the institutions to make their candidates learn the maximum and get the highest scores.

The aspirants learn the ways to answer every question with confidence and prudence. It will make you crack the examination on the first attempt. Quality preparation is necessary for this examination due to high competition and a large range of questions.

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Therefore, you must have come to a conclusion after reading this article. You can prepare for your exam by yourself but expert advice and suggestions are always needed since this is not a normal regular examination. You have to indulge yourself in the syllabus and traits needed to be an officer so that you can serve the largest democratic nation.

If you have any queries or want to know the answers for more such relevant questions, visit UPSC Pathshala. There are uncountable resolutions for your dilemmas and other related articles of the UPSC exam.

The experts will make you feel like elder guidance. You will feel comfortable in asking the questions and will be given detailed answers with the guidance of professionals. Don’t let this opportunity of success let go. Make your dreams happen.

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