Nikesh talks about his wonderful experience with UPSC Pathshala

I have completed my course four months back with UPSC Pathshala under the mentorship Dhyanesh. I plan to appear for the exam next year. Till then I will be finishing the syllabus thoroughly.
My mentor Dhyanesh helped me out a lot when I missed out on certain things or needed any feedback from the faculty.Looking back at the process, I can surely tell that the mentorship for UPSC study process was very helpful for me. My mentor helped me a lot, personally, as I could clear my doubts on a personal level. I’ve been surprised to find myself, after every session. It has helped me grow more confident towards achieving my goal.
I focused on the learning process of UPSC for these 4 months, as I wanted to inculcate as much as I could. I concentrated more on the videos and online studies initially. I want to be very sure till I go for attempting papers.
The videos were very good. I can say, without exaggeration, that Atul Sir’s combination of explanation and strategies, helped me in finding my base. Sir cleared my Polity doubts very beautifully. I never had to read anything again for memorizing on a topic after going through the video on that particular topic by Atul Sir. Sir suggested me books as well which we so much to the point that I never had to refer other books again.
My mentor has told me to follow a study pattern. I go through the videos first, and then I referred the same topic in the book. Also, After a gap of fifteen days, I revise the same thing again for the same topic. It has got so fixed in my mind that I don’t have to refer to it anymore. Also, the videos are fine and to the point with a very good quality of teaching by Atul Sir.
I can blindly refer UPSC Pathshala to anyone who is keenly interested in an online study for UPSC. Also, Atul Sir’s teaching was a blessing for me and the chapters he has explained have been fixed in my mind permanently. I will most definitely refer UPSC Pathshala to anyone.

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  1. Heyyyy nikesh today i joined this site nd from nwrds i m going 2 tke yur help to complete my target i hope we will be a good frnd nd yu will help me to complete my target✌

  2. The best part about UPSC Pathshala is, you get :
    700+ hours of HD Video Lectures
    Current affairs webinar every week.
    Interview preparation Guidance.
    Personal mentorship for developing skills
    Custom Study plan based on your schedule
    2 Discussion Sessions every week (30 minutes each)
    Weekly tests

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