Are you an IAS aspirant and are looking for IAS coaching customised to your needs? Then this article will help you understand and compare the courses out there to help you clear any doubts regarding online UPSC classes.

There are many websites that offer IAS coaching, but it is important to understand which suits your needs and also is pocket friendly for you. The top websites for online UPSC preparation are Byjus, Gradeup, UPSC Pathshala.

The details of each course will be talked about further below.

UPSC Online Classes

Many websites offer online UPSC classes, but you need to see different factors before you decide. Let’s check-out some of the best destinations to visit for cracking the upcoming CSE.

1. UPSC Pathshala

At UPSC Pathshala the courses offered are much higher and the quality of the mentors is also great. The best part is it is not too expensive and will get you the results required. Their aim is to provide you with the best of customised classes and provide you with lecture notes so that you can clear the UPSC exam in one go.  They also provide free blogs that are important UPSC study materials. Their only focus is on UPSC and will also give you online tests for UPSC. You also get the added benefit of free demo classes.

2. Byjus

A very well known company, a giant in the e-education business. They offer you courses from 5000, but this is only for their UPSC online test series. If you are looking for UPSC online preparation classes, then they charge you ₹40000 only for the optional subject and ₹82500 for complete IAS preparation course. They provide you with a Lenovo tablet with the package that comes preloaded with the Byju’s app and can only be used for this function whilst preparation.

3. Gradeup

A new initiative in India. They have great pricing but this is based on per month and not for the entire course. It may seem inconvenient for many, but is a healthy option for your pockets. Like Byjus, Gradeup does not focus on only one topic like the UPSC. You get access to their live video lectures along with notes and also online tests for UPSC. You can avail a free demo class here too.

The need for Online Coaching

A lot of you may wonder if there really is a need for IAS online coaching. The answer to that is, it remains your choice. There are many factors that go into choosing this, especially with the pandemic, online preparation for IAS is the best option. If you feel that you do not require coaching, then that remains your choice, but it is proven that people with coaching tend to do better in exams. Why is that?

The fact is simple, once you have someone monitor your work and once you have taken up classes, it creates self-discipline within you. This will motivate you, push you, and make you study every day. You will also be able to clear your doubts easily, learn concepts better and also get feedback on tests, which is a very important factor as this will help you get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

The decision remains in your hands only, think about it well and do your research well. Choose a website that works well for you and is well-reputed.

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Free UPSC Materials

One good thing about UPSC Pathshala is that they give you free UPSC materials. They provide you with blogs and that too for free. So you can use these blogs to learn certain aspects, and especially blogs relating to current affairs.

We all know the role of current affairs for IAS preparation, so use the most out of these free UPSC materials to get a better score. This is very helpful for and you will also be able to understand the quality of content they give in their online classes through the quality of the blogs. Keep looking for free UPSC materials online and use them as a tool for your preparations.


It is recommended that students be aware of the problems with online classes. It may lead to an increase in screen time. With the current pandemic, online classes may be your only hope but do not over exceed screen time and use the blue light filter on your screen and also try to wear blue-ray protection glasses. This should cut down the strain on your eyes, but the best way is to cut down screen time.

Eat a lot of vitamin A as it is proved to help your eyes and keep washing them in regular intervals. Get enough sleep and stay hydrated. A sound body is a sound mind, so rest and eat well so that you can study well.

Tips for Selection

Below are a few tips that you should definitely keep in mind while choosing online courses for UPSC:

  • Do your research. No matter what! Keep doing your research, compare and analyze which is best suited for your needs.
  • Check the prices and compare them. See why one is more expensive and if it is too costly, it is recommended not to go down that path.
  • Make sure you pick the right course. Know your needs and then select a course
  • Choose a reputed company. This is a very important aspect as it will decide the quality of content
  • See how flexible they are to your timetable
  • Use free demos to check them out. This is the best and easiest way to compare. Practical experience is one of the best teachers in life.


So, if you are looking for IAS preparation online, then this article makes it easy for you. It talks about the need for coaching and recommends a few websites that will help you. With this pandemic use the internet to your best advantage.

Online classes are cheaper and also more flexible to a person than in live classes. Use the tips given before making any decision, as these should play a very big role while you decide. No matter what your decision, do not forget to work hard. As it is quoted, hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. All the best!

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