Unlike prelims, mains in the UPSC is a subjective written exam. It has its set of challenges. This exam demands well-versed knowledge of the subject, proficient language skills. The answers should be conceptual and crisp. To master UPSC mains answer writing, one needs thorough written practise. There are plenty of coaching centres offline and online that provide you with UPSC answer writing practice tests.

Benefits of Answer Writing for UPSC

Having a grip on the subject isn’t the only requirement for cracking the written exam. The way you present your answers is what will make you exceptional. The power of a well-written answer is underestimated. Students usually focus on the substance than on framing. A well-structured answer leaves a good impression on the examiner. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of answer writing in the UPSC exam.

  • You will be Able to Retain Better While Writing: We all know that the UPSC syllabus is quite vast. To cope with the syllabus and adhere to the word limit, one has to practise answer writing as it helps you remember everything you read.
  • It Enhances your Language Skills: Suppose you are very fluent in the language chosen for UPSC, but what if it is difficult for you to pen down your thoughts? This problem can affect your grades. Students appearing for the UPSC exam need to write affirmative answers. Language skills play a significant role, and one can master them only through writing practice.

When Should We Begin Mains Answer Writing Practise?

Candidates have a misconception to start writing practise only after covering the whole syllabus. It can waste a lot of your time. You have to start once you have holistically covered GS and some current affairs. Since the prelims examination is an objective type, you can ease your writing practise 100 days before the prelims. Always keep writing practise hand in hand with the prelims preparation. Cultivating writing habits takes time, especially if you are not very good at it. So it is better to start practising early.

How to Initialize Your Daily Answer Writing for UPSC?

Devise a full-fledged writing plan for the next 3-4 months. In the mains exam, one has to attempt 20-25 writing questions with a total word limit of 200-250 words for the nine papers. It is not very easy, one has to work through it. The only way out is by writing long essays; 1 essay per week should be enough. Start jotting down your personal opinions about the hot trending issues on the paper. It brings clarity to the thought process. Start reading toppers’ answers from previous years’ questions. It would give you a rough idea of answer framing.

How to Mount Your Answers to Meet UPSC Standards?

It is a common area of concern amongst the aspirants. Your writing should reflect your mental calibre and a sense of maturity. Below mentioned are some main points to keep in mind while writing:

  • Keep your Answer Apt and Crisp: Always emphasize the content then than the length of the answer. There is no point in writing long stories.
  • Break It Down into Points While Writing a Lengthy Answer: Do you also find it difficult to read the long paragraphs? While going through an article, people always prefer pointwise writing. Believe us, the examiner does not want to go through your long answers. Address the main point of the question and make relevant points out of it. This a strong and the right approach for subject answer writing papers.
  • Compliment your Answers with Pertinent Visuals: It is better to draw flowcharts or diagrams wherever needed. Keeping in mind the allotted time for the paper, this might be a tedious process. But it makes your answer sheet stand out. So, if your answer needs and you have time, do invest in making relevant visuals.
  • Use Simple Language: UPSC is not looking for professional writers. So, there is no need for high-class language. Make sure your language is easy to understand. It should not have grammatical errors. Keep your sentence formation logical, and you are good to go.

Do you remember your teachers asking you to do writing practice? Have you ever thought about why we have to make notes? If not, then start thinking about it, especially if you are a UPSC aspirant. For years, answers writing practise is one piece of advice that all of us have got from our teachers or even parents. UPSC examination also demands this practice.

We hope this article could outline the importance of daily answer writing for UPSC. It is the right time to ingrain this habit as it would increase your chances of clearing the exam. There are several institutes offline and online that offer mains answer writing practise series. One such online coaching is UPSC Pathshala. You can visit our website to know more  Stay tuned with us to know more about UPSC specific content.

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Are there Online Mains Answer Writing Practice Test Series Available After UPSC Prelims and Before the Mains?
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Are there Online Mains Answer Writing Practice Test Series Available After UPSC Prelims and Before the Mains?
What is the importance of answer writing for UPSC? Here are the basics of UPSC mains answer writing and how one can ace the subjective part of the paper.
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