The success rate of the UPSC Exam is 25%. For starters, do not be bummed out already. Everyone knows that one puts in a lot of energy and work into this, but you might still wonder why UPSC aspirants fail? Often in life, the outcome is not as it is expected to be, and that is completely alright. So, if you are asking yourself what if I fail in the UPSC interview, what if I fail in the examination or options after failing in upsc the following discussion will have you covered!

Various alternatives are waiting for you to be tried, even if you don’t prosper in one field. So in this discussion, we will let you know what life offers you when you fail to clear UPSC exams.

Having a Plan B

Many students who appeared for the examination or are still giving an attempt have always suggested that you need to have a backup option. Having a plan to fall back upon will create more security. Always keep a plan handy for when things don’t work out your way. Find your interest or a career option you can rely on later. Not just success, but failures should also be backed by a plan.

Starting an NGO or Getting into Politics

Your attempt for the UPSC examination clearly proves that you aim towards the betterment of the masses and society. This certainly should not come to a break just because you could not pass the exam. Instead, you can make use of the IAS preparation by working and contributing to the country’s shortcomings. Since you will have a better objective judgment about a particular region’s problem, who better than you can fix it?


Forming an NGO would pave your way towards civil service as for who better than a UPSC student would know, what is needed where and when. Gather volunteers and start a project on a small scale first on a targeted area. Once your NGO drives are successful, you can broaden the spectrum from the state to the national level. As they say, there is always a scope in humanity. Only in humanity, we have high demand but less competition.


One can also try their hand in politics by first working as an assistant or analyst and then taking the upper hand. The subjects you studied while preparing for the examination will always be used when you serve the people. The country is always in need of qualified politicians.

Journalism and Media

Now you may still ask, what are some other options if I fail to clear UPSC exams? The answer lies on your tv, newspaper and phone. With an increase in the internet’s use, there also has been an increase in people’s access to the news and traditional media. Some might completely be misleading and biased, and some might create a change. You can be on the other side, knowing the grounds of current affairs and how the system works!

Active journalism in any form, if it is unbiased and genuine can bring about massive changes. You can apply your knowledge of stats and rates and question the whole system through this. Bring about some awareness and contribute to less criminal rates.

Further Studies

The minimum eligibility for appearing for the UPSC examination is to have a degree. So whoever has given the attempt is a graduate at least. One can pursue higher studies or even do some short term courses which match the aspirant’s interests and eligibility criteria. Your future might get shaped if you study further. One can appear for MBA entrance exam or pursue masters like MSc, MTech, Mcom, etc. as this might ensure job security.

Bank PO

UPSC examination also covers the syllabus for Bank PO as the entrance has a vast portion and many topics covered under UPSC. UPSC preparation knowledge will come in handy if you want to acquire a government job in the same field. You can easily crack this entrance as the preparation for IAS prepares for a vast spectrum.

GATE Exam can be pursued, and then one can join in PSU if the aspirant of UPSC has failed the examination. For this, one has to appear for the GATE Examination.


To become an entrepreneur, one needs no specific qualification. This field has infinite variations as to what kind of an entrepreneur you wish to be. No entrance exam can stop you from doing your own thing and becoming a philanthropist.

Other Options

Students who haven’t cleared can appear for government job exams like CSE papers, SSC CGL, State PSC Exams, teaching (TET), banking examinations, etc.


It is highly appreciated if you want to give the UPSC exams again, the attitude of never giving up helps build a better future. If you still question what to do after failing in UPSC, take an internship that interests you and work to have a broad idea for the same. Failing one exam does not mean the ultimate failure of life. In the end, it’s a long journey of finding your passion.

Try to do something whose byproduct is the welfare of our country. The interest of people and the willingness to serve our country is what we need today.

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What are Some other Options if I Fail to Clear UPSC exams? How does UPSC Widen Your Knowledge Base?
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What are Some other Options if I Fail to Clear UPSC exams? How does UPSC Widen Your Knowledge Base?
It is not the end if you fail UPSC exams. Here are some alternatives to options after failing in UPSC? And, how can your UPSC preparation help your career?
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