In a leadership role, one must fulfil all of the duties that a ground staff member is required to accomplish. Unlike office desk jobs, police services require one to work outside and require physical exertion. Therefore, physical and medical fitness is a must requirement to qualify for IPS. All candidates have to meet the minimum height, weight, chest, eyesight and hearing requirements.

Even Though there is no specific physical test required to get selected, fitness is mandatory after selection. The training, as well as the job, requires immense physical stealth; therefore one must be physically fit and interested in fitness to be an IPS officer.

The requirements for males and females are similar when it comes to eyesight, hearing and speech. They differ when it comes to height and chest measurements.

Physical Requirements for Female IPS Officer


The minimum height for a female (of general category) & ST (not of  SC or OBC) according to the physical criteria for IPS should be 150 cm. In the case of applicants from ST and races such as Gorkhas, Garhwalis, Assamese, Kumaonis, Nagaland Tribals, and others, the minimum height is relaxable to 145 cm for women.

Chest Expansion

Female candidates should have a minimum chest of 79 cm

The minimum chest expansion that should be observed during the chest expansion test should be 5 cm.

Keep in Mind: Those females who do not satisfy the chest expansion standards during the first Medical Examination, i.e., right after the interview, can appeal or exhibit their chest expansion during the second Medical Examination, i.e., after the outcome. If the candidate’s growth is smaller than expected during the medical examination, he or she will be transferred to the next service.


Distance vision of 6/6 or 6/9 is a necessary marker of good eyesight. For the worse eye, a 6/12 or 6/9 is considered. Great vision is marked by eyesight that is in close quarters J1.

One must not suffer from colour blindness, innate night blindness and must have stereoscopic vision. The types of corrections permitted include glasses and contact lenses.


One must have a strong sense of hearing and a normal ear cavity. Any hearing loss between 1000 and 4000 Hz should not exceed 30 dB.


While speaking, the candidate should not stutter; i.e.speech must be clear.

Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure should fall within the given range.

Age 23-123

age 24 – 124,

age 25 –122,

age 28 – 124,

age 30 –125,

age 32 – 126,

age 34 – 127.


At the time of the medical examination, the candidate must not be pregnant.

A flat foot is also considered to be a medical setback. Therefore, you cannot get into the police services with a flat foot unless it can be surgically corrected without any complications.

IPS Physical Test

There are no specific IPS physical eligibility tests (outdoor tests)to get selected for the  IPS. Instead, one has to be medically fit and meet the requirements to qualify for this technical service. Therefore, several medical tests are conducted to make sure a candidate is physically fit. Some of them are as follows:

# A blood and urine test is conducted

# Your mental health is checked – In a session stress interview-style, a doctor asks questions like: “Are you healthy?” What makes you think I should trust that? Do you have a complicated personality?

# A normal vision test is conducted, in which you are asked to recognise letters at a distance. You must also properly identify the characters, and there will be certain mazes in which you must follow the path according to the colour in a colour vision test.

# Your BMI is checked by measuring your height and weight.

# A doctor checks your lungs and heart, bones and measures your blood pressure. A chest X-ray is also conducted.

# A chest expansion test is also conducted.

After being accepted into IPS by UPSC, you will join LBSNAA for a 14-week Foundational Course. During this time, SVP NPA instructors visit LBSNAA and advise the IPS probationers on a variety of topics, including physical fitness, how to prepare for the arduous NPA basic training, and so on.

Therefore, the physical training becomes much more intense. This includes a weekly run of 10 kilometres in 60 minutes, rope climbing, horseback riding, and PT obstacles, among other things. At the end of this training, a proper physical test is conducted.


Getting into the Indian Police Services requires one to be physically and medically fit because it is an on-ground job. Any female candidate can get into the services by clearing the examination and meeting the afore-mentioned physical and medical requirements. Other than meeting these requirements, one must also try and be enthusiastic about fitness, because once selected, the job is quite demanding.

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Physical Requirements for Female IPS Officers: Understand the Physical Eligibility Test for IPS
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What are the physical requirements are for IPS officers female? Click to know the criteria for IPS Physical requirements and eligibility, minimum height etc through this article.
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