IPS is among the most sought-after posts for aspiring UPSC candidates who want to become civil servants and serve the nation. IPS is among the prestigious civil servant posts within the country, and aspiring IPS candidates have to work very hard to achieve their dream.

Aspirant IPS candidates must clear the UPSC exams and fulfil IPS physical requirements to qualify as IPS officers. The final selection of IPS officers is based on their determination, skills and ranks in the UPSC exam final list. The IPS physical test eligibility is a crucial part of making the final cut as an IPS officer.

IPS Physical Test

Many IPS aspirants question, is there any physical test for IPS? The answer is yes; there is a physical test for IPS. After the candidate successfully clears all the Nine papers in the mains, they are called for the interview round. During the interview, round candidates are assessed on various criteria, and only after the candidates have made it to the merit list, the IPS physical test is conducted. The physical test for IPS is conducted for all qualifying applicants.

IPS Physical Eligibility Requirements for Male Candidate (General Category)

  1.       Height –  165-160 cm
  2.       chest   – 84 cm( minimum) & expansion of 5cm
  3.       eyesight – 6/6 or 6/9

IPS Physical Eligibility Requirements for Female Candidate (General Category)

  1.       Height –  150-145 cm
  2.       chest   – 79cm( minimum) & expansion of 5cm
  3.     eyesight – 6/12 or 6/9

Apart from the physical qualification, selected candidates must also pass a medical test like blood pressure, Ear, speech and Nasal tests.  Women should not be pregnant at the time of the medical test. There is also an age and attempt restriction where the candidate should not be above the age of 32 and should not have attempted for the UPSC exam more than six times for the general category. There is a relaxation for SC, ST and OBC candidates for physical qualification.

Candidates who have not met the criteria for physical chest requirement in the first attempt can appeal and show chest expansion in their second medical examination.

However, there is no strict requirement for weight for applying candidates for the IPS post. Candidates suffering from the chronic disease should not apply for the IPS officer post. The physical standards are a vital part of the IPS job profile, and the candidate must fulfil the criteria of IPS physical requirement to qualify for final selection for the post.

Physical Training for IPS

After the candidates have successfully fulfilled the physical requirement for IPS, they are selected for the IPS role. The candidates have to undergo an evaluation period of 2 years before they become a verified IPS officers.

The applicant is sent to LBSNAA, Mussoorie, to complete the foundation course in the first three months of the evaluation period. Later on, the applicant will receive further training in Hyderabad for 11 months as academic training. The applicant will receive both outdoor and indoor training during this time.

The candidate will also have to attend the institute during the training period as a part of the process. Later on, the candidate is moved to 6 months of assigned cadre training with one month of academic training.  Only after the successful completion of the 2 years of the evaluation period, the applicant is assigned to their respective cadre as an IPS officer.


Hopefully, the above article has answered the query if there is any physical test for IPS. IPS preparation is no easy task and requires focus and determination to make it to the merit list. Candidates who wish to enter the law enforcement field must pass the physical requirement for IPS. The candidate should be physically fit to work in the public domain.

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Is There Any Physical Test for IPS? Here’s the Overview of Physical Training You were Looking For!
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Is There Any Physical Test for IPS? Here’s the Overview of Physical Training You were Looking For!
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