I am Piyush. I have completed my B.Tech from NIT Bhopal. After that, I am working in NOIDA in a software company as a data analyst. I am planning to quit my job and study full time soon. Since I am working currently I decided to complete my optional subject first. After a lot of research, I decided to take Geography as my optional as the study material is easily available. That is when I came to know about UPSC Pathshala from Quora. Someone had posted there about how the Geography optional offered by UPSC Pathshala is very comprehensive.
Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about how the online learning would be. However, after speaking to their counselor majority of my doubts were solved. I then enrolled in their course.
I was very impressed with their course. It is excellent in terms of concept explanation. I can guarantee that it is even better than any offline course. They have not just taught the course but also given many questions. I have recently got the question as there was some delay but they look great.
I liked their conceptual sections of Geomorphology, Climatology, and oceanography. Overall I would give 5 stars to this course.
I liked the course so much that now I am planning on taking their other courses once I quit my job and start studying full time. I would definitely recommend the course to others as well.
Thank you UPSC Pathshala for your content.


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Akshay Palande is a passionate teacher helping hundreds of students in their UPSC preparation. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and double masters in Public Administration and Economics, he has experience of teaching UPSC aspirants for 5 years. His subject of expertise are Geography, Polity, Economics and Environment and Ecology.

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