We have something exciting for you today. UPSC Pathshala has launched an excellent organised UPSC course known as Prelims Crash Course 2021, just for you. This can be the helping hand to crack your UPSC exam in the next attempt.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the article to learn more about the Prelims Crash Course 2021 of UPSC Pathshala.

About Prelims Crash Course 2021

UPSC Pathshala presents the UPSC course of the year for you. Let’s find out what this Prelims Crash Course 2021 is about. Read all the sections carefully to get the most out of them.

Why Choose The Prelims Crash Course 2021?

Best Quality Video Content

In the Prelims Crash Course 2021, you will get the best quality videos covering the complete syllabus of subjects such as GS, Current Affairs and CSAT for both the Preliminary and Mains exam.

Personal Mentorship

You will get an expert mentor just for you. He/she will guide you through all the necessary details and the long process of the UPSC exam. A personal mentor is a must to keep your preparation on the right track.

Practice Tests & Mock Tests

Get a wide range of practice tests and mock tests to check your preparation level. This will help you get exams ready. If you think you have completed your syllabus, it’s time to take the mock test.

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Live Classes

The live classes will help you cover all the crucial topics for the Prelims and Mains exam in an organised way. You can easily boost your score by 30% if you attend the live classes regularly.

Anytime & Anywhere

This is the best part. You don’t have to worry about the time and location. You can get access to this course from anywhere at any time. So, just pick your device and get on with it.

Super Affordable

Worried about the cost of this amazing course? Well, don’t worry, the price is super affordable. Click here to check out now.

The Prelims Crash Course 2021 Contents

General Studies (GS)

Get 400+ hours of excellent quality video content summing up all the topics of Prelims and Mains exam in a simple and concise way

Current Affairs

In the Current Affairs section, you will get 300+ hours of custom made videos packing all the crucial current affairs of the year. You don’t have to bore yourself by reading your dad’s newspaper or magazines.


In this course, you will get 100+ hours of highly polished content with a set of practice tests and mock tests to ensure that you crack the exam in the next attempt.

Key Points of The Prelims Crash Course 2021

# The course contains high-quality video lectures, 2 hours of personal mentorship and 2-3 mock tests to check your preparation level.

# The package will be available to the first 5000 registrations (hurry and register now)

# The course is packed at an amazing price of Rs 20000, but you can get it for FREE if you are among the first 5000 registrations.

# Valid till 15th October 2021

Why is UPSC Pathshala The Right Platform for You?

Amazing quality video lectures

Highest quality video lectures provided by India’s top faculty, providing a full GS and CSAT syllabuses as well as the most thorough coverage of Current Affairs for both the Prelims and Mains exams. Checkpoint questions follow each video, and exams follow each module to assess your comprehension.

Personal Mentor

Preparing for the Civil Services test is a lengthy process, and it is critical to have an expert mentor who can help you through each step of the process. UPSC Pathshala provides you with a dedicated coach who creates your study plan, resolves your questions, discusses current events, analyses your answers, and keeps you on track.

Lots of Practice

Keep track of your progress using multilayered exams that are both subjective and objective. Get checkpoint questionnaires regarding each video to evaluate comprehension, module tests at the conclusion of each module to measure the clarity of thinking, and a comprehensive test series of GS and Current Affairs to simulate the UPSC exam several times before the main exam.

Basic Information of UPSC Exam

UPSC Exam Pattern

The UPSC exam pattern consists of 3 competitive stages:

  1. Stage I: Preliminary Exam
  2. Stage II: Mains Exam
  3. Stage III: UPSC Personality Test or Interview Round

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Stage I: Preliminary Exam
S.No. Exam Name Duration Questions Marks
1 Paper I, General Studies 120 minutes 100 200
2 Paper-II, General Studies 120 minutes 80 200
Stage II: Mains Exam

The Mains Exam, which is a writing descriptive exam consisting of 9 papers which is also known as the second phase of the IAS Exam. The following are the 9 papers of the UPSC Exam (Mains): Paper A or Compulsory Indian Language, Paper B or English are qualifying papers, whereas Essay, General Studies Papers I, II, III, and IV, and Optional Papers I and II are used to determine the final rank.

Stage III: UPSC Personality Test or Interview Round

Candidates who pass the IAS Mains stage with the requisite cut-off marks go to the last step of the IAS exam, which is the Personality Test or Interview round with UPSC Board Members. The Commission will send an e-summon to the candidates who advance to the final stage for a face to face interview session with the members of the board. In this phase, the board analyses the individuals’ personality qualities and asks questions about their interests, current events, general knowledge, situational questions, and so on to determine whether they are suitable for a job in the public services. The UPSC personality test can only be conducted in New Delhi at the UPSC Bhavan.

IAS Exam Age Limit and Attempts

If applicants want to take the IAS test, they must meet certain requirements like nationality, age, number of tries, and educational degree. For general category candidates, the aspirant must be an Indian citizen or a PIO, hold a graduate degree, be between the age range of 21 and 32, and have not taken the IAS test more than six times. However, there are several exceptions and additional situations to the above.

UPSC Preparation Tips

# Read a lot of newspapers and magazines to stay updated with all the current affairs

# Go through the previous years’ question papers and try to solve them

# Read NCERT books and make notes for each and every subject

# Know well about the syllabus of the exam

# Take a lot of mock tests to check your preparation level

# Choose your optional subject wisely. Keep your strengths and weaknesses in mind while picking an optional subject.

# Revise what you have learnt and update your notes frequently

# Get the Prelims Crash Course 2021 of UPSC Pathshala and crack your UPSC exam in one go.

# Read about successful IAS/IPS/IFS officers to get the much-needed motivation.


If you want to crack the UPSC exam, a well-organised course is a must along with your self-study. With a course like UPSC Pathshala’s Prelims Crash Course 2021, you can focus on your preparation with real-time preparation tracking. You can keep track of your progress by just taking a mock test. Along with that, you get high-quality content and an expert personalised mentor who will help you through the long preparation process.

Click here to learn more about Prelims Crash Course 2021.

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The Prelims Crash Course 2021 is Here: Enrol Now to Get Free Access!!!
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Feel something’s missing in your preparation? Well, try Prelims Crash Course 2021 out. The excellently organised course can be a gem for you. Click here to learn more.
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