PRS for UPSC: Here’s How to Use PRS for UPSC Preparation?


What is PRS for UPSC?

The PRS full form refers to ‘PRS Legislative Research’. It’s a non-profit organisation co-founded by C.V. Madhukar and M.R. Madhavan. The PRS organisation has a vision of strengthening the Indian legislative system. Students aiming for excellence in UPSC examinations are often perplexed by the frequently asked question of how to use PRS for UPSC preparation?

PRS aims to stay useful for UPSC by maintaining high standards of information quality, transparency and participation across their programme. The PRS plays a vital role in every UPSC aspirant’s preparation journey. Making the perfect use of such essential facility results in smart planning and top results. The below article will help you know all about PRS and how to ace your UPSC preparation with the help of PRS.

A Dig into PRS

Working of PRS

The working of PRS India is very well organised. They primarily join hands with the MPs (Members of the Parliament) from numerous political parties to be in touch with authentic news and reality matters. They aim to render top quality information services concerning legislative and political matters with the help of their top executives and overall team.

The PRS stands as the sole committee that has the potential and power to track the details of every happening in the Indian Parliament that should be known to the mass public and learners in the nation. To get a better understanding of PRS, one can access their official website ( as well as their blog posts. These blogs include various key points and emphasise well on significant aspects. They consist of valid debate points on matters of the Parliament and the legislature.

Research Tool for UPSC Aspirants

PRS is the perfect tool for research enthusiasts and UPSC aspirants. This is because UPSC motivates students to dig into the details of the nation’s whereabouts and gather a holistic general knowledge for the same, wherein PRS offers the most legitimate and authentic information on various matters related to Indian legislation.

The PRS consequently helps the aspirants achieve the same by their well-formed and structured knowledge services. Above all, they are renowned for years and are a trusted organisation. PRS blogs create awareness and spread knowledge on the holistic aspects of the government institutions and give fundamental access to basic data of the Parliament.

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PRS Monthly Compilation for UPSC

PRS for Daily Updates
UPSC exams lead the minds of the aspirants in the direction to acquire an overall knowledge about the nation’s politics and other aspects. PRS monthly compilations are very helpful for UPSC aspiring students. You can access these conveniently on the official PRS India site ( By doing so, you can help yourself to keep daily updated tabs on the Governmental decisions, political planning as well as dealings.

Here, all the knowledge regarding the nation’s agricultural whereabouts and overall growth associated with it is showcased in a manner that is compact and understandable to all. No highly technical or complex concepts are given to perplex the readers.

It also emphasises the development associated with the health and medical sectors. Furthermore, the industrial sectors and the finance department related news are described in detail. All the branches of the Indian Defence and scientific sectors with their current news and reformations are mentioned.

PRS for Monthly Policy Reviews

The PRS highlights the Monthly Policy Review papers that carry great significance for UPSC aspirants. The students willing to acquire distinct knowledge can simply browse through and click on the month they are interested to know in-depth about. Once they get a hold of the monthly papers, they can highlight and bold the sections they feel is necessary for their UPSC exam study. The whole PRS research is essential to clear the Prelims as well as the Mains exam for UPSC candidates. Consequently, students must prioritise this subject high up in their UPSC preparation.

Smart Use of PRS for Smart UPSC Preparation

Working hard is necessary. But what is more essential is to work smart. Hard work in the wrong or non-fruitful direction can lead to disappointments and a waste of your time. Hence, professors suggest all the UPSC dreamers opt for the PRS way to choose the smart way!

Information on Parliamentary Bills

Having knowledge of the bills that are passed as well as those which are pending in the parliament and governmental bodies is a hot topic in UPSC exams and interviews. PRS gives a well-constructed gist of the parliamentary bills that includes all the necessary details and is concise at the same time. It also includes the details of all kinds of different laws and amendments passed by the government to date.

These subjects play a very prominent role in UPSC preparation as questions regarding upcoming bills and political acts are asked quite frequently every year. Since the exams take place yearly, they ask recent news related updates and questions too. As a result, it becomes all the more important for students to remain updated about current news and political systems.

PRS Online

For this, the PRS website (provided below) plays a pivotal role in rendering genuine and updated information on the topics for the recent and most current policies framed and amendments in the Indian legislative system. You can go to the official PRS website using any browser of your choice.

Students can prefer these digital modes and online resources to make valuable notes. Moreover, the students can also refer to the official YouTube channel of the PRS. They include short and on point videos regarding the subject matters. This material is open to all and is free!

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How to read the PRS Website for UPSC?

PDFs and Blogs of PRS
The PRS website is formed precisely with informative and user-friendly access. There is a perfect blend of the objective as well as the subjective type of knowledge.

You can easily access this website and enjoy your dose of updated information.


  • Access the menu bar and its sub-headings. Browse down to select the ‘Policy’ sub-heading.
  • Under that, select the Monthly Policy Review Section.
  • Choose your month.
  • As you choose a specific month, its respective PDF opens up.
  • Go to the index and select important news.
  • All the important news related to India’s legislative system for the specific month entered, will appear.
  • Refer to the entire PRS synopsis to know about Bills.
  • Go to the ‘Blog Section’. Read their blogs to get some tips and tricks for your UPSC preparation. This segment is the answer for aspiring candidates who quest to knowhow to read PRS for UPSC?’

Video Content of PRS

The crispness and concise quality of the PRS official site are commendable. This site is considered by thousands of aspiring students and professors in the UPSC field.

PRS has also made provisions for graphically sound video content for promoting a better understanding of their aspirants. All the information secured under the PRS umbrella for Indian legislation has a great reputation among UPSC India examination board. It has proved to work great for the masses for many years and is still the top recommendation for the budding UPSC aspirants.


UPSC is the mountain top that the aspirant wishes to touch. This journey is enjoyable if you apply the right strategy. Every student can systematically achieve this goal by simply using the resources in the best possible way.

In conclusion, we recommend all the hardworking candidates to put their time and efforts into the smart study and systematic preparation. It is obvious by now that this stage can be achieved by holding the grip tight on the PRS platform.

As suggested above, the official website, PDFs, YouTube videos, blogs, and so on are the best materials you can find online to ace your UPSC study. Refer to each of these materials depending upon your interests and make notes individually.

If you wish to get better knowledge about how to study for UPSC, when is the right time to start, what are the resources to choose from, and so on, refer to our daily blog posts.

Stay tuned with us to find some of the remarkable experiences of the UPSC pass-outs through our brief biographies.

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