An interview is the last stage of your RRB PO examination. The candidates are required to have one on one conversations with the interviewer panel. The interviewers try to assess the initial potential of the candidates for the post.

In this article, you will find some interview questions for bank PO to boost your preparation. Also, you will find tips and strategies to approach the interview. Therefore whether you are looking for SBI PO interview questions or RRB PO interview questions you can relate to this article.

Bank Interview

Banking interviews are designed to assess the potential of the candidates to see if they have the required skill for a suitable post in the bank. The questions generally refer to the quality and skills of the candidates.

To be successful in the banking interview you have to prepare different types of questions. The question starts with some personal issues like family, education, interest, etc. These questions will be followed by more in-depth knowledge of the candidate such as work experience, nature capacity, ideology ability.

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Common Bank PO Interview Questions

# Why did you choose banking as your profession?

# Do you have any previous experience in the banking sector?

# Why did you leave your previous job?

# Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

# Do you have leadership qualities?

# Do you think you can perform well in a group?

# What are your positive strengths?

# What are your negative weaknesses?

# Explain an example when you had a conflict with someone and how did you resolve that?

# What are your most important accomplishments?

Main Focus Areas of Interview

The interview revolves around the following areas:

# Personal

# Academic

# Hobbies

# Job Nature

# Current News


In personal questions the board will be imprecise going on following areas:


# What is your name?

# What is the meaning of your name?

Family Background

# What is the name of your father?

# What is the name of your mother?

# What does your father do?

# What does your mother do?

# What qualities do you want to acquire from your parents?

# Do you know someone that is in a bank?


# Where do you live?

# Where is your hometown?

# What is the history of your city?

# Who is the founder of your city?

# What are the different names of your city?

# What is your city famous for?

# What are the major qualities of your city?

# Name some important monuments of your city

# What is the economy of your city?

Date of Birth

# What is your date of birth?

# Any famous person born on that date?

# What are the important qualities of that person?


# Tell me about your academic background?

# Which is your favourite subject?

# Why did you opt for banking?


# What is your hobby?

# What do you like to do in your leisure time?

# How will your hobby help the bank?

Job Nature

# Why did you choose this organization?

# What do you understand from the Bank?

# Explain these banking terminologies:



















# What do you know about monetary policy?

# Analyse the current economy of India?

# What are some major current changes in the banking sector due to Covid-19?

# Why did you choose this institution?

# What is its history?

# What is its tagline?

# How many branches do this bank have?

Current News

This section involves some current news. The candidate should read newspapers regularly for the whole month before your interview to answer this section.

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How to Answer General Questions of a Banking Interview?

# Why did you leave your last job?

You should stay positive in this type of question. Never speak ill of your organisation regardless of the circumstances. Keep smiling and talk about a positive reason to leave the organisation. You can talk about growth opportunities, future-oriented approaches, etc.

# Why do you want to work with this organisation?

To be able to answer this type of question you need to do some research before your interview on the organisation. You can hear talk about that specific organisation, its history, tagline, work environment, opportunities, etc.

# Are you a team player?

You should always say yes to this question. Be sure to have some examples ready. You can talk about any experience where you have displayed leadership qualities or be a little creative and use your imagination to create one.

# Why should we select you?

To be able to answer these questions you have to research before your interview. You can state your skills and qualities that match the needs of the organisation. You can also talk about your experience here. Also, don’t try to compare yourself with other candidates.

# What are your greatest strengths?

In this type of question, you should talk about your positive strength but don’t overdo it. Select 4 to 5 strengths that are related to the bank. And talk about them only.

# What are your weaknesses?

This question is slightly tricky. Here rather than speaking about yourself negatively, you can approach this question differently. You can say things like multitasking, easily trusting others, etc.

# What experience do you have?

Over here talk about past experiences you have. Don’t try to lie in this question, try to be honest and describe the job responsibilities you held.

# Tell me about your dream job?

In this question don’t try to answer about different jobs. If you answer some other job then the interviewer will find you uninterested in the job. It’s best to say that you want to become something in that organisation, that industry only.

# Can you work under pressure?

In this question, you can share some experiences where you have done a great job under pressure. And you can also tell about things you can do to avoid such pressures.

# Describe what would be an ideal working environment?

Indus questions talk about the environment you are looking forward to working in. You can talk about things like work-life balance, acknowledgement, teamwork, etc.

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Banking Awareness

What is the bank?

It is a financial institution that accepts deposits that can be withdrawn on demand. It also lends loans to individuals and businesses.

Types of Banking

Various types of banks operating in the country to meet the financial requirements of individuals.

#1. Central

#2. Commercial

#3. Development

#4. Co-operative

#5. Specialised

Central Bank

It is a bank that is entrusted with the functions of guiding and regulating the banking system of a country. It has the power to control the cash flow in the market and it is also known as bankers Bank. The Reserve Bank of India is the central bank of India.

Commercial Banks

It is a financial institution that accepts deposits, grants short-term loans and advances to its customers. There are three main types of commercial banks

# Public sector

# Private sector

# Foreign

Development Banks

These types of financial institutions are generally responsible for providing medium and long term capital to the business.

Co-operative Bank

It is a bank where society engages itself to fulfil the common interest.

Types of co-operative bank

Primary credit society

Central Cooperative

State Cooperative

Specialised Bank

This type of bank is designed to cater to specific requirements of the society such as EXIM Bank, SIDBI, and NABARD.

Basic Terminologies

#1. Cash reserve ratio: the cash reserve ratio is the net balance the bank must maintain with the Reserve Bank of India.

#2. Statutory liquidity ratio: statutory liquidity ratio is the net demand and time liabilities that a Bank must maintain in liquid form that is government securities, cash or gold.

#3. Repo rate: Repo rate is the rate at which commercial banks borrow money from RBI for a short term by keeping government securities.

#4. Reverse repo rate: it is the rate at which RBI borrows money from commercial banks by selling government securities.

#5. Demat Account: Demat account is a dematerialized account. This type of account is used to buy and sell stocks.

#6. IPO: IPO stands for initial public offering.

#7. GDP: Gross domestic product is the total market value of all final goods and services produced in a domestic territory of a country in a year.

#8. Door to door banking: doorstep banking delivers banking and financial services at the doorsteps of a common man.

#9. Self-help Groups: Self-help groups are a small voluntary association of poor people that come together to solve their common problems through mutual help.

#10. Mutual funds: mutual funds are professionally managed forms of collective investment that pools money from many investors and invest in stocks, bonds, short term money market instruments, etc.

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Tips to Ace PO Interview

#1. Dress Appropriately

Shakespeare has rightly said, “Apparel proclaims a man”. Your attire speaks about your personality. You should dress appropriately to make a good impression on the interview panel. For a man, they should consider wearing a formal suit and for women, they should wear a simple salwar suit or saree.

They should avoid bright colours and stick to neutral colours. Also avoid wearing jewellery, fashionable accessories or makeup.

#2. Entering the Room

Before you enter the room enquiry by saying may I come in. After that, close the door after you enter softly and face the panel confidently. Wish them a gentle smile. You should only sit down when the panel asks you to.

#3. Eye Contact

While answering various questions of the interviewer make sure to maintain eye contact.

#4. Be Confident

Stay confident and have firm faith in yourself. If you get worse you will run your interview. By staying confident even if you don’t know an answer to a question you will leave a good impression on the interviewer.

#5. Be Natural

Your body language speaks a lot about your personality. They don’t use defensive or offensive body language in the interview. Rather still natural and confident throughout the interview.

#6. Honesty is the best policy

Remain honest about yourself in the interview. Don’t lie in the interview to make a good impression on the interviewer. Because they will catch your lie and that will make the worst impression on them.

Do’s and Don’ts


# Arrive 30 minutes before the start of the interview.

# Take a deep breath before you enter the room.

# Dress yourself neatly and arrange your documents file properly.

# Softly knock on the door and seek permission from the board before you enter the room.

# After entering the rooms, click close the door and wish the board.

# Greet each member of the panel with a pleasant smile.

# Maintain our natural poster with your hands on your lap. Avoid fidgeting or slouching on the table.

# Maintain eye contact with each member of the panel one by one.

# Listen to the question carefully before you answer the same.

# If you are unable to answer any question simply say sorry sir I don’t know about it.

# Before you leave the room say “thank you sir for this opportunity”.


# Don’t bang the door.

# Don’t state any negative comments about your previous organisation or executive.

# Don’t exhibit frustration with a negative attitude in the interview.

# Don’t lie about your resume.

# Don’t go extremes with your body language.

# Don’ts loud or sit rigidly on the edge of the chair.

# Don’t be nervous while answering the question.

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I hope this will help you to prepare for your banking interview. For more such informative articles and to boost your bank PO preparation visit UPSC Pathshala. This website is a one-stop destination for all government exams. Also, you will find a customised course called ‘Mission Bank PO’. This course has high-quality lectures, mock tests, practise material and many more.

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