Salary of a PCS Officer: How Much Can You Expect to Earn Per Year as a PCS Officer?

Salary of a PCS Officer

Do you know why the youth aspire to be a PCS officer? Provincial Civil Service or PCS job is one of the most lucrative and prestigious career options in India. Apart from the monetary benefits of being a PCS officer, it is a matter of great pride to serve the country as a civil servant. You must be wondering how much is the PCS officer salary and how to qualify. This article will help you with information about how much you can earn and the eligibility to be a PCS officer.

What is the Salary of a PCS Officer?

With the 7th pay commission in place, a PCS officer receives a salary between Rs. 56100 to 224100 per month, excluding all the perks depending on the level of the employee. The salary of a PCS officer may not look very attractive at the entry-level; however, they receive a lot of other benefits, including free accommodation, vehicle, and transport allowances. Moreover, as they gain seniority and present an excellent service record, the salary increases significantly. An officer with ten years of experience can get about Rs.1,60,000.

The salary of a PCS officer varies from one state to another. Some of the states offer a higher wage for the same position than another state. For example, the salary of PCS officers in UP is lower than those of Gujarat or Punjab. However, the PCS officers receive the same perks across all the Indian states. Here is a table to explain the salary of a PCS officer at different levels.

Level Salary
Entry Level Rs.56100 – Rs.132000 (Pay Level 10)
After five years of service Rs.67700 – Rs.160000 (Pay Level 11)
After 12 years of service Rs.78800 – Rs.191500 (Pay Level 12)
After 16 years of service and depending on seniority Rs.118500 – Rs.214100 (Pay Level 13)
Minimum 5 years of service completed in the previous Level

and depending on seniority

Rs.131100 – Rs.216600 (Pay Level 13A)
After at least one year of service completed in the previous level and based on seniority Rs.144200 – Rs. 218200 (Pay Level 14)
Minimum 5 years of service in previous Pay Level and depending on seniority Rs.182200- Rs. 224100 (Pay Level 15)

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What are the Perks a PCS Officer Receives?

The PCS officers receive many perks and allowances that make the job very attractive to the youth. Here is a list of all the perks one receives during one’s tenure as a PCS officer. These perks and allowances are standard irrespective of the states and the departments you are placed in.

  1. Free accommodation
  2. Medical expenses
  3. Electricity and water bill
  4. Reimbursement for the phone bill
  5. Free vehicle for official purposes
  6. Transport allowances
  7. Leave for higher studies
  8. Security guards and household helper
  9. Dearness allowances (As fixed by the government of the state)

What is PCS Exam Eligibility?

To appear for the PCS exam, you have to be a graduate from a recognized university. The age limit to appear for PCS examination is 21 – 40 years. The candidates from SC and ST communities get a relaxation of five years as the upper age limit.

What is the Recruitment Process for PCS Officers?

The selection process is divided into three parts; the preliminary exam, the main exam, and a personal interview. The State Public Service Commission first releases an official notification about the vacant posts. The aspirants then have to apply for the respective posts according to their eligibility and interests.

Post the application, the board conducts a preliminary exam. The candidates who clear the examination can appear for the main exam. The Preliminary exam has objective type questions. The main exam has a descriptive type—those who clear the main exam qualify to the next level, which is a personal interview. Upon successfully completing the personal interview, a candidate is appointed as a PCS officer in the different departments under the state government.


There is no doubt about the benefits that come along the post of a PCS officer. It serves as a lucrative career option for graduates looking to serve the country. The preparation of the PCS preliminary exam is relatively easier, compared to other national level exams. Looking for study material to refer to before planning to prepare for the PCS examination? UPSC Pathshala has a plethora of study material for Civil Services Examination aspirants.

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