Odisha was recently ordered to submit a status report on the negative impact of tourism on the Satkosia Tiger Reserve by the National Tiger Conservation Authority. Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Bhubaneswar is made up of two central Odisha sanctuaries called Baisipalli Sanctuary and Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary.

Satkosia is the meeting place of India’s two bio-geographic zones, the Eastern Ghats and the Deccan Peninsula, both of which provide enormous biodiversity.

Let’s look at some more insights into this topic and also at some questions that will help you understand the exam better.

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Satkosia Tiger Reserve UPSC

#The Satkosia Tiger Reserve is a tiger reserve in Odisha’s Angul district.

#In 1976, Satkosia was designated as a wildlife refuge.

#It stretches through Odisha’s spectacular gorge above the Mahanadi River.

#Satkosia is derived from two words: sat, which means seven, and kos, which means two miles, signifying that the gorge is 14 miles or 22 kilometres long.

#Satkosia Tiger Reserve was established in 2007, and it includes two wildlife sanctuaries: the Baisipalli sanctuary and the Satkosia Gorge sanctuary. Nayagarh, Cuttack, Angul, and Boudh are among the districts that make up the Reserve.

#The Mahanadi elephant reserve includes the reserve’s core area.

Some More Points

#Satkosia is the meeting place of India’s two bio-geographic zones, the Deccan Peninsula and the Eastern Ghats, both of which provide enormous biodiversity.

#Species discovered: Satkosia Tiger Reserve is home to dry deciduous forest, wet deciduous forest, and wet peninsular Sal forest.

#Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Wild dog, Sambar, Mouse deer, Nilgai, Spotted deer, Sloth bear, Chousingha, and other animals call this area home.

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UPSC Exam Notes

The Forest Department of the Government of Orissa began a crocodile breeding programme in March 1974, with technical assistance from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The Gharial Research and Conservation Unit (GRACU) was founded in March 1975 and has pioneered crocodile conservation in India. Conservation breeding, the release of reared crocodiles into the wild, and rehabilitation are among the activities.

Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary

#It gets its name from a seven-mile-long stretch of the Mahanadi River near Tikarpada, 60 kilometres south of Angul, known as “Sat-Kosh.”

#The sanctuary was established in 1976 and spans four Odisha districts: Budh, Cuttack, Angul, and Nayagarh.

#The Satkosia Gorge is a unique feature in Indian geomorphology because the Mahanadi River cuts right through the Eastern Ghats, forming a spectacular gorge.

#Mugger crocodiles, Gharials, and rare freshwater turtles including Chitra indica and Indian softshell turtles are among the fauna.

Baisipalli Sanctuary

#It takes its name from the 22 towns that make up its territory.

#In May 1981, it was designated as a sanctuary.

#It’s in Nayagarh District, where the Mahanadi River flows through a gorge in the Eastern Ghats highlands.

#The Deccan Peninsula Biogeographic Zone, Eastern Ghat sub-division and Eastern Plateau province encompass the entire region.

#Fauna and Flora: It is a sal-dominated forest with elephants, leopards, tigers, herbivores such as reptiles, water birds, Chousingha, and other animals.

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What was the Tiger Relocation Project?

In 2018, India’s first inter-state tiger translocation effort began, with two big cats, a male (Mahavir) from Kanha Tiger Reserve and a female (Sundari) from Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh, being transported to Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Odisha to help boost the state’s tiger population.

The move was intended to accomplish two goals:

#Reducing the tiger population in regions where there are too many tigers will significantly minimise territorial disputes.

#To reintroduce tigers in places where their numbers have plummeted owing to a variety of factors.

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Why was it Chosen?

#Odisha is the state where it is located.

#Satkosia is one of the reserves where “tiger populations have the potential to grow.”

#Satkosia was designated as a Tiger Reserve in 2007 with a population of 12 tigers. In 2018, the number of people was reduced to two.

#The goal of the move was to repopulate the reserve regions with tigers.

UPSC Exam Preparation

#Knowing the syllabus and pattern correctly is the first step toward effective preparation. You can use the table above to get a better idea of what you’ll need to prepare.

#The next step is to create a schedule that you can stick to. Many students create a schedule that they struggle to stick to. You may become exhausted if you study for several hours at a time, so make a schedule that includes breaks.

#You should not believe that reading a chapter once is sufficient! Continue to revise and practise exercises.

#Make it a practice to read a newspaper that will keep you up to date on everything going on in your world, including world news. Make a list of all significant occurrences so you can refer to them before the tests.

Some More Tips

#Communication skills are a crucial component of every exam. The examiner will determine how successfully you interact with others around you based on the results of the personality test.

#This is an extremely important aspect of any preparation. Solving past years’ papers can be quite beneficial because it allows you to gauge how much time you spend on certain portions of the paper. It also allows you to see how efficient and accurate the replies are in a given time range.

Be Fit and Healthy

Many students believe that studying without breaks and studying at all hours of the day and night will help them achieve better outcomes. However, this is an idea that should never be followed.

Sleeping on schedule, eating healthily, and taking breaks are all essential. This is how you will train your brain to be calm as well as keep yourself physically fit for the examinations.


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