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Satyendra Nath Bose UPSC

The UPSC candidates must be fully equipped with the contributions of SN Bose. S N Bose’s full name is Satyendra N. Bose. He was born as the eldest of seven youngsters of Surendranath Bose who worked within the engineering department of the East Indian Railway Company. Bose was an excellent student throughout his college and school days. He stood initially in his matrix, and his graduate and post-graduate exams.

He passed with an M.Sc. in mixed arithmetic from the Presidency school in Kolkata in the year 1915. One of his teachers at the school was eminent human Jagadish Chandra Bose.

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Important Facts about S N Bose for UPSC

Let’s acknowledge the best facts and contributions of the most incredible personality. Bose started work in 1916 as a hunt scholar at the University of Calcutta. Till 1921, he worked as an instructor within the department of physics at the University of Calcutta. In 1921, he became a Reader within the academic department at the University of Dacca (in modern Bangladesh). Bose sent this paper in a letter to Albert Einstein in Germany.

Realizing the import of this paper, Einstein translated it into German and revealed it on Bose’s behalf in an exceedingly prestigious German journal. The paper was named “Planck’s Law and Hypothesis of Light Quanta”. This recognition enabled Bose to figure in Europe for 2 years aboard nice scientists like Louis de Broglie and Madame Curie and Einstein himself.

Einstein adopted Bose’s plan from the paper and applied it to atoms. This caused the prediction of a development that was later known as the Bose-Einstein condensation. The Higgs particle, additionally splendidly referred to as the God Particle is one among the various bosons.

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The Major Contributions of S N Bose

S N Bose has done numerous works and his contributions are incredible. After working in Europe, he came back to figure in Dacca University as the head of the department of physics. After the country’s partition, he came back to the metropolis and schooled at the university until 1956.

He was continuing analysis in natural philosophy, chemical science, and applied analysis. Apart from physics, he was additionally curious about biotechnology, geology, zoology, engineering, social science, and literature, each English and Bengali. Bose was appointed consultant to the Council of Scientific and Industrial analysis when it had been fashioned.

He was additionally appointed the President of the National Institute of Science, the Indian applied mathematics Institute and therefore the Indian Physical Society. He has additionally created the final President of the Indian Science Congress. Furthermore, he was also the one to get nominated for Rajya Sabha. In 1958, he has created a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Bose was awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 1954. He was nominated for the honour however wasn’t awarded the distinguished award. Indians would feel frustrated at this snub however Bose himself wasn’t incensed maybe because within the field of science, having your name imprinted within the language of the topic was way more enduring than a Nobel.

His discovery remains one of the highest achievements of the twentieth century, and S N Bose may be a name that rests right among the highest names in theoretical physics. Bose died on four Feb 1974 at the age of eighty in Calcutta. Therefore, he has contributed hugely to the field.

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Satyendra Nath Bose UPSC: Here are the Major Contributions and Significant Facts About S N Bose!
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