If you are a UPSC aspirant, you must be aware of the importance of government policies and schemes from the UPSC syllabus. In both Prelims and Mains sections, questions from the government schemes are asked every year. UPSC notes are a crucial part of the UPSC exam.

Every candidate must focus on government affairs and implementations to answer well in the exam. This article has complete information about the Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan UPSC which is the Accessible India Campaign. This campaign is for the differently-abled community in India. It was launched in 2015 and the other information regarding the campaign is given in this article.

UPSC preparation is a tough phase for the candidates as they have to be positive and should do continuous learning. You must seek the most authentic information to perform well. If you want to give the answers perfectly in the examination, you should go ahead to read this article till the end.

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Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan UPSC

The government launched the “Accessible India Campaign ” that in Hindi referred to as Sugamya India Abhiyan was launched in 2015. The Abhiyan seeks to form a minimum of fifty % of all government buildings. The buildings to be created within the urban centre and every one state capitals should be “fully accessible” for the disabled by July 2018.

Similar deadlines associated with the opposite departments have additionally been set. These departments are airports and railway stations accessible to the disabled. The main aim of the campaign is to change disabled persons to achieve universal access, civil rights for development, freelance living, associate degreed participation, all told aspects of life in an inclusive society.

The outstanding targets of the campaign at the accessibility of settled atmosphere, transportation scheme, and knowledge & communication scheme. the development of international airports, class A1, A & B railway stations, fully accessible and created for persons with disabilities.

Components and Objectives of Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan

The universal accessibility for differently-abled persons has been identified by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan). The components and objectives identified by the department are given below. You should go ahead to understand the major components and objectives as this can be the prominent question related to the scheme.

Component A: Build Environment Accessibility

Objective 1: Enhancing the proportion of accessible govt buildings

Component B: Transportation System Accessibility – Includes 3 objectives for enhancing the proportion of:

Objective 2: accessible airports

Objective 3: accessible railway stations

Objective 4: accessible public transport

Component C: Information and Communication Eco-system Accessibility – Includes 3 objectives for enhancing the proportion of:

Objective 5:  public documents and websites as per the international accessibility standards

Objective 6: sign language interpreters

Objective 7: captioning and sign-language in public tv news programs

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UPSC Preparation

The UPSC exam is the most prestigious paper and the most incredible opportunity for the candidates to make their career in their choice of field. If you are doing UPSC preparation, the UPSC notes given in this article will help you exponentially. You must be aware of the important schemes and campaigns of the government as they are asked in the question paper as well as the interview.

The government policies are also important for you as you are going to be a government servant and the servant of the nation. The UPSC conducts this examination to test the capabilities and knowledge of their candidates. You can show your skills with your knowledge, so make sure that you grow knowledge in all the significant spheres.

You can combat the challenges of the examination, beat the competition, win your dreams, and make your career with determination, knowledge, wisdom, and perseverance. You must start working on all the mandatory qualities to be an officer. We hope that the summary of the campaign will help you greatly in your preparation. Revise it before going to the exam hall and perform perfectly.

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Hopefully, this article has helped you with the best knowledge regarding the UPSC notes of the Abhiyan. If you are seeking more information or if you have any doubts regarding the examination or any particular portion of the examination, you must visit the UPSC Pathshala website.

The information about each section and all the updates of the exam is given on the website. Also, you can go through the lectures of the experts to raise your queries or understand multiple concepts of the syllabus. This exam is extremely tough and it is crucial to get the right guidance throughout the preparation phase. The guidance can make your way towards success.

So, you should choose the best platform to get authentic information and knowledge along with the right mentorship. The UPSC notes are the source to fetch high scores, visiting the website will also give you notes regarding multiple other spheres as well as schemes and policies. So, make your career with a wise mind and visionary thinking.

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Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan UPSC: Let's Check Out the UPSC Notes to Perform Perfectly!
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Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan UPSC: Let's Check Out the UPSC Notes to Perform Perfectly!
The policies of the government are extremely important in the UPSC exam. The information related to the Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan UPSC is given in the article. Click here to read.
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