The information and details related to the Sutra model UPSC are given in this article. Let’s increase the preparation level of the UPSC exam by going through the significant points of the model.

Sutra Model – Things to Know about UPSC

Sutra Model UPSC is a backed model of the government of India. It stands for Susceptible, Undetected, Tested (positive), and Removed Approach. It is started by the government of India to track the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic in the nation.

Well, everyone has witnessed the destruction caused by the deadly virus. To keep a track of the virus spread, this model is started. It has been constantly in the news because its prediction for the second wave of COVID in India failed.

The virus has taken thousands of lives in the nation with its outbreak but the model showed the prediction that the second wave of the deadly virus is unlikely. You must have seen this model in the news during the outbreak of the second wave.

This article gave discussed the parameters and objectives of the model. You can also fetch the information regarding the unsuccessful results of the model’s prediction as its challenges. The UPSC aspirants can get the details in the article below as it is asked in the upcoming UPSC CSE prelims.

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Sutra Model

Well, you must acknowledge that the model has been framed by the government of India. The government formed the National COVID 19 Supermodel Committee. This committee was made to make projections and predictions about the outbreak and spread of COVID 19 in India.

Scientists from Hyderabad and IIT Kanpur constituted the committee. This model works on three major parameters to predict the outbreak of the pandemic in the nation.

These parameters are as follows:

#. Beta: This parameter is also called the contact rate. It is to calculate the number of people getting infected by the infected person. This parameter is prominently related to the R0 value. This value is the measurement of the number of people that an infected person spreads the virus throughout their infection.

#. Reach: This parameter is for the calculation of the exposure level of the population. The exposure to the pandemic is measured.

#. Epsilon: This parameter shows the ratio of detected and undetected cases.

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Sutra Model Challenges

Well, with the advent of something, its challenges arise rapidly. The news channels are flooded with the news of the model due to its wrong prediction for the second wave of COVID 19. Scientists talk about the key causes of unsuccessful outcomes of the Sutra Model.

The main cause is the rapidly changing mutants of the virus. Due to the modifications of the mutants, the model went wrong in the prediction. COVID 19 and its related facts are crucial for the UPSC examination aspirants because its impact has been negatively dangerous for humankind.

The virus has not only taken two years but also the lives of the people. The UPSC sections can have multiple questions related to the relevant facts and topics of COVID 19. Many scientists have stated the view that the exponential rise of the virus and its destruction was not measured as there was a contact between people and populations.

This anonymous contact and virus mutants effect went wrong every time in the model’s prediction. Therefore, go through the complete article to fetch the summary and give perfect answers to the examiners.

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More Sutra Model Challenges for UPSC Notes

Well, you must have fetched the information that the model has predicted wrong due to the changing mutants of the destructive virus. Let’s know about other challenges of the Sutra model UPSC.

Scientists have stated several times that the nature and effects of the virus have been changing very rapidly and are showing different symptoms in different people. Scientists are facing a problem understanding the correct symptom of the virus because it is showing different effects on people.

In the same context, any prediction for COVID-19 made by this model or any other model has been continually readjusted, sometimes almost daily. Moreover, the mathematical models by Sutra are also effectively functional only if the virus dynamics remain constant.

This also depends on the consistency of the mutants and the effects of the virus. It is stated by scientists that mathematical models can also provide a mechanism. This mechanism can work effectively to predict alternate scenarios of the corresponding virus actions and to various policy decisions that include non-pharmaceutical interventions.

Therefore, this model’s innovation has gone unsuccessful to track the spread of the COVID 19.

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Hopefully, this article has helped you to gain potential information regarding the Sutra model UPSC as well as its challenges. The model has been unsuccessful to track the spread of the deadly virus in the country but was undoubtedly a good initiative for the calculation of the spread and impact of the virus.

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