Garima’s experience with UPSC Pathshala

Name: Garima Bhayana
Qualification: Graduate in English literature from Delhi University
UPSC Aspirant
Like a lot of aspirants, I too was anxious about the difficult preparatory demands of UPSC CSE before I actually started “learning” without the feel of “studying”.
UPSC PATHSHALA made me rethink about this image because through their lectures, I could understand topics which sound like high-end complex things.
It’s all about how clearly the basic architecture of any concept gets formed in the mind and that is what the lectures helped in. I appreciate how they also teach the interlinking of concepts to broaden the understanding, both in static as well as current affairs. I feel free to ask doubts and share my opinions. And all of those questions are answered every single day. I get answers from many of my peers as well, something which keeps me driving to work harder.
The practice tests released everyday are most effective in going back to subjects which I had ignored/neglected knowingly or unknowingly. UPSC Pathshala has kept me busy with studies, and yet it doesn’t feel exhaustive at all.
This platform is highly time & cost effective with quality learning, personalized guidance and regular assessments. My sincere gratitude to UPSC PATHSHALA.