Hi my name is Amulakh Barot. I have done my B.SC (Fire & Safety) & Diploma Health Safety and Environment. Currently, I am Working as Asst. Manager HSE in Larsen & Toubro (Oman) LLC and I be appearing in 2018 UPSC Civil Services Exam.
UPSC Pathshala has been very helpful in my preparation. The video lecture provided by them cuts the time required for studying by half. I have finished studying the video lectures and have started revising.These video lectures make me confident enough that I could crack this exam with proper preparation.
The notes made while watching the videos have been extremely helpful during my revision.I have prepared study notes word to word from the lecture. The flow of the notes Apart from the great videos UPSC Pathshala provides something called as mentorship. Initially, I was apprehensive about opting for mentorship as I had an issue with the mentor’s credibility. However, I spoke to one of the mentors and realized that she was very experienced in UPSC. Later she told me she has given the interview for UPSC as well. That is when I realized I wanted a guide like her. My mentor has always been there for me. She helped me not only solve doubts but also in motivating me. For someone like me who has less time on hand, Kamakshi madam proved to an important guide to keep me going. Kamakshi madam is always holding a cane in her hand. This helps quite a lot since I tend to become loose intermittently. Thanks to her I have completed the syllabus. She has also given me more study material to read which is very helpful. My mentor has always gone out of her way to help me. She’s always helpful, her guidance injects positivity and zeal. Solving and guiding any in case of any query or difficulty.
The test provided by them are very good as well. They help keep things on track. Till now I have given more than 10 tests. They have a timer system which makes you feel like you are in an exam.
When I came across UPSC Pathshala, I took my decision to enroll by watching two videos. Now I am glad I did that. I am confident that I will have a positive result in the coming prelims of 2018. This learning method is excellent. It reminds school days when the teacher used to teach us. I am a very big fan of Atul Jain’s teaching. I would certainly like to meet him personally once I visit India for the 2018 Prelims.