How Sayeed manages both Work & UPSC Preparation?

Sayeed is a working professional and wanted to join a class that matches up to his work timings. He can’t afford to quit his job for UPSC Preparation and vice versa. He is currently working for the State Government and also preparing for UPSC.

Sajid’s journey so far with UPSC Pathshala

I was searching for UPSC classes in Google, and in the very first column, I saw UPSC Pathshala. I took UPSC Pathshala’s Demo class and I was very happy. I can see the standards are really high and the price is very reasonable. The best part is video lectures, which no offline class gives it. I can repeat and listen to it as and when needed. This makes it easier as I have data to refer to.
At times, because of my job schedule, I miss a session with my mentor. But UPSC Pathshala was kind enough to reschedule it. The skill development session has helped me a lot. My way of thinking has changed for good. Being a vernacular language student, I can now confidently speak and write in English. UPSC Pathshala has helped me a lot in current affairs. I am grateful to my mentor and I wish and try to clear UPSC in this attempt.