Offline or Online? Aman was confused too!

“Aman is a dedicated student who perfectly manages his job as well as UPSC Preparation. He has never missed a single session till now”, says his mentor.

I am from Bihar, now working in Mumbai. I had appeared for UPSC before, but couldn’t clear. I can say it loud and clear that it is very difficult to find a proper UPSC offline classes in Mumbai as compared to Delhi.

So I searched for online classes which gives me the Delhi teaching standard yet is pocket-friendly for me. I am fortunate to have found UPSC Pathshala. As compared to other online coaching classes like Unacademy and others, I found UPSC Pathshala to be the best fit for UPSC preparation.

Personal mentor has not only helped me to prepare for the UPSC exam, but has also helped me in my thinking process. With sill development, I have changed the way I am thinking. I can now say, online is way better than offline. Because when I have a doubt, I don’t have to wait for the next day to get it resolved. I message me mentor and the doubt is cleared immediately.

I don’t know whether I can clear in first attempt or no, but I can definitely say that I am now more confident in writing answers.