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“UPSC preparation is a long-term commitment, and I am happy that I have a personal mentor who is with me in my UPSC journey,” says Arshvi.

Listen to What Arshvi has to say about UPSC Pathshala.

I am Arshvi, currently pursuing my graduation and I am a UPSC aspirant and wish to attempt next year. As I have time in hand, I searched for UPSC courses online, UPSC Pathshala came first. I enquired about the same in Quora and got some really positive responses. So I enrolled here.

And I am happy I took this decision. I opted for a Free Demo class and was convinced by the quality of lectures. The topics are clear and mentors make it easy to understand. If I face any difficulty in understanding anything, my mentor helps me immediately and makes sure the doubt completely vanishes. The best part of UPSC Pathshala’s mentors is that they start teaching from the basics. Because only if the basics are right, writing answers becomes easier. I am glad I have a mentor who is always with me on my journey. I am now more confident as compared to when I started. I have the confidence that, if I put a little more effort, I am sure to clear UPSC in my first attempt.