Hi, I am Shantanu Dhaundiyal. I have pursued my Bachelors in Communication Studies from state university of Uttarakhand- Doon University. I will be appearing for CSE in 2018. With the guidance provided by Upsc Pathshala, I am able to finish my course on time and the credit goes to my mentor Ms. Tasneem for guiding me so well in every step of my preparation. The video lectures provided by Upsc pathshala were very lucid and easy to recall. Thanks to the whole team.
My sessions with my mentor are generous and explorative and helped me a lot in understanding the preparation details of the exam. In beginning I was doubtful that whether Phone counselling will be sufficient for the preparation but with passage of time I found it really helpful. Not being an interpersonal face to face communication I never found any difficulty during my entire course. I can discuss my doubts, explore the new things and this will not be possible without the warm cooperation of my mentor.
My mentorship program was very helpful. With just the pen drive course I may be able to understand concepts but with mentor I was continuously track lined which prevented me from deviating throughout my preparation. I will suggest every aspirant to go with mentorship programme so he/she can make most out of the course.
From time to time my mentor assigned me the test uploaded by Upsc pathshala and encouraged me to take the test. We would then discuss the problems encountered during the test and work on them accordingly.
Video lectures are really good and worthy especially GS video series. If someone is not a bookworm and wants to learn things innovatively this is surely best way for him.
In my process of preparation I religiously followed 100 day marathon plan initially and spend around 3 to 4 hours watching videos. If you sincerely watch videos and make short notes, I think it becomes really easy to revise and recall.
In my opinion notes are very important because after a certain period of time we start to forget the old content thus I always prepared short notes, mind maps while watching the videos. By continuing this practice today I have a very handy resource i.e my own notes on which I can rely completely.
I can say that Upsc Pathshala made my CSE preparation easier than traditional existing methods. For an aspirant like me who wants to prepare but always afraid of bulky book and elongated ready to read notes from various institutes, upsc pathsala is the right platform. Hope it yield great results.
I will recommend Upsc pathshala to my fellow aspirants especially the GS course. I also opted for the optional course (sociology) but that didn’t turn out that well. So I only recommend for GS course.
The video content is surely good and I want to thank the whole team who rigorously works behind to deliver such good content. Just want to add that new videos regarding current events, test series should be uploaded more frequently.