Hi, my name is Srivathsa A, I have pursued Bachelors of planning and will be appearing for Civil Services Examination in 2019. I have enrolled myself with UPSC Pathshala for my CSE preparation and I have completed half of my course. I was assigned Kamakshi Ma’am as my mentor and she guided me well which enabled me for self study. Sessions with her guidance always helped me in improving my potential towards approaching any topic within given the time limits.
My mentor was helpful in teaching me how to approach strategically for each subject. It all started with prescribed syllabus and timetable to cover it. Evaluation of my study and learning ability was examined through my online uploaded notes submissions and weekly sessions. Apart from these current affairs alerts through WhatsApp and selective chapters from NCERT books to cover the syllabus strategically in a short period of time was also absolutely helpful. My mentor always advised me to attempt the mock tests provided by the institution, which further added to losing my exam fear.
Videos are the best I could use as study material from UPSC Pathshala. Much of the things that can be understood by reading for 3 hours are made comprehensible in 15 mins. They have been made by referring to various sources. I watch the videos for two times of each topic and study the same topic in books by making notes.
I also used to prepare notes based on videos and textbook learning. Making notes seemed to be painful in the beginning. I can see the fruits of it today. It has trained my coordination between hand and mind . It was difficult for me to put my thoughts on paper. But it is not a matter of concern anymore.I can articulate my thoughts well and put them on paper easily. My writing speed has also improved.I am sure this will be a great asset in my mains examination. One more thing of note making is that revision becomes super quick.
UPSC Pathshala made my Civil Services Examination preparation easier than the traditional methods of preparation and I shall definitely recommend other fellow aspirants to enroll in this institute and take its fruitful advantages.