Why are toppers opting out for Online UPSC Preparation?

There has been a plethora of research on how Online Education has taken over the internet in all ways.  While the traditional method of classroom learning has always been the choice,Online UPSC Preparation is in the current limelight.
While I was doing my quick research before putting up this article, I came across a certain survey done by students in Nalanda University over a platform to study for UPSC, where they found out that online study for UPSC enabled students to reflect on their learning and to learn about ‘what to study, what not to’ more efficiently, as UPSC has a vast syllabus. They reported that more students taking the online course for UPSC found the course to be better than expected and they came out with flying results.
But, is it leading to the demise of the traditional’ brick and mortar’ classroom pattern? Certainly NOT!
But, the own assessment of toppers have become positive and preferable towards Online UPSC Preparation.
Let us go through and analyze a few reasons on why it has become the big thing today for Online UPSC Preparation
Hands on comfort
This idea may sound indifferent to a lot of people who are often with the mentality that a 9 to 5 timetable is a must for UPSC study which is also absolutely fine. But the gospel truth is that, for UPSC specifically, students enjoy the opportunity to learn when they are well-rested and most alert. UPSC Preparation requires a certain concentration and a high level of dedication. It is certainly not a bed of roses. Online Preparation for UPSC, with due credibility, gives us this chance. It is creating new competition in market place of UPSC study that once was defined by geographic boundary.
UPSC Classes may have an ample strength of 80 plus people. Travelling to the class with 80 more students in it, may make you feel tiresome leading to a monotonous routine with no comfort. It leads to any way no study and sheer lagging behind. One cannot afford to lose time while preparing for UPSC.
Self-Pacing: the board is never erased in Online UPSC Preparation

  • How difficult it is to maintain one’s speed with that of the things being dictated in a classroom knowing UPSC has a vast syllabus?
  • Is one able to grasp everything?
  • Does it provide you a personal mentor for personal doubt solving?
  • Is taking notes with the same speed possible?

The answer possibly can be a big NO in most possible cases. If we look at Online Education imparting for UPSC, the presentation of the entire syllabus is systematic and unique as per the requirements. For example, Let us look at some Subject, say History. If one has doubts in understanding of the subject, one can easily go through the videos provided by the online institute, n number of times.  Notes can be systematically taken down and one can easily go at their own speed.
Planning your own study
I am giving you a real example here.
One, of our very diligent student Nikesh put forth an idea in front of us and showed how strategically he manages his study. Nikesh has chalked out a plan of study for him. He mentions that it is because of the online program, he is able to grasp everything in one go and then all he does is practice. I am sure this isn’t the case with Classroom study. I am sure travelling and commutation must be taking a lot of precious time which can actually be used for study through an online medium.
The online UPSC videos are also a substitute for office hours, an advantage for students who cannot make it during the scheduled times due to work or family commitments.
Also Working people cannot crack UPSC is a myth.
So, coming back to Nikesh, akin to him, you can also plan your study timetable according to your own routine and grasping power.
The world becomes your classroom
Taking the same notes and mentorship which people from all over the country are referring to can be very enriching and fruitful. Online UPSC Preparation has a wider approach towards the quality of study material specifically.
Thereby, the reach widens.
The online Material, again, is not limited to the bookish knowledge, as UPSC requires you to be well versed with the latest news around. Student’s feedback on clarity of assignments, timeliness of feedback, and interaction with faculty over Current Affairs is the USP.
A major significance lies in demonstrating that online learning for UPSC today is not just better than nothing — it actually tends to be better than conventional Classroom.
Online UPSC Preparation for people living in the rural parts of the country.
Out of the 121 crore Indians, 83.3 crore live in rural areas. Now that sums up to 70% of the total population.
On an average, 5 Lakh people give UPSC every year, so obviously a major chunk from rural areas also give this exam.
Most of the aspirants choose to come to the major cities for their preparations and coaching. However, a large number of aspirants are not able to reach out to the urban centers- like Delhi- which has become the hub of coaching and study material. These candidates face the challenge of preparing for the IAS exam, without a developed market and coaching.
Understand one thing here; there is no correlation between the possibility of attaining success at the IAS exam and not living in Delhi. Thus, a candidate, living in his native town, should make himself understand that there is no extra edge for the people preparing from outside the home.
In today’s age, it has become possible for the aspirants to pursue their dreams through the means of information technology. What matters is your preparation and dedication towards the exam preparation.
So, Online study can obviously guide the efforts of the rural/remote area students. A serious problem emerges for those students, who do not have the internet access in their area.
For that, we would recommend a little extra effort. Specifically,  in order to fetch the maximum possible output with a minimal effort. You might visit the nearest place, where internet facility is available. Also, buy the appropriate study material for yourself, along with the prints of the resources you find useful on the internet. So, Basically Online Education is the silver lining here.
The future.
One thing that one must take into consideration is that the amount of complacency in online study is much higher.
Also, Students while preparing for UPSC online are able to manage their time.
Not to forget the mentorship and personal training that the classes nowadays provide. Thereby,  leading to closer supervision or more frequent interactions.
Also, with the launch of Digital India, things are taking a new turn. The government is also a strong supporter of e-learning and the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY)is taking efforts. It  has been actively developing tools and technologies to promote e Learning.
Also, The Government has  supported e-learning-focused R&D projects at various academic educational institutes. These include content development, R&D/technology initiatives, HRD projects and faculty training initiatives. They are here to improve literacy through online education, specifically, for Civil Services Examination.
So, we can conclude here that online programs are here to stay for UPSC preparation.
Also, More focus on summative, rather than formative data is the need of the hour for UPSC preparation.

Let me know your views on this in the comments below.
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