The Civil Services Prelims 2022 test was held on June 5 by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The applicants were worried by the question paper this year in several ways. This year’s paper saw a new trend, from the introduction of a new question pattern to the return of questions on international affairs.

The novel question pattern was the highlight of this year’s test. This year, a new type of question was added to the General Studies question paper, which required students to select the appropriate number of matching options or mark more than one correct option. As a result, the widely used elimination approach became obsolete.

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UPSC Prelims 2022 Questions

After the UPSC GS Paper 1, the UPSC Prelims Questions 2 is also an objective type paper. It has 80 questions with a total of 200 points. This set differs from General Studies Questions I in that it includes questions that test applicants’ reasoning abilities. It tests comprehension, analytical and decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, basic numeracy, and mental talents.

The exam, like test 1, uses a negative marking structure, with each incorrect response deducting 1/3 of the total marks assigned to the question. Part 2 differs from Part 1 in that it is merely qualifying. To advance to the next stage, the applicant simply needs to score 33% of the possible points.

General Studies Paper 2

The UPSC Prelims 2022 GS Paper 2 is a qualifying test, which means that applicants must score at least 33% of the total exam marks to advance to the next level, whereas the GS Paper 1 results determine the cut-off and show if an aspirant has qualified for the UPSC Mains. Download the exam test here.

UPSC Prelims GS Paper II: Exam Pattern
Duration of exam >2 hours
Medium of exam >English/Hindi
Total number of questions >80
Maximum marks >200
Negative Marking >1/3rd of the answer if the answer is wrong
Nature of Exam >Qualifying
Type of questions >Objective: Multiple choice

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CSE Prelims 2022: Marking Scheme

As previously said, to qualify for the IAS Prelims GS2 Question Paper 2022, a candidate must obtain 33% of the total marks. The following is the exam’s marking scheme:

#The CSAT questions consist of 80 questions worth a total of 200 points.

#Each question is worth 2.5 points.

#The contestant receives +2.5 points for each correct answer.

#For each incorrect answer, 1/3rd of the total marks allowed for that question is deducted, resulting in a score of -0.83 for the contestant.

#To pass the UPSC Prelims question 2, an aspirant must get 33 per cent or 66 points out of 200.

UPSC Exam Preparation

Although the CSAT test is qualifying in nature, and the syllabus is likewise at the Class X level, it has been observed in recent years that the quality of the questions has increased, and the paper appears to be tough to complete in two hours. As a result, candidates must prepare for the exam and take it seriously. The best way to prepare for UPSC Prelims General Studies Questions 2 is to solve the previous year’s CSAT exams first, then take a mock test or a test series.


This year’s question paper has approximately equal weightage for all sections of the UPSC syllabus. Experts claim the questions were balanced in difficulty level even though most applicants evaluated it as difficult.

To feel confident and prepared for the exam day, candidates should practise enough for the previous year’s mock tests. In recent years, the difficulty level of the CSAT Test has been moderate to difficult, and a month of practice (if not a novice) would be adequate to clear the CSAT paper. Turn to UPSC Pathshala for any additional study materials, test updates, or preparation advice.

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This year, a new type of question was added to the GS paper, which required students to select the appropriate number of matching options. Solve the questions with UPSC Pathshala.
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