Due to the persistent COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of UPSC candidates pledged for an additional attempt to prepare for the forthcoming UPSC exams.

#UPSCExtraAttempt2021 has emerged trending on Twitter and other social media. It must be remarked that if consented with the chance for an additional attempt, it would be an additional attempt for all the candidates who are ‘last undertaking aspirants’ for the year 2020.

This article talks about everything that a UPSC aspirant should look at and should have the information about. UPSC extra attempt can be a chance to all those who lost hope and stay tuned for the notifications on the main website for the UPSC exam and UPSC attempt limit, stay tuned till the end.

UPSC Extra Attempt 2021

In a big change from its prior opinion, the Union administration has decided to expand an additional chance to UPSC Civil Service candidates who had provided their previous attempt at the UPSC exam in October 2020.

The Centre has told the pinnacle judiciary earshot the course that the aspirants who seemed for the Civil Service Examination (CSE)-2020 as their previous acceptable attempt will be enabled one additional extra-attempt precisely restricted to CSE-2021 “provided they are not otherwise age-barred from appearing in CSE-2021,” the Centre told the top court.

The Centre has also illustrated that the recreation for the aspirants shall be a one-time relief only and shall pertain only for arising in CSE-2021 and not be dealt with as a precedent. In a remark documented by the Union government in Supreme Court, the Centre announced that no leisure shall be consented for CSE-2021 to those aspirants who have not consumed their acceptable digit of attempts or to those who are oppositely age-barred from emerging in CSE-2021 as per the prescribed duration boundaries of various classifications.

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This is the latest notification about the communique on misleading information in social media on the operation of Reserve List.


Some dishonest communication is circulating on social media with quotations to the procedure of the Reserve List in Civil Services Examinations, particularly that of CSE, 2019. the successive statement is being issued to mitigate the doubts which can arise within the minds of aspirants appearing/appeared within the examination thanks to this:

First, it’s important to assert that the Commission strictly goes by the principles of Examination as notified by the govt of India through Gazette Notification for Civil Services Examination and all other examinations conducted by the commission while preparing results.

What more does the Notification Say?

For Civil Services Examination, the Commission proposes candidates belonging to different categories for his or her appointment in several services. While announcing the Main result (the result initially instance), the amount of recommended candidates under the General (unreserved) category is reduced by the entire number of candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, the opposite Backward Classes and therefore the Economically Weaker Sections who acquire the merit at or above the overall qualifying standard without availing any of the compromises either in eligibility or in appointment standards.

Along with the chart of recommended aspirants of initial conclusion, the Commission also conserves a compact Reserve List of aspirants of general and reserved sectors ranking below the final proposed aspirant within the merit order under each of the categories for subsequent recommendation after concluding the exercise of service allocation of the recommended candidates of the most result by the govt {Sub-rule 16(4) of the Gazette Notification of Civil Services Examination, 2019}.

UPSC Notification Part 4

The recommendation of the candidates during this manner as envisaged within the Rules of Examination is a longtime practice of giving fair treatment to the candidates of reserved categories for many years enabling them to settle on a service of upper preference supporting their reserved status.

After exercise of the above option by the reserved category candidates, the resultant vacancies which arise thanks to the category movements, are filled up from the Reserve List, on a requisition collected from the govt for every category including the overall (unreserved) category.

UPSC Notification Part 5

From the above-stated process, it’s clear that the Reserve List isn’t a roll. In fact, the Reserve list is necessitated during a multi-service examination to permit candidates of reserved categories to settle on a service of upper tendency who qualify at or above public permitting criterion without profiting any relaxation at any degree of the assessment. It’s also necessary to state that each one candidate, who is recommended from the Reserve List, is placed en-bloc below the last recommended candidate in merit position in each category of the best results of the examination.

UPSC Exam 

The IAS exam is the most prominent in India embarked by the Public Service Commission of the Union (UPSC). UPSC assigns applicants for Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Police Services (IPS) and Central Civil Services, which include Indian Foreign Services, through this assessment. Both provinces and districts of the union and state permissions are directed by administrators of the IAS. That’s why the IAS exam has advanced a percentage of implication. The IAS topper has the opportunity to serve as Minister of the Government of India to the Cabinet. It is enormous bureaucratic accountability that one person can serve in India.

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UPSC Attempt Limit 

In an important advancement, the Supreme Court on March 3rd rejected a petition investigating an additional chance for UPSC civil services exam candidates who exhausted their final attempt in October 2020 anticipated to the COVID-19 pandemic. A court led by Justice A M Khanwilkar announced that it was rejecting the petition documented by a civil assistance candidate for the additional opportunity citing problems faced in practices during the pandemic, as per a summary by information agency PTI.

The Centre notified the top judiciary on February 9 that it is against consenting a one-time relief on period maximum to UPSC public service candidates, comprising those who had tried out their previous attempt in the 2020 exam amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as it would be unfair to other aspirants. However, the court has now decided on some reliefs which are illustrated above in the UPSC extra attempt column.

The aspirants from the general category are authorized six tries for the UPSC civil services exam till the age of 32 while the OBC, nine tries till 35 years and the SC/ST aspirants endless tries till they turn 37.


We wish that this article furnishes you with all the significant elements respecting the UPSC Exam 2021. Ahead with the practice of this prominent exam, you must understand all the duration, eligibility and syllabus. Here this article will contain the information about upsc extra attempt 2021, notifications, upsc exam, upsc attempt limit. The limits may be many but the right preparation should be your goal and you should always keep your attention, dedication and confidence high, one should always dream big to achieve big.

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