In today’s demanding world, a wide number of people wouldn’t do their job for free, they would do it only if they were getting paid. In the most basic sense, salary is important. So people usually search for a job which fits their profile and pays a good salary.

According to the survey UPSC Geologist examination difficulty level is high and competitive as well. But remember all your hard work pays off in the end, so once you clear the examination the job offers a mind-blowing salary for UPSC geologists, not only that it also gives job security which is another prime factor that is kept in mind while searching for a job. Let’s know more about UPSC Geologist salary and job profile.

UPSC Geologist Salary and Job Profile

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) combined Geo-scientists salary pattern is determined as per the rules of the 7th pay Commission that has dictated the newly decided system of determining the salaries. It is known as the Pay Matrix. The applicants who get chosen for the posts will gain a variety of additional allowances along with their basic pay. The examination that is taken by the Commission for Combined Geo-Scientist recruitment comprises four streams, they are Geologists, Geophysicists, Chemists and Junior Hydrogeologists.

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UPSC Geologist Pay Grade and Vacancies

Complying to the 7th pay commission Rs. 5400 has been decided as the pay grade for the position of UPSC combined Geo-Scientists.

The vacancies have been declared by the Union Public Service Commission, 79 for the Geologist post, 05 for Geophysicist post, 15 for chemist post and 03 for Junior Hydrogeologist post.

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UPSC Geologist Job Profile

The applicants who are sorted out for the post of UPSC Geologist will have to accomplish the following criteria, as stated in the UPSC Geologist job profile. Ensure that you sharpen your skills nicely before applying so that you are granted a permanent position after execution of the probation duration.

# Plan projects on geology and collect samples from various fields.

# Visit survey sites and make reports and logs with references to them.

# Accumulated in order and examine the geological data as available.

# Synchronize research programs with different institutions.

# Measure and test different fossils, soil, lands, rocks, ores, etc. with the right tools and instruments.

# Quality tests need to be conducted and control the product quality and sustainability.

#  Explore and assess resources of various nations and their deposits expansion across the nation.

#  Make sure the maintenance of environmental regulation, waste management, resources management and others while working on geological projects.

What is the Salary of Geologists UPSC?

There are a lot of daily perks and benefits offered to the UPSC Geologist. It is expected from the job profile as well, it’s a prestigious post that requires a lot of hard work and time in order to be effective and efficient on the job. A great job comes with a great salary. Applicants who victoriously qualify in the UPSC Geologist exam are chartered to acquire the salary of UPSC Geology. UPSC Geologist salary is a part of central government services.

There are diverse elements of UPSC Geologist Salary which comprises Basic Pay, Transport Allowance, House Rent Allowance and other allowances.

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UPSC Geologist Field of Work

After qualifying for the UPSC Geologist Exam the applicants will be recruited in the industry which involves minerals and water resources, mining, oil and gas. Read more to know about the salary structure, allowances and other important information.

Different Elements of UPSC Geologist Salary in India

#1. Basic Pay

#2. House Rent Allowance (HRA)

#3. Transport Allowance (TA)

#4. Dearness Allowance

#5. Daily Allowance

#6. Medical Facilities and Insurance for Health

UPSC Geologist Salary

#  Basic Pay – Rs. 56,100

#  House Rent Allowance (HRA) – Rs. 6,300

#  Transport Allowance (TA) – Rs. 7,344

#  Dearness Allowance (DA) – Rs. 1,122

After summing up UPSC Geologist salary per month is Rs. 70,866.

UPSC Geologist Salary Deduction

#  Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) – Rs. 325

#  Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme (CGEGIS) – Rs. 120

#  Pension – Rs. 5,730

In total, the UPSC Geologist Salary deduction is Rs. 6,175. The overall salary for UPSC Geologist applicants given in hand after the deduction for CGHS, CGEGIS and pension will be Rs. 70,866 subtracted from Rs. 6,175 equals to Rs. 64,691.

UPSC Geologist Daily Allowance

The applicants will get the daily allowance as per the 7th pay Commission. As per to which the applicants will get around Rs. 900 up to 120 days.

Other than UPSC Geologist Exquisite Salary there are Some Extra Benefits as well

#  Every time when there is an official visit, there would be either Economic Class Air pass or Second AC railway tickets. These are some transportation benefits the UPSC Geologist gets.

#  For all the Entry-level GSI officers that are posted on Geologist, they are given an option of accommodation that is Type 4 quarter (3BHK). This option is for those who don’t take home a substantial amount as Home Rent Allowance (HRA). This is the accommodation benefits the UPSC Geologist gets. And they can stay with the family in the quarter.

UPSC Geologist Probation Period

The period of time in which the applicants are trained at their piece of work, roles and responsibilities that need to be followed are taught and this duration is known as The Probation Period. They also test the work ethics, knowledge, intelligence, personality as well as their thought process and capability of doing a task effectively and efficiently during this time period.

In the department of the Geological Survey India, the probation period of time is of minimum years. All the benefits and perks that come with the post of UPSC Geologist, the applicants can only receive after the completion and conclusion of the probation time period.

Different Perks and Additional Benefits of UPSC Geologist

Candidates who finished with their probation period successfully are employed as full-time employees and will receive all the additional benefits and different perks along with the exquisite salary for UPSC Geologist.

#. Health insurance

#. Residence or respectable House Rent Allowance (HRA)

#. Subsidised bills

#. Job security

#. Lifelong pension and other additional retirement benefits

#. Paid leaves

These perks and benefits fulfil all needs that a person basically wants in a job. But in order to get The UPSC Geologist job, one needs to qualify for the UPSC Geologist exam. Read on to know about the UPSC Geologist exam and its eligibility Criteria in brief.

What is the UPSC Geologist Exam and it’s Eligibility Criteria?

Every year the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts a Combined Geo-Scientist main examination (Offline mode exam) to select the qualified aspirants for the post of Geologist, Geophysical, Chemist and Junior Hydrogeologists.

Eligibility Criteria

#1. Nationality –  aspirants must be either a Citizen of India or a subject of Nepal or Bhutan or a person who is of Indian origin

#2. Age – aspirants must reach the age of 21 years and should not be above 32 years.

#3. Age Relaxation – 5 years in case of SC/ ST applicants, 3 years for OBC, 5 years for those who had ordinarily been residents of Jammu & Kashmir during the period (1st January 1980 to the 31st day of December 1989), 3 years for Defence Service Personal, 5 years for ex-servicemen including Commissioned Officers and ECOs/ SSCOs and 10 years in the case, a person is blind, deaf-mute and Orthopaedically handicapped persons.

#4. Educational Qualification – Masters Degree in Geological Science or Geology or Geo-Exploration or Mineral Exploration or Engineering Geology or Marine Geology or Earth Science and Resource-Management management or Oceanography and  Coastal Areas Studies or Petroleum Geosciences or Petroleum Exploration or Geochemistry or Geological Technology from a university incorporated by an Act of the central or State Legislature in India or an Educational Institution established by an Act of Parliament or declared to be deemed university under section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956 (3 of 1956).

#5. Physical standards – aspirants need to be physically and mentally fit.

If you have fulfilled the above criteria then you are good to go for the UPSC Geologist examination.

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In order to earn money, one needs to work. There are various jobs that one can do but people prefer the job which fits their profile and the ability to do the job. So if this UPSC Geologist job fits your profile and you are capable of it, give it a try.

Aspirants who are planning to or aiming to become the UPSC Geologist should motivate themselves as once they crack the UPSC Geologist exam you will be rewarded with one of the best packages in India, which includes extremely impressive salary and all the additional benefits and perks that one can ever imagine.

This perfect package comes with the job which requires a lot of hard work and responsibilities that must be followed. But we all know in the end everything is worth it if you get the best pay.

Hopefully, this article helped you with the information that you needed about the UPSC Geologist salary. Will you give this job a try?

So what do you think about the UPSC Geologist’s exquisite salary and additional benefits & perks? What benefits would you prefer in your job? Comment in the blew section.

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